CEO's Little Cute Wife/C11 Are you in a hurry to grow up
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C11 Are you in a hurry to grow up
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C11 Are you in a hurry to grow up

Huo Shengzhi extended his hand out and took out a few hundred dollar bills from his wallet, then waved it at her: "Just this little bit of money?"

"Uncle, I'm a student. This money can support me for a month."

Huo Shengzhi raised his eyebrow, his gaze landed on her body, and sized her up: "Your figure is not bad, your face is not bad, and since you do not have money, then accompany me for one night."

Tang Yue jumped two steps back in fear, her small hands tightly held onto the corner of the bath towel: "Uncle, you're joking, I'm only 15 years old, I don't have a chest, I don't have a butt, furthermore you can't bear to do this to a child, can you? If you like this room, I'll give it to you ? "

As she spoke, she retreated towards the door. As long as she passed through the door, she would run from the secret door to Little Uncle's house. She might be saved.

However, this man was faster than her. With a step forward with his pair of long legs, he blocked her path of retreat.

"Fifteen years old? "Then are you in a hurry to develop?"

She was completely childish, yet she said she didn't have a body.

Tang Yue nervously shrank back, "Uncle, you sure know how to joke around. I'm only fifteen this year, you ? "You're mistaken ?"

"Is that so? It didn't matter if he saw wrongly. Uncle, I like teenagers. "

"?" F * * k, this person has a paedophilia! If he had known earlier, he would have said thirty-five.

He took a deep breath and put on a pitiful expression, "Uncle, but I ?" Your body isn't clean. Look at how handsome you are. It would be bad if blood splashed all over your body. "Please wait for two more days, I promise that I will wash myself here and wait for you for nothing, okay?"

The corner of the man's eyes twitched as he calmly nodded his head, "Alright, then I'll do it in two days."

The man took out a few hundred yuan notes from his wallet and tossed them to her. "Just in case, I'll take my ID. We'll meet again in two days."

Seeing that the man was about to leave, Tang Yue chased after him fearlessly, "Uncle, Uncle, you can't do this. I still have to get my ID for work tomorrow. Can I trouble you to be magnanimous? "

Huo Shengzhi frowned: "You really want to find a job?"

Tang Yue nodded her head as though she was pounding garlic.

"Do you even need to go out and look for a job living in such a good villa? Are you trying to trick a ghost? "

Seeing that she was not paying, Tang Yue sniffed and forced out two drops of tears: "Uncle, this villa is really not mine, I'm only here to look after my house. Seven hundred dollars a month... If you don't believe me, you can check it out. Although I live here, at most I'm just a babysitter ? My dad lost a lot of money doing business... I don't even have a place to live... If you force me again ? Woo woo woo ? * "Then I won't live anymore ?"

When she finished speaking, Tang Yue just sat down on the floor and started crying like a child.

The man looked down at her condescendingly as starlight surged in the depths of his eyes.

The little girl was sitting on the ground with a towel wrapped around her. She didn't know what she was looking at. In the six months since he had retired from the company, there had been many beautiful women around him, but he had never been moved by any of them.

He didn't know if it was because of that night, but the little girl in front of him gave him a strange feeling.

But he knew he couldn't touch her, even though she was his wife on his marriage certificate.

He looked at the woman on the ground in silence for two seconds, then tossed her his wallet.

"I'll be there in two days." The man walked away.

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