Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C14 Sister Can and Lin Shen Xing
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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C14 Sister Can and Lin Shen Xing
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C14 Sister Can and Lin Shen Xing

"Newsflash, flight K 068 is scheduled to land at A Country International Airport at 12: 00 in the morning. The flight was met with strong cold air and lost contact with ground command. The fate of 120 people on the plane is unknown."

The female live streamer's serious voice flashed past. She did not waste any time on any news. The news of the plane crash seemed to be talking about daily matters. Yu Nuoang repeated the news in her mind and thought of the last time she met her sister in prison.

"Nuoang, 'I'm going out of the country this Sunday.'

"Have you booked your flight?"

"Yes," Wang Yao said. Yu Feiang lowered her head. She did not dare to look at her. Sunday was also her court day. "Because there is only one flight to A Country every day, so..."

"Sister, although we have the help of a lawyer, we still need the owner's testimony. You said the car owner is your friend. Go and ask him for help when you leave."

She seemed to not believe that Yu Nuoang would say these words from her mouth, but her continuous bitter schemes finally had results. What Yu Nuoang did not know was that Hwa Yuming had already submitted his testimony a long time ago.

Yu Feiang suddenly raised her right hand, "Nuoang, elder sister promises you that she will not let down your efforts to elder sister. I will definitely personally take you out of prison."

It was a pity that Yu Nuoang could not wait until the day when the sisters reunite. She heard the news of the plane crash and Yu Feiang was sure that it was on that plane...

She tightly held the cup of water in her hand and poured water into her mouth. The coldness in her throat was incomparably clear at this moment and it stung her.

"No, this is not true." Yu Nuoang shook her head and tried to numb herself. The morning trial had just ended and she was transferred to a cell with many people. Just after noon, she heard this news. She hugged her own legs and started to cry heartbreakingly.

"Hey! Are you crying so loudly to get the prison guards to scold us?!"

"Are you sick? Keep your voice down!"

A few hot-tempered female prisoners were very dissatisfied with her. If a newcomer offended a prison guard now, the entire prison cell would be taken care of. However, Yu Nuoang clearly did not listen to their words. Her cries gradually grew louder.

The short-haired female prisoner rolled up her sleeves, revealing her black tattoo. The short-haired female prisoner could not help but want to attack her. "Hey, new one, I'll say it again. You're not allowed to cry. If you don't stop, I'm going to hit you!" She was going to punch Yu Nuoang in the blink of an eye.

Sister Cann, Sister Cann, calm down. You also said that she is still a newcomer and does not know the rules. I will go and persuade her. " Lin Shenhsing hurriedly stopped Luo Cann who had started the fight. Luo Cann could be considered a big sister in this prison cell. Because she killed people, she was sent to prison and everyone usually avoided her.

Lin Shenhsing saw Luo Cann's impatient face and she quickly walked to Yu Nuoang's side. There was only one way to suppress Luo Cann and make Yu Nuoang not cry!

"4032, what's wrong with you? Weren't you fine just now? Why did you suddenly cry?" Lin Shenhsing squatted beside her and asked. When she saw that she did not care about anyone, she said, "You can cry. But you can't cry in prison. There are prison guards 24 hours a day. If the prison guards came, We won't have any good results either. If you tell us everything, you'll feel much better. "

Yu Nuoang sniffed her nose and raised her red and swollen eyes. Luo Cann looked at this tearful person and her anger immediately subsided a lot. But her face was still impatient as she hugged her own arm.

"People who come to prison all say that they were wrongly accused. Who doesn't feel wronged? Choosing to cry is the most cowardly." Luo Cann clearly thought that Yu Nuoang cried because she was punished, so she disdained her way of venting.

Yu Nuoang bit her lips, she restrained the trembling of her crying. Luo Cann laughed mockingly. The little girl still did not appreciate it. She casually threw the towel around her neck to Yu Nuoang's hand, "Here. This towel is for you." Yu Nuoang thought that she was wiping her tears with the towel but did not expect Luo Cann to say again, "When you can't control it, You bite the towel in your mouth so you can keep it quiet. "

Yu Nuoang held the white towel in her hand and Lin Shenhsing also smiled. Luo Cann could also be considered to be expressing goodwill towards Yu Nuoang. She hurriedly comforted Yu Nuoang and Luo Cann who had just left turned around and pointed at Yu Nuoang again.

"If you call the prison guards over, I will not show you any mercy." This was obviously a threat. Just as Luo Cann finished saying this, Luo Cann saw Yu Nuoang bite the towel and she could not help smiling in relief.

"There's nothing to see. You guys go and do something." Luo Cann shouted at the surrounding female prisoners. There were six people in one prison cell and three people went to do their own things.

Luo Cann put her hands in her pockets. These women were just watching the show. They looked at the new people like this. How could the new people cry? Although she herself was also a woman.

In this prison, there were not so many unpardonable villains. They were all just some soft surface villains. She did not care how much this newcomer felt wronged, in front of her, she could at least make her cry out loud. Eldest Sister's soft heart had created this depressing cry.

Lin Shenhsing wiped Yu Nuoang's shoulders until she had no strength to cry. When she gradually fell asleep, Lin Shenhsing pulled out the towel that was soaked in tears from her teeth and wrung the towel dry in the washroom.

"This was all done by that girl?" Luo Cann did not know why she suddenly appeared at the door and pointed at her own towel. Lin Shenhsing looked at her apologetically.

Luo Cann could not help but laugh. She looked at Yu Nuoang who still had tears on her face. "Just how wronged is she that she cried like this? Could it be that she was really wrongly accused? Sigh, it's just a pity that my new towel is so dirty."

"Sister Cann, it's not so convenient to buy daily necessities in prison. If you want to change, you have to wait a few days. If you don't mind, then use my towel first." She took her towel off the hook.

"I will use yours. What about you?" Luo Cann stood at the door and stared at Lin Shenhsing.

Lin Shenhsing pursed her lips. Her left hand was the towel soaked in tears. She smiled sadly. "It's okay. This towel can still be used after washing."

Luo Cann nodded as if she agreed. She moved her hand towards Lin Shenhsing's towel. In the next second, she snatched the towel from her left hand. "It's just a towel. How can there be so much attention? You also said that it can be used after washing. Why do you need a new one? " As she spoke, she pushed Lin Shenhsing out. "I will wash my towel by myself."

Lin Shenhsing was forced out of the bathroom. There was only one person in the bathroom. At this moment, Luo Cann had already picked up the soap to wash the towel and she did not dislike it at all. Looks like she should not please her at this time. She lowered her head and sneered. In the blink of an eye, Yu Nuoang woke up and Lin Shenhsing hurried over again.

"4032! You're awake."

Yu Nuoang, who was held by someone, turned her head and saw the girl who spoke for her just now. Her face was sticky and her eyes were sore. She only remembered the number on Lin Shenhsing's chest... 3195.

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