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C17 Zizhou

Lin Shenhsing's face was calm. She pouted and looked at Yu Nuoang and Luo Cann as if she had thought of something. She took out a watch from the pocket of her prison uniform and filled it with big and small words.

"Every day, I will draw a line. For a full three years, I have come for three years and have already passed half of my sentence." Her voice was very calm, but it felt far away. It made people unable to calm down for a long time.

"Bastard! Scum!" Luo Cann had already started rubbing her fists after hearing that. It was a pity that there was no place to vent the anger in her heart. Her eyebrows were knitted together and Lin Shenhsing was also surprised by her reaction. When she realized that she was a little anxious, Luo Cann took a few deep breaths. She hugged Lin Shenhsing and said, "In the future, I will protect you. I promise you that there will no longer be trash in front of you." She stopped and looked at Yu Nuoang, "And you. I will not let you suffer in the slightest."

Yu Nuoang was also amused by Luo Cann's loyalty. The three of them looked at each other and hugged each other as if they were relieved. Be it Luo Cann or Yu Nuoang, they would probably make the same choice under Lin Shenhsing's circumstances.

As if Luo Cann and Lin Shenhsing were waiting for her answer, Yu Nuoang closed her eyes. "I drove and killed someone. I was sentenced to three years." She seemed to think of something even more painful. She suppressed the trembling in her voice and said, "Today... is the day my sister left the country... Her flight crashed..." She could not bear it anymore. She leaned on Luo Cann's shoulder. Her black hair hung down to hide her sobbing face.

Luo Cann and Lin Shenhsing finally knew why she was so sad but no one could say a word of comfort. They could only touch her and make her feel better.

Luo Cann's brows that had just relaxed began to frown again. Because of Yu Nuoang, she thought of her brother, the brother who had never visited her. "I have a younger brother. I do not know whether he is alive or dead now."

A tiger fang youth appeared in her mind. When he smiled, his eyes would narrow. He would often walk around her and call her "older sister." He would hug her hands and enter her embrace to let her tell him stories. However, this was all in the past. The Luo Zizhou in her memory still looked like a young man.

At this moment, Yu Nuoang was leaning against her arms like Zizhou when he was young. It reminded her that she had not thought about anything for a long time.


"May I ask if you are Luo Zizhou's guardian?"

The female teacher looked strangely at Luo Cann who rushed over in a hurry. There were wounds left on the corner of her mouth from the fight. Luo Cann put on her coat to prevent others from seeing the bruises on her arms.

"Teacher, I'm sorry. I have something to do today so I came late." Luo Cann scratched her hair. She wanted to shake hands with the female teacher but when she saw the female teacher's look of disdain, her actions turned into scratching her head.

Three good students, Luo Zizhou. He was handsome and good at studying, but his sister was a hooligan. It was hard to understand. The female teacher pulled the corner of her mouth.

"Remember to pay for the school fees for this semester and the school fees for the last semester. Remember to pay the next time you come. Although Luo Zizhou was outstanding, he also had a scholarship. " But you know our school. The best school in the city is private high school. The tuition fee is naturally higher. His boarding school has been waived, but the tuition fee must be paid... "

The female teacher's harsh gaze was seen by her. In the end, Luo Cann who stood straight still bent down. "I'm sorry. I'll immediately think of a way to pay the fees, but I don't want to disturb Zizhou's studies. Please don't tell him about this matter."

Luo Cann, who had never said "sorry" to anyone, still chose to compromise on her brother's matter. She majestically led her brothers to fight with others. Whether it was those who were beaten down by her or those who fought with her, she had never seen her compromise, much less heard her say "sorry.

When women fought, they were much more ruthless than men. It was also because of Luo Cann's desperate efforts that they had a place in the gang. They shook their clothes and hung the leather jacket diagonally on their shoulders, attracting the attention of a few female students. She casually flicked her short hair, but it made their young girls' hearts ripple.

"That's Luo Zizhou's brother, right?"

"God, Luo Zizhou is already handsome enough. Why is his older brother still so handsome?"

"No way. I remember Luo Zizhou only has one older sister."

The girls were discussing when they saw the handsome figure approach them. Their faces turned red and their hearts started beating. Luo Cann stared at the girls. "It's already school, why aren't you guys going home?"

Recently, it was not safe on the road. Luo Cann kindly reminded them. Looking at the dark sky, she lifted her hair and walked away. The girls screamed in excitement. When she arrived at the alley outside the school gate, the three young men came out and lowered their heads to her.

"Sister Cann, this area is Sparrow's territory. big brother told us to be careful." The youth said as he gave the Band-Aid to Luo Cann.

Luo Cann tore the Band-Aid open and touched the corner of her mouth. She casually stuck the Band-Aid to the wound. She looked around with determination.

"Let's go."

"Shall we go back to Luan Gang?"

Luo Cann pinched her hands and said, "Gather the brothers. I don't care if they are birds or magpies. Those who block the Luan Gang will be taught a lesson. I remember big brother mentioning this bird. I, Luo Cann, will not back down when I come."

Moreover, every time they took over a new territory and strengthened the territory of the Luan Gang, they would receive a large amount of income and rewards. It would be best to use it to pay the fees.

The young man saw her make up her mind and almost couldn't help but remind her that she had just fought with a group of people this afternoon and was injured. Tonight, she had decided to take over the territory of the Sparrow Hawk. He was a little tired, but this woman seemed to be even more manly than him.

The three of them followed Luo Cann. The sun had completely set and the night had descended, opening the curtain for her.

She cleanly dodged the person holding the long knife. She turned around and grabbed that person's elbow and bent it down. She kicked him over. Her movements were quick to deal with the next person. The dark alley was instantly filled with shouts.


Dragging her exhausted body, Luo Cann put on the leather clothes. She took a deep breath and smiled as she used the key to open the door. Luo Zizhou was still learning under the lamp. When he heard the sound, he hurriedly turned around. Luo Cann picked up the lunchbox in her hand.

"Have supper!"

After the table was tidied up, the supper was placed on the table. Luo Zizhou picked up a piece of barbecue with his chopsticks and was about to eat it. "Sister, you eat too."

Luo Cann was a little unnatural. Luo Zizhou passed the chopsticks to her but saw her hand was hidden behind her back. He hesitated and found the wound at the corner of her mouth. He gently touched the corner of her mouth with his hand.

"Sister, what's wrong with your mouth?"

"I ate hot and had some ulcers."

Luo Cann looked away. It was hard for her to lie to Luo Zizhou.

"Give me your hand."

Luo Cann hid her hand behind her back again. Luo Zizhou grabbed her hand in anger. His entire palm was covered with large and small wounds and bruises.

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