CEO's Little Cute Wife/C16 Anywhere you go you'il run into this unlucky man
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C16 Anywhere you go you'il run into this unlucky man
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C16 Anywhere you go you'il run into this unlucky man

The little girl's body trembled uncontrollably in his embrace. Her voice was bewitching. A raging fire rose from the top of her head. This old man was going to die for sure.

"Si Han, accelerate."

"Yes." If he didn't understand what was going on at this time, then all these years of hard work would have been wasted.

He stepped on the throttle and the car sped away.

He was secretly delighted in his heart. It seemed that tonight, his boss was going to have a bad night.

In the bedroom of the villa, the two figures intertwined with each other.

Even if he hadn't touched a woman for five years, he was always calm and rational. However, when facing this little girl, he was always a little out of control.

Her pair of large eyes looked at him with misty affection, "Ah Chen ?"

The little girl's mumbling was like a bucket of cold water being poured over her. She instantly became clear-headed.

How could he forget? He couldn't touch this woman.

He watched her in silence for a moment, then finally picked her up and carried her into the bathroom.

On the morning of the second day, Tang Yue completely woke up with her entire body in a sore state.

Opening her eyes, she was somewhat surprised.

He didn't wake up in the luxurious hotel room like those lousy romance scenes were written, but he was ? In Mark's villa!

What was going on?

She tapped her head, and the events of the night before flooded into her mind.

Going to the reunion became the engagement ceremony for Hao Chen and Hao Chen. She grumpily drank a glass of red wine, then ? She seemed to have run into that handsome thief uncle.

Then... It seems like he was the one who sent me back. Then last night, did he ?

Thinking of this, she quickly jumped off the bed, walked back and forth a few times, and did a few more exercises. Unexpectedly, she didn't feel any pain on her body at all.

Haha, he didn't touch himself.


Feeling relieved, she took out her phone to call her good friend. Suddenly, she remembered that today was Monday and she had to go to Quo?s Group to work.

It's over, it's over, I forgot about what I was doing.

Her cell phone was filled with friends who hadn't answered her phone. Seeing that it was already 9: 30 PM, she didn't bother to call her friends and directly jumped into the bathroom.

The entire process of washing up took place at an incredible speed. In less than twenty minutes, she had run out of the villa.

She was lucky today. As soon as she stepped out of the door, she ran into a taxi that took her directly to the door of the company owned by the HampS Corporation.

After paying the driver to get off the car, Tang Yue completely flew into the company. When she rushed to the elevator and saw that one of the doors to the elevator was about to close, she shouted loudly and ran over.

Fortunately, before the elevator closed, she stepped into it.

He leaned against the wall of the elevator and panted heavily, completely not noticing who was standing beside him.

"It seems like finding you isn't a difficult matter."

Before she could even catch her breath, a familiar voice sounded from above his head. Tang Yue abruptly raised his head and coincidentally met the pair of sharp eyes.

"Hehe ?" Hehe, Uncle... "Hello ?"

Damn, it's really unlucky to be able to meet this unlucky man wherever we go.

The man looked at her indifferently, "Not good at all. You haven't paid my debt yet, right?"

Tang Yue's petite face twitched: "Uncle, I'm here to work, and I'm already late for work on the first day of the day. Can you please do me a favor and let me finish my work first?"

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