Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C20 She Was on the List of Victims
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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C20 She Was on the List of Victims
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C20 She Was on the List of Victims

The weekly meeting had almost become the only connection between Yu Nuoang and the outside world. Opening the door of the meeting room again, Yu Nuoang's mood was complicated.

Cui Lianchen saw her coming in and his eyes immediately lit up. It was like the first strawberry in the summer and he cherished it very much. He gently knocked on the glass panel between the two of them and greeted them.

"Nuoang, good weekend."

She heard a familiar voice again. His voice was still as gentle as before. It made people fall into his warmth. Cui Lianchen's smiling eyes reflected her appearance. The moment she looked up, he caught her haggard look. There was a trace of heartache in his eyes.

Yu Nuoang looked at the man in front of the glass plate and pursed her lips. In the end, she still smiled. "Brother Lianchen." It had been seven days since the last meeting. During these seven days, she was constantly concerned about the news of flight K068. She only relied on the news that was broadcasted on time in the prison cell.

He put his hands on the stage uneasily. Cui Lianchen did not know what to say, but he was afraid that it would hurt her heart. But when he saw her eager eyes, he gritted his teeth and decided to tell her the result.

"She is on the list of victims."

He had clearly said the big rock in his heart, but the more he felt the rock pressing down on him, the heavier it was. It made him feel even more guilty than before. He felt guilty that he couldn't bring good news to cheer her up.

Yu Nuoang was a little disappointed. She had already made preparations in her heart. If elder sister survived, she would be happy. If elder sister was unlucky and met with misfortune, she would be sad. This week, she had fallen into two kinds of emotions. The result from his mouth was that there was no miracle. She could not help but cover her mouth and suppress her crying.

"Nuoang..." Cui Lianchen was completely flustered. Seeing her tears, his raised hand was blocked by the glass. The transparent barrier separated him and Yu Nuoang. If there was no glass, he could give her a hug when she was sad. He could wipe her tears. He wanted to comfort her but he could not.

Compared to the clumsy mouth, a hug was much more practical. His eyebrows were knitted together. He was very worried about her.

Even though Lin Shenhsing and Luo Cann had taught him many times, Yu Nuoang could not help but cry until she was in tears. There were sounds of crying in the meeting room. Separated by the heavy doors and windows, the prison guard was expressionlessly guarding outside the door. He raised his hand to look at his watch. The meeting was not over yet.

Thinking back to today again, Yu Nuoang might have finished crying all her tears. So no matter how she felt, she could not squeeze out a single tear.

There were still tears in her eyes. Only then did she remember that she was in prison, and then she thought of Cui Lianchen. She could not help but call him.


Yu Nuoang raised her swollen eyes. Her eyes that were as bright as stars could only accommodate his reflection alone. Cui Lianchen put his hand on the glass. Through the glass, it was as if he was wiping her tears. His voice was a little hoarse, but it still made her feel at ease.

"I'm here."


"3098, there's a meeting."

After the meeting with Cui Lianchen ended, Yu Nuoang was brought back to the prison cell. Only then could the prison guard bring another person to the meeting. Now, it was Luo Cann's turn.

Luo Cann leaned against the wall but did not feel happy. Instead, he had an impatient and even angry look on his face.

"I don't want to see him."

The prison guard stared at him for a long time. His hand holding the black pen paused on the book. "You really don't want to see him?"

Luo Cann wiped her neat short hair. She was distressed, "Sister Liu, you know me. If I don't want to go, no one can force me."

Sister Liu was what Luo Cann called this female prison guard. The prison guard pinched the book in his hand, "Is it the same as before or do you have nothing to say to him?"

Luo Cann put her hand down unnaturally from her hair. Of course she knew what the prison guard meant, but if she said more, it was no more than asking him not to look at him anymore. If it was useful, he would not come every week.

"There's nothing to talk about between him and me."

"Okay." The prison guard crossed the line of Luo Cann's visit, indicating that the prisoner refused the meeting. Later, someone from the meeting room will tell the results.

The cell door was closed and Yu Nuoang looked at Luo Cann and did not ask much. She was still holding the picture that the prison guard had given her.

"Nuoang, why is there something in your hand? Is it a photo of your boyfriend?" Luo Cann teased.

Perhaps it was to ease the awkwardness of the previous moment, but the photo in her hand was in Luo Cann's hands in the next second. Luo Cann moved quickly. She wanted to see what Nuoang's little lover looked like. He took a look and the teasing expression stopped.

The photo was a photo of two people, a man and a woman. The woman was not Yu Nuoang. No matter how one looked at it, the man would not be a boyfriend because the picture was of a two or three year old child. The woman in the picture was holding the child and smiling brightly. He looked at Yu Nuoang with a puzzled look.

Yu Nuoang did indeed meet a man every week. Luo Cann took it for granted that the man and Yu Nuoang were lovers but the picture in her hands gave her an ominous feeling.

"Could this be that man's wife and child?!"

Luo Cann's words came out. Yu Nuoang shook her head.

"No, Lianchen is not married!"

In a hurry, Yu Nuoang said Cui Lianchen's name. Yu Nuoang took the photo back and stared at the woman who was smiling brightly. "She was killed by me."

The woman in the photo was Hsu Lin and her son. The photo was a little wrinkled. It was a sign that she had been soaked in the rain.

The atmosphere became heavy. This photo was supposed to be given to her by Yu Feiang. Now, things were different. After walking around for half a month, it finally reached her hands. It was all thanks to Cui Lianchen that the photo could reach her hands so quickly.

There was originally a letter, but it also contained the illegal items in the prison. The prison guard confiscated it after she read the letter and returned it to her after she got out of prison.

Hsu Lin was an unmarried mother. The family did not know that she had a child before she got married. The child was her secret. Yu Feiang only found the child after many twists and turns. The doctor who treated Hsu Lin before she died told her to let Yu Feiang take care of her child. Yu Feiang died and this task was completed by Yu Nuoang.

Hsu Lin's smile froze on the photo. Her smile was very bright and bright. This photo reminded her and her sister of their sins at all times.

The prison guard who worked in front of the desk checked the message again and felt slightly apologetic.

"I'm sorry. Prisoner Number 3098 Luo Cann rejected the meeting." The prison guard lightly tapped on the keyboard and looked at the person who had waited for an hour. He confirmed the prisoner's name and number again.

Even though the person in front of him had waited for a long time, he was not angry at all. He still maintained the elegance of a gentleman. Chi Qin crossed his hands on his knees and smiled. His tone was confident. "It's okay. I'll come back next week."

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