CEO's Little Cute Wife/C13 Big sister is not interested today
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C13 Big sister is not interested today
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C13 Big sister is not interested today

Mi Duoduo excitedly hugged her. "Oh my god! Great! Great! How many graduates of our school have had their heads cut in an attempt to join the HampS Group, but now you're the only one who's been hired. Do you know, Yue Yue? Hao Chen relied on his relationship with Huo Yingying and it was said that he was the manager of the Sales Department. When you didn't come just now, Huo Yingying announced this matter loudly in the group. What do you mean, only Hao Chen is capable of making such a move this time. I really wanted to give her a big slap at the time. You f * cking robbed someone else's boyfriend and you're actually so shameless. I didn't expect you to slap them so quickly. That's great! "

Tang Yue smiled and put her arms around her good friend's shoulders: "Duo Duo, actually, I know a big brother who helped me enter the HampS Group. I told him about you when he called just now. He said it should be fine, but asked us to send him your information right away. "

Mi Duoduo stared at him: "Then what are you waiting for? Immediately! "

Puff ? -

Tang Yue really did not want to attend the student gathering organized by Hao Chen.

But Huo Yingying seemed to have purposely provoked her, showing off in the class and friends circles while ridiculing her with other words. Even more outrageous was the nickname he gave her in the group, 'Sugar Aid'.

Tang Yue understood that if she treated herself as a cowardly turtle, this slut would be even more proud.

She had to go to the reunion on Sunday.

Hao Chen was once the president of the student union, and adding to that he was the class monitor of Tang Yue's class, his rallying power was naturally very strong.

Tang Yue and Mi Duoduo ran into a lot of classmates from the moment they entered the hotel, but all of them were looking at her strangely.

It was unknown if it was because of Huo Yingying's words, but the people who had a good relationship with him in the past all kept their distance.

Mi Duoduo gnashed her teeth in anger: "Aren't these people truly, all because of that Huo Yingying family's wealth? Tsk, tsk, a group of fellows that are in possession of power."

Stepping out of the elevator, she walked through the corridor and stopped at the entrance to the royal ball. Looking at the two huge posters on both sides of the door, Tang Yue was stunned.

"Damn it, is this a reunion of fellow students?"

The poster in front of him was entirely depicted of Hao Chen and Huo Yingying getting engaged.

His heart was still stung.

pulled Mi Duoduo and turned to leave, but a few girls suddenly flashed in front of them and blocked their path.

"We're all classmates, Ying Ying disregarded the past and specifically invited you to participate in their engagement ceremony, don't be so petty."

Another girl came over and pulled Mi Duoduo's hand, "Duo Duo, do you remember that senior brother I told you about last time? He came today as well. Don't you want to take a look? "

"I'm not interested today."

"Come on ?" A few girls came forward and dragged Mi Duoduo away.

Just as Mi Duoduo left, Huo Yingying walked over from the crowd.

Today, she was wearing a white dress with diamonds embedded on it. Her makeup was also extremely exquisite as she smiled sweetly and stopped in front of Tang Yue.

"I didn't expect you today, thank you very much. "I know that what I did before went too far, today ?" Huo Yingying turned around, and the waiter beside him immediately handed over two cups of red wine. Huo Yingying picked up one cup, placed it in front of her, and then picked up the other: "On this good day, I apologize. I'm sorry about the past. "

Tang Yue laughed coldly, "If you really believed what I said, even pigs can climb trees."

Huo Yingying felt a little hurt when he heard her words. She looked at Hao Chen who was walking over and immediately said with a wronged expression, "Ah Chen, I apologised to Tang Yue just now, but she won't forgive me no matter what. "Hurry up and help me ?"

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