Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C15 The Sun Was Looking for the Moon
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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C15 The Sun Was Looking for the Moon
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C15 The Sun Was Looking for the Moon

She reached out and was about to rub her dry eyes when Lin Shenhsing hurriedly held her hand and said reproachfully, "Sigh, no, your eyes will hurt."

Luo Cann in the washroom heard some movement outside. He took a glance and saw that the "tap" had woken up. He took the basin water and brought it out. He soaked the towel in the water and then took it out to wring it dry.

"Lie down." Luo Cann held the towel. Yu Nuoang was pushed to lie down under Lin Shenhsing's quick reaction. Seeing the towel in Luo Cann's hands magnified infinitely in her eyes, she forgot to close her eyes. Luo Cann stopped and took a breath impatiently.

Lin Shenhsing quickly said to Yu Nuoang, "4032, quickly close your eyes."

She obediently closed her eyes and the cold feeling passed from the towel to her eyes. Luo Cann helped her put on her eyes and casually sat on the floor.

"Other than bathing, there is no hot water in the prison all year round. Hot and cold compresses are all the same. Let's use cold water first." Luo Cann leaned against the wall behind her. The cell was sleeping on the floor. So the place where he could sit was the floor. He looked up at the ceiling. The windows on the wall were also welded and sealed with iron bars. An incomplete sky was confined to his eyes just like that. He seemed to have thought of something. He opened his mouth and lowered his head.

"Water tap, do you know how much effort I took to wash this towel clean? Tell me, how can a person have so much tears? Could it be that women are really made of water?" He used his hand to poke Yu Nuoang who was lying on the ground. He smiled at Lin Shenhsing, "Look, isn't this made of flesh?"

Lin Shenhsing could not help but laugh. She covered her mouth, afraid that she would laugh out loud. Luo Cann turned towards her again and poked her with her hand. "You are also the flesh made Lin Shenhsing."

"You... Sister Cann, you remember my name." Lin Shenhsing lowered her head and softly said. Luo Cann was the boss of the prison cell. She was afraid of making her unhappy so she had always been submissive. She did not expect Luo Cann to actually remember her name.

Luo Cann stopped her actions, "Isn't it the most basic thing to remember a person's name?" There was still a ruffian smile on her face. "Water tap, what about you? What's your name?"

Yu Nuoang was just about to get up when she was pressed down again. "Did I let you sit up?" Yu Nuoang heard Luo Cann's voice and was shocked to lie down again. Her eyes were replaced with a cold towel.

"Water tap, is... is it me?" Yu Nuoang whispered. This was the first time someone gave her a nickname and it was so representative... No one answered her and Yu Nuoang could only continue, "Yu Nuoang."

"3195 Lin Shenhsing, 4032 Yu Nuoang, 3098 Luo Cann."

Luo Cann briefly introduced herself and also introduced Lin Shenhsing. Yu Nuoang silently remembered the names and numbers of the two and thought about Luo Cann's violence and Lin Shenhsing's actions at the beginning. She did not seem to be an unpardonable person. In the cell of six people, she knew two people.

"Thank you." Yu Nuoang lightly opened her mouth and spat out the same two words that were neither light nor heavy. Luo Cann and Lin Shenhsing heard it clearly.

"Tell me, how did you come in?" Luo Cann stared at her and Lin Shenhsing stared at Luo Cann again. Only then did they see that the powerful Sister Cann had a melancholic look on her face. As a prisoner, even if she avoided talking about her crimes, there would be people who would beat around the bush and ask. Lin Shenhsing pursed her lips, "I... I will tell you first."

Luo Cann gave her a sharp look. She did not expect Lin Shenhsing to take the initiative to talk about this matter.


Jiang City Paradise Welfare Institute.

"The sun is looking for the moon. The moon is hidden. The moon is looking for the sun. The sun is setting. One is hiding during the day while the other is hiding at night. The sun and the moon love hide and seek. The night has covered the eyes of the sun with a long handkerchief. "

The childish voice comes happily. Lin Shenhsing's eyes are covered. Beside her was a group of children. Today's hide-and-seek game. She was in charge of finding the children hiding. The children were pulling them around. Lin Shenhsing could not help but scare them, "One, two, three. Four. Five. Six, seven, eight... When everyone had hidden well, the handkerchief was undone. The sun opens its eyes and in an instant, In an instant, it has found all of them!"

The little ones were so scared that they quickly hid. The environment suddenly became quiet. Lin Shenhsing had stayed in the welfare institute for more than ten years. These children that no one wanted were all her younger brothers and sisters.

Listening carefully, Lin Shenhsing took off the cloth that covered her eyes. The little guys who were wandering around just now all hid. "The sun is coming ~"

She walked around and did not find their figures. Lin Shenhsing walked slowly and observed the surrounding minute details. After passing through the long corridor, she arrived at the small green garden. Under the bench. Lin Shenhsing poked her head out but did not see them. Lin Shenhsing dug between the saplings and the grass and there was still no child.

Lin Shenhsing stood under the tree with her hands on her waist. There was a burst of stifled laughter above her head and an idea came to her. Lin Shenhsing lowered her head.

"I can't find it. I can't find it."

The laughter above her head gradually came out and the branches even began to shake slightly. Lin Shenhsing who had her head lowered suddenly looked up and met the eyes of the child who was holding back his laughter on the tree. "Ah! I found it!"

"Sister Shenhsing, can you pretend that you can't see me?" The little one pursed her lips and looked wronged. After all, it was not easy for him to climb up and find a place to hide.

Lin Shenhsing looked at his wrinkled little face and could not help but smile. The smile that he was gloating earlier had turned into grievance now. She compromised, "I'll count to twenty. You change to another place to hide. Is this okay?"

Hee Nan saw that she was discussing with him, and his red little face lit up again. He bit his finger and nodded. He agreed immediately. "Okay."

Lin Shenhsing turned her back and covered her eyes to start counting down. Hee Nan, who was climbing the tree, started to worry. When the twenty figures were all counted, Lin Shenhsing looked again and saw that the little guy was still on the tree. He felt even more wronged and almost cried.

"Sister Shenhsing, I can't go down..." His anxious tears immediately flowed down. So it was easy to climb up but difficult to climb down the tree. Lin Shenhsing was also anxious to comfort him.

"Hee Nan doesn't cry. Big Sister will come and save you!" Lin Shenhsing opened her hands under the tree. "Hee Nan, jump towards me. I'll catch you with my hands."

Hee Nan hugged the tree trunk and looked at Lin Shenhsing. He climbed too high and Lin Shenhsing could not get up at all. He did not hesitate at all. Hee Nan closed his eyes and jumped in her direction. He accurately threw himself into Lin Shenhsing's arms. Perhaps because he was scared, he started crying in Lin Shenhsing's arms.

"Hee Nan wants to hug!"

The little guy could not stop crying. Lin Shenhsing could only follow his wishes and hugged him.

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