CEO's Little Cute Wife/C20 You are avenging your personal grudge
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C20 You are avenging your personal grudge
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C20 You are avenging your personal grudge

Xiao Yang angrily slapped the table: "Miss Huo, you are going too far." After saying that, he walked out of the CEO's office.

Hao Chen immediately stopped her: "Manager Xiao, don't be angry, Ying Ying is not here for you."

Huo Yingying sneered: "Forget it, forget it, I, as a lord, do not care about this lowly person. Hao Chen, let's go."

He turned around and looked at Tang Yue contemptuously, then turned and left the office.

Shen Mo, who was standing guard in front of the CEO's office, brought the two of them upstairs.

Once he entered the office, Huo Yingying's expression changed, and he walked in with a smile.

"Big brother."

Hao Chen also greeted him.

Huo Shengzhi looked at the two of them indifferently: "Sit."

Knowing that her brother has always treated others this way, Huo Yingying did not mind.

"Big brother, I just saw a new secretary downstairs called Tang Yue in your secretary room, did you know that?"

Huo Shengzhi's brows slightly moved: "What's wrong?"

"Big Bro, you definitely can't use that secretary. Just kick her out today."

Hao Chen soundlessly glanced at Huo Yingying, and his large hands faintly clenched.


"She was a classmate of mine at the university. This girl has always been dishonest, has always had the habit of stealing from other people, and has always seduced and seduced men. Ah Chen had even been seduced by her before. Just last Saturday she'd been at the Hilton. I happened to touch it that day, and it was all over with the marks of a man's kiss. "Brother, if that kind of dishonest woman stays here to work, it will ruin our company's atmosphere."

That pair of deep eyes darkened. Wasn't last Saturday with the little girl?

He coldly looked at his little sister and said with a cold voice, "Since when have you been able to uphold justice for big brother?"

Huo Yingying said gently, "Big Brother, I am only thinking for the company. You don't know this girl, after all, our HampS Corporation is a large company, and if this sort of woman were to spread out, it would have a bad impact on the company. Brother, what do you think? "

"This secretary was interviewed by me personally. Even if she really has problems, I will have to judge before making a decision."

In the end, Huo Yingying was still afraid of her big brother, "Fine, big brother will decide for herself. Brother, which department are you preparing for Ah Chen and I to go to? "

"Hao Chen will go to the Marketing Department, Ying Ying will go to the Administration Department."

"Brother, can't we let Ah Chen follow you? It's fine to be an assistant or something. "

Everyone could see Big Brother's ability. If he was by his side, Hao Chen's progress would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

"Every department is the foundation of the company. If it is completed below, it will be able to ensure that no mistakes occur when it is managed in the future. Hao Chen had just graduated from university, so he still had a lot of things to learn. Let's start with the sales people in the marketing department. "

Hao Chen agreed and nodded: "Big Brother is right, what I need the most right now is to accumulate experience. "Thank you, big brother."

Hearing that, Huo Yingying became anxious: "Big brother, didn't we agree to let Ah Chen start from the position of manager? How did you become a salesperson in the blink of an eye? " She had long since sent a message to her friends circle, where Hao Chen directly worked for the HampS Group as the manager. Now that she had suddenly become a salesperson, how could she still have the face to face her friends and classmates?

"It's not to keep him in this position. If he wants to be in the upper echelons of the company, he has to have sufficient experience."

"Big Bro, this is a form of public revenge for personal grudges. Back then when you came to the company, didn't you also directly take the CEO position?" Why didn't you go to the bottom job then? "

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