CEO's Little Cute Wife/C14 Uncle's hero to save beauty
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C14 Uncle's hero to save beauty
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C14 Uncle's hero to save beauty

Hao Chen took the cup and looked at Tang Yue with guilt in her eyes. The moment she placed the cup in front of Tang Yue, she was immediately grabbed by Tang Yue.

Hao Chen looked at her apologetically: "Yueyue ?"

"After I drink this wine, will you stop disturbing my life?"

Huo Yingying quickly replied, "Of course! From now on, we will go our separate ways, and no one will disturb anyone's life. "

Tang Yue gritted her teeth: "Very good."

He raised his wine cup and downed it in one gulp, then said while looking at Hao Chen, enunciating every single word, "I wish Class Rep Hao success in his dreams.

Looking at Tang Yue's back figure, Huo Yingying turned his head and shot a glance at the two men in black robes a nod his head as she followed him out.

The truth proved that the slut's words could never be trusted.

Before Tang Yue could even enter the elevator, she was blocked.

With a slightly dazed head, Tang Yue immediately realised that there was something wrong with the wine cup.

"Aid young miss, right? I heard your bed skills are pretty good, so why don't you stay with us two tonight ? " A man smiled obscenely and reached out to pinch Tang Yue's face.

"Bastard!" "Scram ?" Leaning on the wall of the corridor, Tang Yue gasped for breath.

"It's not good for you to scram. It's better for us to roll in the sheets. You're here to sell anyway, let's go."

The two men looked at each other, then moved to her left and right to grab her. However, before he could even run two steps, one of them had already wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Trying to run?" Where do you think you're going? "Hurry up and open the elevator."


Tang Yue tried her best to struggle, but the man behind him was too strong, his arm was holding her tightly. Seeing one of them push the elevator button, she lowered her head and bit hard on the man's arm.


With a mournful wail, the man let go of his hands and Tang Yue took the chance to run out.

The man who had pressed the button for the elevator came after him.

At the same time, the elevator door opened with a ding. A tall figure slowly walked out.

He never thought that he would meet someone he was familiar with here. Tang Yue's eyes lit up: "Uncle, save me ?"

Seeing the man that pounced over, Huo Shengzhi's brows twitched. He extended his arm to protect the little girl in his embrace and kicked out at the man.

Bang ?

The kick was so powerful that the other party was kicked several meters away, causing him to faint on the spot.

The other man saw that the situation was not looking good and was so scared that his face changed. He couldn't care less about his companions as he scrambled to run.

"Total ?"

Just as Si Han who was behind him opened his mouth to speak, he raised his hand and swallowed the last few words.

"Go tell them that I've been here before."

"Yes." Si Han nodded and quickly walked towards the engagement banquet.

He lowered his head and looked at the girl in his arms. She was blushing and looking at him curiously.

"Handsome Uncle, why are you here?" Tang Yue struggled to free herself from his embrace and leaned onto the wall of the elevator shakily.

He glanced at him, holding his forehead. Clean white shirt, straight trousers. It was clearly an ordinary style, but when it was worn on his body, he was a complete mess.

With such a good foundation, not only did he not become a duck, he even became a thief. What a waste.

"I've come to find you."

Originally, she was here to attend the engagement ceremony, but she didn't expect to meet her here.

"Ah?" Why me? Handsome Uncle, our time limit is not up yet ? "

She was really unlucky. Had she just left her tiger cave and entered a wolf's lair?

When the time comes, he would do as he was told and run away.

The man was expressionless. "I was afraid that you had slipped away, so I came to see you earlier."


F * ck, I've guessed it right. What should I do?

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