Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C8 It's Not a Dream
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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C8 It's Not a Dream
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C8 It's Not a Dream

Hualin Street 97.

He was only wearing a shirt with one or two buttons unbuttoned. Shen Kaiyan unbuttoned all the buttons and stood in front of the mirror. He took off the white shirt. The clothes in the closet were neatly arranged from light to dark. They were all ironed without any creases.

The hot wind on the balcony blew in, and the curtains moved slightly. His nails were trimmed well, and his fingers crossed the dark area and stopped on his light blue shirt.

The light blue color was Hsu Lin's favorite color. He did not know when Hsu Lin's preferences had gradually become his preferences.

The maids came in to change their clothes, and the butler specifically instructed them to change the bedsheets and covers as well. Seeing that the maids had not left after putting away their clothes, but continued to remove the bedsheets, Shen Kaiyan was somewhat displeased.

"Don't touch the things on the bed."

When the maid heard that, she immediately stopped. She stood up straight and replied, "Butler Lee said that it's hot in the summer at night and it's easy to breathe sweat. He's afraid that you won't feel well when you sleep."

Shen Kaiyan glanced at her and did not answer. The maid got her permission and continued to roll up the bed sheet. She removed the pillow cover and carried a pile of things before leaving. Almost at the same time, Shen Kaiyan stopped the maid.

"I still have things to wash. Put these here first and come back later to take them."


The maid respectfully lowered her head, put down the clothes in her arms and left his room.

He pulled out a corner of the bed sheet. There was nothing special about it. He pulled open the center of the bed sheet, and the blooming red was almost an unremarkable existence. He grabbed the bed sheet and came to the bed. The threads on the pillow were clearly visible under the sunlight. The long and soft hair was definitely a woman's.

He threw the bedsheet in his hand away. If everything that happened last night was not a dream, So a woman had crept into his bed and left the next day without a sound.

Unfortunately, he was drunk yesterday. He mistook other women for Hsu Lin. The bad temper in his eyes almost instantly erupted. That woman was really bold. She was wearing Hsu Lin's favorite color dress. Clearly, she was seducing him. She took the opportunity when his consciousness was at its weakest to force herself onto his bed.

The thin hair in her hand was the evidence in his memory. He kissed her countless times, kissing her entire body. He actually did crazy things to other women that only lovers could do.

Was it really that woman who came by herself, or was there a mastermind behind this? The maids at home usually did not dare to look at him. He went in and out with Lu Mi all day long. The company even said that he liked men.

His hatred for Shun Tine had been reduced because of the lily in Changmian Mountain. It was just that this probing experiment touched his bottom line.


Yu Nuoang's case could only be temporarily put aside because the person involved had amnesia. Cui Lianchen flipped through the transcripts and recording content and found that Yu Nuoang's people had just happened to go to Changmian Mountain to sweep the graves. The bushes behind the Changmian Mountain were dense, so there was no doubt about it.

He came to Yu Nuoang's ward again and Yu Feiang just happened to not be there. She politely knocked on the door.

"Please come in."

As her health improved, Yu Nuoang was no longer lying on the bed. The sunlight that poured down made people feel warm. She looked at the side of her face and found that it was him.

"Mr. Police!"

Cui Lianchen did not have time to move the bouquet of flowers into the vase before she found it. He continued, somewhat embarrassed. Soon, the transparent bottle was filled with cute little flowers whose names could not be called.

"I heard that the patient is suitable for resting, and the appropriate fragrance can also be used to calm one's mind. I don't know what kind of flowers you like, but I chose this flower with a faint fragrance."

Yu Nuoang was originally sunbathing, but when she heard his words, she could not help but laugh.

"Police sir, you specially came to see me?" She looked at Cui Lianchen with a pair of deer-like eyes. Cui Lianchen took off his uniform and looked like a clean teenager. The age difference between the two should be the same. It was just that he was wearing his police uniform. It felt like he was deliberately putting on a poker face. Therefore, Yu Nuoang preferred the current police officer.

Cui Lianchen lowered his head. Inadvertently, the base of his neck had turned red. "Are you feeling better?"

"My wound can be disassembled the day after tomorrow. Except for some things that I can't remember, everything else is fine."

Cui Lianchen smiled when he heard that. He put down his uneasiness and sat with her on the chair, keeping a proper distance. The hot summer had faded from its sultry appearance and put on a thin layer of green and yellow clothes. Under the shade, they could no longer hear the cicadas. The two of them did not say a word and allowed the sun to roast them.

Her long eyelashes were mottled under the light. Yu Nuoang stretched comfortably and could not help but remind.

"Yes, it's really good. My entire body is warm and has a faint fragrance. I really want to stay like this forever."

She mentioned the flowers he bought. Cui Lianchen's initial worry disappeared under her affirmative words. It was good that she liked them.

"You can't think like that. You have to recover quickly. It's best if you remember what you forgot." Cui Lianchen looked at her sideways and met her eyes.

"That's right. No matter if my injury was an accident or a conspiracy, painful and happy memories, I have to face them. " But now, I don't have the courage to look for it. "

"Then we'll wait for it to find you on its own."

Cui Lianchen encouraged her. It was not to solve the case. This kind of relaxed encouragement even told her not to deliberately look for it. There was no coercion. There was a little doting that made people feel comfortable listening to it.

"Ah, right."

Cui Lianchen scratched his head. He took it out and wrote down a string of numbers.

"This is my personal number. If you remember anything, you can contact me at any time. Of course, if you want, you can use it to contact me when you have nothing to do."

Immediately after, he seemed to have forgotten something and added a few words to the Post-it note. Yu Nuoang saw that it was his name.

"Cui Lianchen."

A ripple appeared in her mind. The reflection of the stars reflected on the surface of the water reflected a smile on her face. His name was just like his personality, like the stars in the water. Just thinking about it made her feel comfortable and natural.

A girl's soft voice called out his name. Cui Lianchen looked at the dimples on her cheeks and could not help being absent-minded.

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