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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C7 One Time Is Enough
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C7 One Time Is Enough

Cui Lianchen watched Yu Feiang push open the door and enter. Her clear eyes were different from Yu Nuoang's. Although both of them looked the same, Yu Feiang's eyes and expression were more mature than Yu Nuoang's.

When Yu Nuoang entered, she saw Cui Lianchen in police uniform. She was a little reserved. Cui Lianchen smiled and picked up the police hat that was placed on the bedside cabinet and put it on his head.

"Uncle Chen has been gone for so long and hasn't come back yet. I have to go and take a look."

Cui Lianchen found an excuse and slipped out, leaving Yu Feiang and Yu Nuoang alone. Cui Lianchen did not want to disturb them in the ward, so he closed the door. Yu Feiang was looking at Yu Nuoang.

The person who just went out should be a police officer from the police station. He mentioned Uncle Chen just now, which meant that he was not the only police officer. She did not know what kind of questions they asked and she did not know how Yu Nuoang answered.

The blood on Yu Nuoang's face had been wiped away but the wound on her forehead was especially obvious. They had only separated for a few hours but she actually saw her younger sister's living appearance again. From the moment she entered the ward, she did not care about Yu Nuoang's injuries.

"Big sister, what are you thinking about?"

Yu Nuoang interrupted her train of thought. She looked at Yu Nuoang's face and she looked worried.

"I'm worried about you." Although Yu Feiang was more worried about herself, Yu Feiang still maintained her calm, "How did you get hurt?"

As Yu Feiang spoke, she raised her hand to touch Yu Nuoang's wound. She looked as if she was sympathizing with her younger sister. Yu Nuoang blinked her eyes and suddenly she grabbed Yu Feiang's hand that was about to touch her forehead.

"You should know very well how I was injured."

Yu Nuoang seemed to casually ask but she did not let go of her hand. Yu Feiang remembered that when she abandoned her in the bushes outside the city, she covered her mouth. At that time, she was very strong. She wanted Yu Nuoang to disappear forever. Just like now, Yu Nuoang was clearly injured. But she had a lot of strength. She forcefully grabbed her hand. Their hands were hanging in the air just like that. This matter was enough to evoke the guilt in her memories.

"Sister, don't you know?"

Yu Nuoang asked her again. Yu Nuoang used her clear eyes to look at Yu Feiang's evasive eyes. "I still hope that you know the truth. Officer Cui said that I was discovered in the suburbs. At that time, my head was injured but I have no impression of this matter..."

Yu Nuoang let go of Yu Feiang's hand but she touched her wound," I really want to know how I was injured. I also want to know who left me in the suburbs. "

Yu Feiang did not know if Yu Nuoang was testing her or she had really forgotten. If Yu Nuoang was testing her, then her acting was very bad. She only heard Yu Nuoang continue.

"Older sister, what did you touch with your hand? Your hand is dirty."

Yu Feiang was stunned. She saw her sister let go of her hand. There was something black on her hands. It was the mark she left when she burned her blood-stained clothes. Perhaps she was a little impatient when she burned her clothes. Thus, her hand accidentally touched Ashes. It turned out that her sister had grabbed her hand earlier because she had discovered this.

For a moment, she did not know how to answer but Yu Nuoang spoke.

"Older sister, did you find another part-time job behind my back?"

In Yu Nuoang's heart, Yu Feiang was a very responsible elder sister. It was common for her to do a lot of work outside for their livelihood. She did not want her elder sister to be so hard because of her.

"I don't want you to be so stubborn. When I recover from my injuries, I can also go to work. Don't put all the pressure on yourself."

Yu Feiang smiled and took out a tissue to wipe away the stains on her hands.

"I went to work in the kitchen of the restaurant for half a day. I heard that you were injured. I didn't even have time to wash my hands before I came."

Since Yu Nuoang thought so, she could just go along with her words. She caught the change in Yu Nuoang's eyes and confirmed that what Yu Nuoang said before was true.

She held Yu Nuoang's hand. "Don't worry. Take good care of yourself during this period of time. I can bear the cost of your hospitalization."

Yu Nuoang lowered her head. "I'm useless. I can't remember how I was injured and I can't help you share the burden..."

"Alright, I don't blame you." Yu Feiang patted her hand and Yu Nuoang seemed to have thought of something, "Sister, I suddenly feel that my injury has recovered and I want to leave the hospital."

"Don't talk nonsense. Your face is still so white and you can't leave the hospital."

Receiving Yu Feiang's rejection, Yu Nuoang suffered a blow and muttered softly. "But I still need to tutor someone else tonight. I promised you that I would go tonight. If I don't leave the hospital, then I can't go... "

Yu Feiang was a little surprised in an instant.

" Hualin Street number 97, I still remember the address..."

Yu Nuoang said this location and Yu Feiang looked at her in disbelief.

"Nuoang, are you telling the truth? Other than this address, you don't remember what happened after that?"

Yu Nuoang frowned and felt strange about her reaction. She nodded under Yu Feiang's gaze and Yu Feiang gradually became calm. Yu Nuoang forgot everything that happened in the past two days, including the matter that caused them to argue.

"I have already rejected your part-time job for you because it is too late and I am not at ease letting you go alone. You do not need to be discharged now."

"Why? I can go!"

Yu Feiang gently comforted her, "I know you want to help me, but that part-time job is already yesterday's matter."


You even finished the ACT exam. "

Yu Nuoang could not calm down for a long time. She had even taken the overseas qualification exam. Then her accident happened after the exam. She had forgotten all the important things.

"The doctor said that her condition may have been caused by the wound on her forehead or the impact may have caused her memory nerves to be temporarily suppressed."

"Then can she still remember?"

Uncle Chen shook his head and stopped at the window in the corridor. He opened the window.

"It all depends on her luck."

Cui Lianchen followed Uncle Chen. If she did not have any memory of the accident, the case might have been put on hold.

"Uncle Chen, where is the person who sent Miss Yu to the hospital now?"

Uncle Chen looked at the floating clouds in the sky. "After he finished his statement, he left."

Cui Lianchen raised the notebook in his hand and looked at it carefully.

"Director Shen, are we going to leave just like that?"

Lu Mi clearly knew who the injured woman's family was. She was the owner of the account that elder Shen asked him to transfer money to.

Shen Kaiyan glanced at him and Lu Mi put his hand on the steering wheel. "Then you are not going to take your coat back?"

The woman's face was full of blood. He thought it would be too troublesome, so he simply used his coat to cover her. He also protected the back seat from being contaminated.

"I gave her the clothes."

He did not want clothes stained with blood. Since he saved her, he hoped that they wouldn't meet again in the future. He felt that it was enough for her to experience such a thing once. After all, no one could guarantee that she would be so lucky next time.

The lily behind the tombstone was very lush. He stood behind the tombstone. On the flat back of the hill lay the dying woman. He saw her at first glance.

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