CEO's Little Cute Wife/C18 Uncle good people will get good rewards
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C18 Uncle good people will get good rewards
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C18 Uncle good people will get good rewards

"You ? Is it wrong for you to barge into a girl's bedroom? What's more ? I'm wearing only a bath towel... Uncle, you still say that you don't have the money to keep me company for one night, how can I not misunderstand you? "

Someone raised his eyebrows, "Okay, then we're even. You go first, I'll make a phone call first. "

"Thank you uncle, good people will be rewarded. I'll be leaving first. "

After saying that, the little girl took her bag and ran towards the secretary's office.

Looking at the back of that hurried figure, Huo Shengzhi squinted his eyes.

It seemed like he would have to finish that good deed of his younger brother.

The CEO Secretary?

Very good!

Si Han endured laughing: "CEO, so she's actually the girl that cooked for you?"

He blinked his eyes coldly and turned around to walk in the opposite direction of the CEO's office.

"Call Xiao Yang. From now on, move my office upstairs, don't let this silly new girl take a step into my office, and don't tell her who I am. Just say I'm the president's friend. "Also, arrange for a 'CEO' in the CEO's office to face that silly girl alone."


Looking at the president's back, Si Han was really puzzled in his heart, wasn't he just a new secretary? Why did he even move his office upstairs for her?

There's a problem.

The upper floor was actually a private club, the entertainment facilities inside were all prepared, and other than that, there was also Huo Shengzhi's private office.

Once he entered the office, Huo Shengzhi took out his cell phone and made a call that went overseas.

After the phone rang a few times, it was connected, and Huo Shengxuan's dissatisfied complaints could be heard from inside.

"Big Bro, I just went to sleep, okay? Are you two going to let me live? Every time I call, it's always at night."

Huo Shengzhi did not care about its complaints, tugging at his shirt's collar: "You were the one who arranged for her to go to the CEO's secretary room?"

"Who is she? Brother, can you please explain yourself more clearly? "

"Play dumb for me, right?"

"Big brother, I'm still half asleep. Who knows who you're talking about?"

"The woman you bought for thirty million."

Huo Shengxuan giggled and nodded, "Oh, so it's eldest sister-in-law. Brother, just say that your wife is fine? Are you tired of taking so many turns? "

"Do you believe that I'll slap you when you come back?"

"I do!" [I believe you! My waist still hurts from those two punches of yours ?] "Ouch ?"

"I don't want to hang up anymore."

"No, no, no. Big brother, look at your temper. How are you going to seduce my sister-in-law?" Just a few words were enough to scare that little girl to death. "


"Indeed, I was the one who arranged for her to be sent to the secretary's office. Who else do you think can be so clever as me? This is a chance for you to have a good relationship with your eldest sister-in-law. You'll get the month soon, so don't waste it. "

"Do you believe that I'll fire her today?"

"A letter of faith, of course I do. But Big Brother, if you really fire her, I promise to bring her into Huo Family tomorrow when I return home, and with the identity of your sister-in-law, do you believe me? "

"Stinking brat!" Are you going to go back on your word? "

"Big brother, we agreed that we would meet for three months. I'm making this arrangement just to give you a chance to get to know elder sister-in-law." If you don't like this girl in these three months, why don't we think of something else? Besides, she had just graduated from college and was looking for a job. With her looks and body, wouldn't you feel worse if someone dug a corner outside? "

"No matter how long it takes, you are wasting your time."

Huo Shengzhi did not give Huo Shengxuan the chance to speak, and directly closed the line.

Huo Shengxuan stared at the screen and slyly smiled, "Big brother, there's still three more months. At that time, you will know whether or not I have wasted my time."

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