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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C18 You're Willing
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C18 You're Willing

Luo Cann immediately pulled her hand back. Not only her hand, but also her body was injured.

"I still remember that I have something to do. I will go out first." Luo Cann tidied her leather jacket. "Zizhou, you eat first. If you want to eat next time, I will bring it back for you."

"Sister! How did you get the wound on your hand?"

"It's fine. Look, it doesn't hurt." Luo Cann patted her own hand and said with a relaxed expression, "Zizhou, as long as you are well, sister will feel that it is worth it. So, don't ask too much." While Luo Zizhou was still in doubt, Luo Cann quickly walked out of the door.

Sometimes, knowing too much was a pain. She leaned against the corner of the corridor and heard Luo Zizhou open the door upstairs. She shouted, "Sister!"

Luo Cann did not respond to him. Luo Zizhou was disappointed and closed the door. The dull sound of the door closing made her feel relaxed.

"Hiss..." He held his left shoulder with one hand and opened the leather jacket. The knife cut was shocking. The flesh and blood stained the clothes and it was extremely difficult to separate them. He only took off a little of the clothes and could not help but cry out in pain.

"Cann." Her voice was as loud as a bell. Luo Cann endured the pain and raised her head. The only person who could call her that was Chi Qin, the leader of the Luan Gang.

Chi Qin had already heard that Luo Cann was preparing to take over Jingque's territory, but he did not stop her because Luo Cann did not disappoint him. From tonight onwards, the Luan Gang had expanded its territory, but when he saw her enduring the pain downstairs, Chi Qin felt an inexplicable sense of regret. He personally went up and helped her onto his private car.

"You didn't bring anyone out?" Luo Cann looked at Chi Qin in the driver's seat and blamed him for being too rash. Chi Qin turned to look at her.

"Did you forget that this area was all taken down by you?"

Luo Cann covered her shoulder. Yes, she almost forgot that this place was taken down by her and now this place belonged to Luan Gang.

"Bear with it for a while longer and go to my house." Chi Qin started the car and did not let her have the chance to speak again. A gang was injured and they could not go to the hospital openly. They could either hire a doctor from the black market or deal with it themselves.

Chi Qin's house was very simple, but it was very clean. If one looked at his appearance, one would not know that he was a gangster, big brother. At this moment, he was even more careful.

He held a pair of scissors and cut off her leather jacket, revealing her wound. There was everything in the family medical kit. He quickly treated her wounds and stood in front of the window looking at the moonlight. He lit a cigarette. When she was dressed, the smoke lingered in front of his eyes and blinded him.

"Thank you, Chi Qin." Luo Cann looked at the man in front of her. Usually, she and her brothers could call each other brothers very naturally, but now, she could not say the word "big brother" no matter what.

"Why?" Chi Qin turned around and looked at her. The tobacco between his fingers was clearly extinguished. It was flashing sporadically. "Why do you want to merge with the Sparrow?"

Luo Cann had a wound on her shoulder and her coat was only draped over her shoulders. She picked up the cigarette case that he had placed on the side and looked at the words on it. "Look, on this cigarette case, it clearly says that smoking is harmful to health, but it was still sold to people who smoke."

This was like the existence of gangs. Gang is not a good thing. However, there were people who were willing to give up their heads for it, shed their blood, raised their flags of brotherhood, and did shady things. She suddenly felt somewhat ironic. She took out a cigarette from the cigarette box, held it in her mouth, and looked around for a lighter.

Chi Qin walked over with the cigarette in his hand. Luo Cann thought he was handing her a lighter. Chi Qin put the cigarette back in his mouth. He looked like a gentleman. Until he lit the cigarette in her mouth with the cigarette in his mouth, the cigarette in Luo Cann's mouth started to glow with white mist.

"Smoking, you must pay attention to your feelings and wishes. Even if you know that it is harmful to your health, people who like to smoke will naturally endure it." He took a big puff on the cigarette. The cigarette on Chi Qin's mouth quickly became short and he held it in his hand. He lightly brushed the cigarette ash onto the ashtray, stubbed out the cigarette butt, and swept the cigarette case up.

"You are injured. I will only allow you to be willful once. I will not take your cigarette. Also, This room is yours."

Luo Cann held the cigarette in her mouth and did not inhale for a long time. Instead, she choked on the smoke and coughed, "Cough, cough..." Chi Qin had already closed the door and left, leaving behind a faint smell of tobacco that did not annoy anyone.

From then on, the second in command of Luan Gang became a woman.

Luo Zizhou's tuition fees were successfully settled. Luo Zizhou, who was wholeheartedly studying, had yet to discover Luo Cann's abnormality. Luo Cann moved out of the house and only left a few words. The time and number of times the siblings met became less and less. He was preparing for the college entrance exam and had no time to be distracted.

"Luo Cann, Sister Cann of the Luan Gang, you said that you fell into my hands and I will use you to exchange for Chi Qin's life. Is this not worth it?"

As long as there was no Chi Qin, the Luan Gang would be like scattered sand. She looked at her enemy with a proud smile. Luo Cann was only careless when she went out alone, but she was held back.

"The second boss is gone. There will be many second bosses, but the boss... Chi Qin will always be the only one."

Luo Cann inadvertently said those words. undoubtedly denied her own position. She also revealed that Chi Qin would not save her.

The enemy's opponent's expression was ugly. Everyone in the Luan Gang knew that Chi Qin and this woman lived and ate together. He didn't believe that Chi Qin and this woman didn't have any feelings for each other.

"Heh, even if you can get away with it, you said that Chi Qin doesn't care about you. The gang is the most loyal. Will Chi Qin not save his subordinates?"

He pinched Luo Cann's face and said fiercely. He saw that Luo Cann had been provoked and the enemy had a satisfied smile on his face. If Chi Qin did not come, it was equivalent to telling everyone that he betrayed his loyalty and ignored the gang brothers. If Chi Qin came, he would die no matter what.

He grabbed Luo Cann's short hair and forced her to look at the front of the warehouse. Chi Qin came on time and was alone.

"The second boss of Luan Gang is only so-so. May I ask how bad your eyesight is? How did you fall in love with such a woman?" The leader of the tiger gang asked the man in front of him with a sneer.

Chi Qin smiled instead. He was surrounded by people from the tiger gang, but he didn't show any fear. His expression was natural.

"What kind of person do I like? It's my business, Chi Qin. I won't trouble the brothers of the tiger gang to snatch away my beloved one."

"You still refuse to admit defeat even before you die. Today, I will make your Luan Gang wear white cloth!"

Chi Qin didn't put him in his eyes. He only looked at Luo Cann from the beginning to the end. Her face was full of injuries. The two of them looked at each other. Luo Cann struggled free from the man's hands. She used the raised knife to cut the rope in her hand.

"Don't let Chi Qin escape! Catch them!" In the midst of the chaos, there was a loud shout. The warehouse was immediately thrown into chaos. Luo Sister Cann was surrounded by people. She used her fists and legs to snatch the axe from one of them before she was ambushed and fell to the ground. She raised the axe to defend herself. Chi Qin's situation was even more serious. He pounced on her alone. The axe hit her abdomen, and blood instantly flowed out.

"He's dead!"

The person who was fighting suddenly stopped and looked at the weapon in Luo Cann's hand. Chi Qin felt something was wrong. He did not expect Luo Cann to swing the axe at the tiger gang's boss in one go. No one had expected this.

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