CEO's Little Cute Wife/C5 Sick to the point of death
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C5 Sick to the point of death
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C5 Sick to the point of death

"What else can we do? He was beaten up by his love rival when he went to the bridal chamber last night. Ouch! Ouch! My old waist... "The child won't be born now ?"

Tang Yue didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Then are your injuries serious?"

Huo Shengxuan said in an exaggerated manner, "Aiyo, I'm fine, I won't die... Ouch ? It's a pity that my beautiful face which is so beautiful that it can cause the downfall of nations has closed the moon and become bashful to the point of blooming. "

Puff ? -

Tang Yue could not hold back her laughter. She had forgotten more than half of her own matters.

Huo Shengxuan looked at her and frowned, his gaze sweeping across the bruises on her neck and arms. With a grumbling expression he asked: "Oh right, why didn't your father tell me about you getting sick before?"

Tang Yue was confused. "Sick? I'm not sick. "

Huo Shengxuan took out his phone and played with it for a bit, then threw it in front of her: "Then, you can open it and see for yourself."

Tang Yue picked up his phone, and saw a video on it.

The more he watched, the more his eyes widened. He stared at the person on the screen in disbelief and was completely dumbfounded.

"This... Is this me? " The image was blurry, but judging from the attire and the room number, it could only be her.

Huo Shengxuan got up and snappily took back his phone: "Is there something wrong with you? He was very sick. He had been sleepwalking from the 28th floor to the 27th floor and had fallen down the stairs in such a state. If it wasn't for the video from the hotel, those who didn't know about it would have thought it was a masterpiece of mine last night. If you were to stay at our house, accidentally strolling into my parents' room and my grandfather's room in the middle of the night, would I still have the face to do that? "

Tang Yue listened with a belly full of grievances, "But ? I've really never been sleepwalking before ? "

Ever since he was young, he had never heard anyone talk about it, not even his university classmates. How could she suddenly fall asleep?

Huo Shengxuan curled his lips, and said with a face full of disdain: "This kind of thing is hard to say. When you were sick, he was already in his sleep, it's possible that he didn't see you. Besides, if this isn't you, why are you in this room? What about the bruises on her arms and neck? "Don't tell me you went looking for a man last night because you couldn't stand the loneliness."

Tang Yue looked at him speechlessly, his face had flushed red: "Big Brother, you can't speak nonsense with those words."

Huo Shengxuan pretended to cough dryly, and felt that the fire was about to break down. "When I came here, I thought of a way, what do you think?"

"What method?"

"I have a house outside, and we'll move in there. We won't have to act in front of anyone or let anyone know about your sleepwalking. What do you think?"

Tang Yue really wanted to explain the matter of sleepwalking, but he nodded right at the thought of what he said.

"Alright, we'll do as Big Bro says."

"I booked two tickets to the Maldives. I told my family to take you out for a month. Of course, this was all a deceit. I have to go. In order to cooperate with me, you can't appear in front of our family for the next month. Do you understand what I'm saying? "

Tang Yue nodded her head: "Understood."

Huo Shengxuan took out a set of keys from his pocket as well as a piece of paper and handed it to her: "This is a house in the suburbs. The address of the house is on it. "


"Oh right, there's one more thing that I need to clarify with you."

"What is it?"

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