CEO's Little Cute Wife/C15 Strong wine and courage
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C15 Strong wine and courage
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C15 Strong wine and courage

His head was shaking and his vision was blurry. His body was feeling hot and uneasy.

She lifted her hand and tugged at her clothes, unbuttoning the collar. He suddenly felt much better.

The man's face darkened, but he remained standing.

Looking at this silly girl, she seemed to have fallen into another person's trap.

The elevator stopped midway. A man walked in and glanced at Tang Yue's chest with shining eyes.

Huo Shengzhi's brows twitched as he pulled the little girl into his embrace.

Smashing into his chest, Tang Yue felt her body becoming much more comfortable.

He raised his head and laughed foolishly, "Uncle, with such good conditions ?" I feel like stealing things is a waste, I might as well go and find a rich woman ? "

The two people beside him cast a sidelong glance at him. The man's handsome face immediately turned black.

He tightened his grip on her waist and smiled mockingly, "Aren't I with you now?"

Tang Yue held onto his collar. "Uncle, if you stick close to me ? That would be a loss, but I am broke. If you can't even support yourself, how can you raise a little white face like you? Not as good as... Let me introduce you to a... "How about it?"

He patted the man's face fearlessly after saying that, completely ignoring the man's current expression. As the saying goes, 'wine makes people brave', she was the one being spoken of.

The man lowered his eyes to look at her. When he saw her blushing, his eyes became more and more blurry.

"Uncle is not afraid of being taken advantage of, he just wants to be close to you."

As her body got hotter and hotter, she rubbed against his chest and suddenly felt much better.

Her small hand grabbed his shirt and tilted her head as she giggled foolishly. "Uncle, you want to stay by my side? Are you married?"

Glimmers danced in the man's eyes. He looked at the silly girl and asked, "What does being close to you have to do with marriage?"

"Hee hee ?" "Of course it's related. This is called an extramarital affair ?"

The elevator door opened, and the two people left quickly. Tang Yue got rid of Huo Shengzhi and walked out unsteadily.

However, the medicinal effect of the pill had taken effect, causing her to stagger and stagger.

Seeing her like that, Huo Shengzhi frowned. He bent over and carried her, then walked towards the entrance of the hotel with big steps.

Si Han also walked out of the other elevator and chased after them.

As the car sped along the road, Si Han looked at Huo Shengzhi who was in the rearview mirror.

In five years, no matter what kind of woman it was, they couldn't rely on their boss.

It was really unbelievable that he could carry this little girl out of the hotel today.

"Boss, where are we going?"

"The villa."


Tang Yue felt the flames on her body grow stronger and stronger, especially as she leaned on this man's side, causing her heart to have an intense desire for him.

"Uncle ?" "So uncomfortable ?"

Si Han almost vomited blood. This girl really wanted to die.

He was actually trying to seduce the head of their family.

Huo Shengzhi frowned slightly. The moment the little girl stepped on his thigh, the fire in his body was completely ignited.

With the momentum of a prairie fire, it quickly spread.

His Adam's apple slid a few times. He held her waist with his hand.

"Little girl, do you know that you're playing with fire?"

Tang Yue's vision was a little blurry, but she could still see the man in front of him clearly. Her small hands wrapped around his neck, and her head lowered as they continuously twined around his neck.

Just now, he wanted to take the opportunity to slip away as soon as possible.

"Yue Yue feels terrible ? "Uncle, help me ?"

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