CEO's Little Cute Wife/C12 He never had to be in charge of his life
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C12 He never had to be in charge of his life
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C12 He never had to be in charge of his life

Hearing the sound of footsteps and hearing the end of the corridor, Tang Yue then grabbed her wallet and walked to the door. She leaned out and looked outside, to ensure that there was no one around, and then let out a long breath.

After locking the door, she took her money and purse and jumped onto the bed.

When he thought of the soul-stirring scene from a moment ago, he felt as if he had just survived a calamity. Fortunately, the thief had been kind at the last moment.

However, she could not stay here for long. She had to leave no matter what.

The next morning, Tang Yue pushed her bicycle out from the basement, packed her luggage and left Huo Shengxuan's villa.

The man on the balcony next door had a cold gaze on his slim figure as he watched it grow further and further away from his line of sight.

Just as he had expected, the little girl had left.

He had never needed anyone else to decide his life. Even if he had legal procedures with her, they were not people from the same world.

Looking at the luggage in the middle of the living room, then looking at her good friend on the other side, Mi Duoduo was puzzled.

"Didn't you say you were going home? What was going on? Those people who killed you with a thousand blades have chased you out? "

Tang Yue shook her head: "Duo Duo, I can't go back to that home anymore. I'm homeless, so I came to you. "

She had promised Huo Shengxuan that she wouldn't tell anyone about how she was sold for thirty million.

"That's great. I was just worrying about not having a companion for this house."

Tang Yue was a little embarrassed: "Wait till I find a job ?"

"Stop. Besides, I threw you out?" Mi Duoduo got up and dragged his good friend's luggage into his bedroom.

Tang Yue wanted to follow him in, but the phone in her bag started to ring. She took it out and saw that the number was Mark.

She ran out onto the balcony.

"Big brother ?"

Huo Shengxuan rubbed his forehead: "I say, little sister, I said that I wanted you to take care of Little Uncle, why did you run off in one day?"

Tang Yue was a little embarrassed: "Big Brother, your house is too unsafe, I don't dare to stay here anymore."

"Forget it, there's something I need to inform you about."

"Big Brother, please speak."

"Your application has been confirmed, and you are going to work at the HampS Group on Monday. "The CEO's assistant secretary, do your job well. You're not allowed to run this time, do you hear me?"

Tang Yue was extremely excited: "Yes, big brother, don't worry, I promise I will do well this time. Brother, you're so amazing, can you do me a small favor? "


"I have a best friend called Mi Duoduo. She also submitted her resume to the HampS Group. Can you ?"

"Mi Duoduo, right? "Then send me her information later, there shouldn't be any big problems."

Tang Yue was both happy and grateful, but she was still a little confused. "Big Brother, why are you so good to me?"

It was one thing to spend 30 million to marry her and use her as a decoration, but she actually accepted his request for help.

"Stupid girl, aren't you the one that I should be doing in name? I'll naturally help you, don't have any psychological burdens, I still have things to do, so I'm hanging up. "

Just as Tang Yue put away her phone, Mi Duoduo ran over.

"Tell me honestly, did something good happen?" Looking at her friend's expression, Mi Duoduo looked at her left and right.

Tang Yue could not suppress the excitement in her heart, and happily said while looking at her good friend: "Duo Duo, just now, someone from the HampS Group called and told me to go to work on Monday. I can go to work at the Hampo S Group. "

"Really? Is that true? " Mi Duoduo's eyes stared wide, she could not believe her good friend's words.

"It's the truth. I'll be there on Monday, and I'll be the CEO's assistant secretary."

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