CEO's Little Cute Wife/C10 Take what you like
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C10 Take what you like
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C10 Take what you like

After dinner, Tang Yue went to the study room, browsed the web and chatted with her good friend for a while before going to the bathroom.

While showering, she lowered her head to look at the bruises on her body. She had recovered pretty well these past two days, so she was basically unable to see anything.

However, looking at the marks on his body, he couldn't help but ask again.

For the past two days, she had been unconsciously recalling that night. In her daze, she felt as if she had been dreaming about a man kissing her and hugging her, wanting to rub her into his body.

It was clearly a dream, but the feeling of skin touching skin felt real.

But after thinking about the surveillance that Huo Shengxuan had shown him, he understood.

He hummed and showered, wrapped himself in a towel, and went out of the bathroom in his slippers.

Closing the bathroom door, Tang Yue turned around and went to find a nightgown in the wardrobe. But the moment she turned his head, he saw a tall man with a gloomy and terrifying expression standing in the center of the room. She screamed and crouched down with her head in her hands. Her small body trembled.

A stranger ran into the room in the middle of the night, and Tang Yue only had one thought in her mind: It seems like she has met with an unlucky thief during her youth.

The man was tall and stalwart, and his hand was in his pocket. He must have been carrying a dagger.

Although she couldn't see her face clearly, she still felt a sense of viciousness. With her small body, if she were to fight with him, it would only take a few moments for her OVER.

The most important thing right now was to preserve his life.

"Large... Uncle... Uncle, you must be looking for something, right? No... Never mind... Take what you like... I didn't see anything... Me, Me, Me... I'm a myopic eye of a thousand degrees... If you want money... It's all in that bag... Could you please leave me your ID card... You can take anything else you want... thousand... "Please don't be polite ?"

Huo Shengzhi looked at Tang Yue who was huddled up in the corner, her deep eyes narrowing.

This silly lass, calling him Little Uncle was one thing. Now he actually thought of him as a burglar.

Very good!

He looked at her silently, then took the chair and sat in the middle of the room. He crossed his legs and elegantly took out a cigarette from his pocket. He held it between his fingers and beckoned to her, "Come here."

Tang Yue nervously swallowed her saliva, her legs trembling as she stood up, her gaze landing on the man's face.

Ye Zichen blinked a few times, then opened his mouth wide.

He hadn't been able to see the situation clearly just now, but now that he looked closely, he realized that this man had a good foundation.

With thick eyebrows, a high nose bridge, and tiny lips, coupled with a pair of bottomless eyes, the lines of his face could be said to be perfect. Other than the cold expression on his face, there was nothing else to criticize.

Wasn't this burglar too handsome?

"Uncle ?" Are you the landlord's friend? "Sorry, I ?"

His words were cut off immediately, "Bring your wallet over."

Tang Yue's body trembled, but she still obediently took the purse, and handed it over to Huo Shengzhi with some unwillingness: "Uncle ? "Look at you with your majestic bearing and elegant bearing. You are clearly not a narrow-minded person. Can you be magnanimous ?"

Huo Shengzhi took the purse, his unfathomable eyes narrowing.

Her small mouth was rather sweet, but her IQ was nothing.

"If I remember correctly, someone just said that she had myopia of over a thousand degrees."

Tang Yue laughed dryly while following the dog leg, "Hahaha ? Cough cough, right? Who is so blind? "Uncle, your excellency has many ?"

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