CEO's Little Cute Wife/C6 Little uncle
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C6 Little uncle
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C6 Little uncle

Huo Shengxuan's expression became much more serious: "We're working together, so in these three years, you have to rely on yourself. I won't give you any pocket money, but since we're living under the same roof, I can introduce you to a job."

Tang Yue nodded, she did not want them to support her in the first place.

"I just happen to have a neighbor, he's a good friend of mine, and he's got a bad temper, so there aren't any servants in the house. I told him you were going to clean him up a bit a week and cook dinner for three thousand dollars a month. You should have no problem with this job, right? "

When he heard about the three thousand yuan, Tang Yue's eyes lit up. However, when he thought about his own situation, he felt that it was still a little difficult, "Big Brother, I just graduated and was about to look for a job. I'm afraid that I might not return in time ?"

"It's okay, you won't be working for a while anyway, so I'll do it for now." Give me a call when you're officially going to work. "

"Thank you, big brother."

"That person is suffering from menopause and a bit of a retard. Just understand him and don't make him angry."

"Menopause? Senile dementia? Is he very old? An old grandpa? "

Huo Shengxuan clenched his teeth and said: "I am friends with him over the years, but you have to call him Uncle. It's enough to be an old man. "

"Alright, then what is the surname of this uncle?"

"What is your surname?" Last Name... Lowly, lowly, you can just call him Little Uncle. "

Hmph, if I were to beat him up so viciously, I would have to exact my revenge a little bit.

"Ah?" Lowly surname? I don't think that's the name of the Bai Family. "

Huo Shengxuan said with a look of disdain: "That only means that you're inexperienced. Have you heard of the one with the surname Xiong?"

"Mm ?"

"So, there is also a cheap surname. Don't deny its existence just because you haven't heard of it, understand? "

Tang Yue nodded as if she understood something: "Then ? Did you tell him when I was going? "

Huo Shengxuan looked at the time: "Take your key into the house and have a look around. He's right next door, from today onwards, it will take effect. "How about this, you can cook dinner for him today."

"Thank you, big brother."

Huo Shengxuan stood up: "I have already gotten someone to bring you the clothes for the house, they are at the door. You can bring them to the house later. Oh right, there's a secret door in the corridor of the house that leads directly to Little Uncle's house. Only I and Little Uncle know about this. He had a bad temper, had intermittent mental illness, liked to beat people up, and didn't like to meet strangers. You try to make dinner before he comes home. It's best not to let him see you. But when you're done, you can leave him a note. "

Tang Yue was a little nervous: "Intermittent mental illness ? Then would I... Is your life in danger? "

Huo Shengxuan almost puked, but he tried his best to suppress the urge to laugh, "Don't worry, even if he's crazy, he never beats up women. Try not to let him see you. "

Hearing his words, Tang Yue relaxed a little. "Okay."

When Huo Shengxuan reached to the door, he stopped and turned around to look at her.

"You just said ?" You want to find a job? "


"I have a good friend in the HampS Corporation who is responsible for this recruitment. Do you want to go?" Because of her big brother's bad temper and some other special reasons, this little girl didn't know that she had married the president of the HampS Corporation. Even her foster father, Tang Shengkun, didn't know who her daughter had married.

Tang Yue revealed a face of pleasant surprise: "I've already submitted my resume, and said that I'll be interviewing in three days, big brother, can you really help me?"

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