CEO's Little Cute Wife/C19 Enemies have a narrow road
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C19 Enemies have a narrow road
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C19 Enemies have a narrow road

After parting with "Little Uncle", Tang Yue went to the CEO's secretary room.

Inside were three beautiful female secretaries. One of them had a rather capable appearance and took the initiative to welcome him.

Tang Yue immediately took the initiative to introduce herself: "Hello, I'm the new secretary, Tang Yue. I'm sorry, I was delayed today. "

Xiao Yang's expression was cold: "The secretariat is the most principled place, in the future it's best not to be late."


Xiao Yang pointed to her seat: "Because you have just graduated from university with no experience, so you have to learn a lot of things from the beginning. "So the work you're doing is a bit trivial. Today, we'll take a look at the company's rules and regulations, and then the three of us will slowly teach you."

"This is the uniform for our secretary. You can change into it later."

"The president has a bad temper and very strict job requirements. So don't ever make a mistake at work. "

"The secretary's room used to have three secretaries. Wen Ya, Ye Hui, and I have four secretaries now."


Although Xiao Yang was a little cold, he was very responsible, and told Tang Yue about the work of the assistant secretary in detail. Finally, he gave her some basic rules of the secretary's office so that she could familiarize herself with them.

Xiao Yang went to work while Tang Yue read the information excitedly.

At this moment, a woman's voice sounded from the secretary's office.

"Secretary Xiao, where's my big brother? Why isn't he in the office? "

This voice was too familiar, and upon hearing the word big brother, Tang Yue couldn't help but raise her head, meeting Huo Yingying's gaze.

"Tang Yue, why are you here?"

Huo Yingying frowned, she raised her leg and angrily walked to the side of the table, and stared at her.

"It's really you? "Just now, I thought I was seeing things. Why are you here?"

The moment Huo Yingying opened her mouth, she looked as if she was commanding the others.

Hao Chen followed along. He was also surprised to see Tang Yue, but there was no change in her expression.

Tang Yue replied modestly: "I'm here to work, why can't I be here?"

Huo Yingying hugged her arms, and coldly snorted with contempt: "Tch, a female helper came to our HampS Group to work, what, you want to seduce my big brother?"

"Don't talk nonsense here! When did I want to seduce your big brother? "

She was so angry that if she wasn't in the company, she would have slapped Ye Zichen.

"Hmph, you don't want to seduce my big brother, why did you become the CEO's secretary? "Let me tell you, the CEO of this company is my big brother. I advise you to resign and leave before you are chased out of the company, otherwise I will make you die an ugly death!"

Xiao Yang walked over and stood beside Tang Yue: "Miss Huo, this is the secretary's room. If you have any personal grudges with Secretary Tang, please come and find her after work."

"Tsk, when did it become your turn to manage my affairs?"

"It's not up to me to mind your business, but Secretary Tang is a secretary. If someone is causing trouble here, I will report it directly to the president. "

Huo Yingying shot a glance at her, completely not putting this Xiao Yang in his eyes.

Hao Chen was a little embarrassed: "Ying Ying, we need to do something important, let's go see big brother first."

Huo Yingying glared at his fiance unhappily, and Huo Yingying's words became even more unpleasant: "What do you mean by doing proper business? "Two days ago, this woman ran over to the Hilton Hotel to help out, and now she's running over to my big brother's office. What if my big brother gets seduced by a woman like her?"

Tang Yue was furious: "Huo Yingying, don't you slander me! I just spent the night at the Hilton. Which one of your eyes did you see? "

Huo Yingying laughed until his body trembled, "Tsk, tsk, the photo clearly showed that if you didn't do that, what happened to the bruises on your neck and arms? "There's nothing wrong with your heart. Do you dare to take off your clothes and let us take a look?"

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