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The night was like a witch's cloak that covered the entirety of A City, causing people to be unable to breathe. Even though there were flashes of neon light, it still made people feel as if they were being eroded.

Like its name, this place was full of temptation. This was the largest high-class club in the city, and the so-called high-class club was where the university students often went to look for their 'boss'.

A woman wearing a black miniskirt and a sexy outfit like a small lotus leaf with exposed shoulders stood fearfully in front of the huge, luxurious, neon-lit door. Although her beautiful little face was covered with exquisite makeup, it was completely pale under the contrast of the light.

"I'm fine …" Mu Zixi encouraged herself with a timid voice.

The clothes were bought by her classmates, which was totally different from her usual self. Tonight was her final deadline.

The doctor had said that Saturday was the deadline for the delivery of the surgery fees. Her father was suffering from brain tumors. If he didn't undergo surgery soon, he might really die. It was already Friday. She had no choice. She had to get the money before dawn.

"It's fine. Among university students, it's normal to look for 'bosses' and use their bodies to earn money. It's just that I'm not used to it, that's all …" She comforted herself with self-mockery and took in a deep breath before pushing the door open to enter. Tonight she had finally become one of the fallen, though involuntary.

At this moment, she didn't notice that Mu Zixi had a pair of eyes that were like a cheetah's tightly locked gaze from inside a silver Lamborghini Hermes sports car parked outside the club.

"Chairman, are you really going here?" The driver looked at the club and asked in confusion. His boss, Cheng Haotian, was an outstanding man.

However, Cheng Haotian acted as if he didn't hear what his driver said. He was dressed in a black suit and had a calm and reserved expression on his face. His eyes were deep like a dark swamp, no one knew what he was thinking. His handsome face was like the most perfect creation of God. He was exceptionally handsome. However, when paired with the mocking smile on the corner of his mouth, there was a kind of mischievous charm. His gaze never left Mu Zixi as she stood in front of the door in a daze until he entered the clubhouse.

"That face really does resemble that person." If anyone could get into his head, they would see such a thought flash past his mind.

The third floor of the club was a luxurious suite specially prepared for university students.

A large glazed door had a portrait of an enchanting, half-naked woman on it. The room was filled with the aura of desire, which was exceptionally seductive. Mu Zixi swallowed her saliva. This was her destination. The place Xiao Ying introduced her to, the courage she accumulated for a long time had already disappeared. If she hadn't lost her mind, she would have already run out.

The passersby all looked at this girl with a funny expression, she really didn't seem like one of the people here. Her innocent eyes were filled with ignorance, she looked very young, and it was possible that this girl had never been in a relationship before, she might be the kind of girl who would run away after being kissed by others. However, she still timidly came to this rotten world.

Indeed, Mu Zixi was still a virgin, considered a minority among the university students. She was a boyfriend she had dated before, but she was very conservative and never kissed him. Because she yearned for love, the kind of pure love in fairy tales, so she is not the kind of girl who pretends to be pure, so when her boyfriend made a surprise kiss, she broke up in fear. But now? She would stand here and then open her legs to strange men.

Mu Zixi had never thought that she would have such a day. Her pride had been shattered into pieces when the doctor had given her the ultimatum, because to her, her father was her only family. She had also thought of abandoning her most precious thing for the sake of this man who only knew how to drink and curse.

But in the end she could only say one word: it was worth it. That was her father. No matter how bad he was to her, he was still her father.

Yes, it was worth it. As long as she could earn 100,000 yuan in one night, she would do it!

Many of her classmates would come here to exchange their bodies for money, this was what Xiao Ying had told her. For the first time, she realized that there were a lot of things she hadn't paid attention to. Xiao Ying said that if she was lucky, she would be able to get a lot of money after meeting a big boss and being his mistress for a period of time.

But she didn't have time to wait, but... That was her last hope, wasn't it? Was she prepared for that? As long as she got the money, everything would be fine, right?

"Stop daydreaming, hurry up and come with me!" Ye Zichen glanced at Mu Zixi and saw that the woman at the bar counter in the hall immediately grabbed her. Do you know that time is running out? With how slow you are, do you not want to ask for money anymore? "

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