CEO's Little Cute Wife/C17 Get in touch with the uncle
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C17 Get in touch with the uncle
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C17 Get in touch with the uncle

The man gave her a bland look. "Are you kidding? The H. P. S. Group is a multinational company. How can you work here like this? Could it be from the cleaning department? "

Tang Yue curled her lips: "Uncle, you're looking down on people too much. "I'm a graduate of N University. Let me tell you, not only am I able to work here, I'm also the CEO's Assistant Secretary."

He actually said that she was from the cleaning department, he was looking down on her too much.

The man frowned. "Secretary of the CEO?"

How come he didn't know about his new secretary?

Seeing the strange expression on the man's face, Tang Yue was slightly pleased in her heart: "Uncle, why are you here? You can't really be following me, right? " At this moment, his mind suddenly turned and she suddenly understood. "Uncle, you can't be ?" Did you come to steal something? "Since we've known each other for a while, let me tell you something. The security here is first-rate, so you should back off now that you know the difficulty."

Looking at the girl's expression, he really wanted to slap her.

What kind of shitty eyes do you have to think that the president of the H. P. S. group is here to steal something?

Si Han, who was behind his, also laughed silently in his heart. If the little girl knew that the person in front of his was the CEO of this company, what kind of expression would she have?

"Is that so? "But I'm going to let you down this time, I'm good friends with the CEO of this company, I'm here to drink tea with him."

"Woah ~ ~ ~"

"Uncle, is what you said true?"

Huo Shengzhi did not answer her, but looked at Si Han: "I'm not going in. In a while, go and tell Boss Huo that I met his foolish secretary in the elevator and framed him as a thief. I'll come back when I fire this secretary. "

Si Han forced a smile and nodded, "Yes."

Tang Yue's big eyes blinked fiercely a few times, and immediately understood that she had misunderstood her. She stepped forward and hugged onto the man's arm, "Uncle, don't be like this, you suddenly appeared in my room, who knows what you did? That's right! Uncle, why were you in my room? "Since you're friends with the CEO here, then you can't be a thief. If you aren't, then you ?"


After staring at him for a long time, his eyes suddenly lit up. "You can't be ?" That 'Little Uncle', right? "

"?" To think that something could come up with such a crappy title.

"Little Uncle, is that really you?"

Someone's face turned green and black: "I don't know any 'Little Uncle'." He definitely wouldn't admit to using such a crappy name.

"No?" "Then explain to me why you were in my room that night?"

"I'm a friend of the landlord, can't I stay at home?"

"Oh ?" So you are Big Brother Mark's friend, then why didn't you say so earlier? "Hehe, sorry uncle, I treated you like a thief that night ?"

"?" You even treat me like a rapist.

The elevator slowly opened up in front of the two of them, and Tang Yue ran out.

He grabbed Huo Shengzhi's arm and dragged him out a few steps. Looking left and right, he pleaded: "Uncle, since you are the CEO's friend, on account of us knowing each other before, don't mention me when we meet again. Just pretend nothing happened between us, okay? "

Huo Shengzhi cast a sidelong glance at her: "Do we have any friendship? I only remember you treating me as a burglar and coveting your beauty. I'll have to talk to your CEO later. It's fine if you don't have the eye for a secretary with a low IQ. "

Tang Yue laughed dryly: "Uncle, you also made a mistake that night, okay?"

"What have I done wrong?"

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