CEO's Little Cute Wife/C7 The provocation of a rival in love
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C7 The provocation of a rival in love
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C7 The provocation of a rival in love

The H-ampS Group was the company she wanted to go to the most. If she could apply for it successfully, it would be a huge surprise to her.

Huo Shengxuan snapped his fingers: "Relax, go apply, leave the rest to me."

"Thank you, big brother."

Once Huo Shengxuan left, Tang Yue dragged her luggage and prepared to leave the hotel.

When she was about to leave the hotel lobby, she saw two people walking in through the revolving door. She turned around and walked to the side subconsciously.

She had only taken two steps when she was stopped by someone. The phone before her flashed and she couldn't help but cover her face.

"Huo Yingying, what are you doing?"

Huo Yingying switched off the camera on his phone and looked at her with contempt from head to toe. She laughed until his body was trembling, "Yo yo yo, who is this? Ah Chen, come over quickly, isn't this your favorite junior sister? Tsk tsk tsk, Tang Yue, you couldn't possibly be unwilling to be abandoned in such a short time and become a support girl, right? How much for one night? "

Tang Yue subconsciously tightened the clothes on her body: "Don't speak nonsense, I am only here to borrow a room for the night."

Huo Yingying curled her lips in contempt: "Tsk, sleeping with me? Do you know how much the room is worth for one night? Why would I let you come and stay the night? Isn't it because I have my eyes on your body? "

Looking at the strawberry marks on Tang Yue's neck and chest, Hao Chen silently shook his hand: "Tang Yue, how could you do such a thing?"

Facing Hao Chen's disappointed gaze, Tang Yue sneered in her heart.

"What's wrong, senior?" Did I disgrace you by doing such a thing? If I remember correctly, you have nothing to do with me right now? "

A hint of awkwardness flashed across Hao Chen's face. "Whether or not it's related, you can't degrade yourself like this."

Huo Yingying didn't like the way the two of them looked at each other.

"I'll stay at this hotel on Sunday night. It's a reunion party organized by Ah Chen, so if you don't dare to come, you can act like a coward. "Bye bye." Huo Yingying smiled as she stuffed the invitation into her hands, then pulled Hao Chen's arm and left.

Tang Yue bit her lips in anger, took the invitation and tore it into two, then threw it into the trash can beside her.

Since she couldn't go to the Huo Family, and couldn't even go back to her home, she decided to stay there for two days.

Tang Yue originally thought that the house that Huo Shengxuan was talking about was a residential building. However, when she stood in front of the villa's gate, she was completely stunned.

A three-storey villa with green bricks and red tiles. It was especially beautiful.

Tang Yue was skeptical as she took out the key and inserted it into the lock of the sculpted gate. Unexpectedly, the moment the key was inserted, the gate actually opened.

She dragged her suitcase into the living room and discovered that the entire house was decorated extravagantly. She excitedly ran upstairs and found a bedroom on the second floor to put her clothes in.

Once everything was settled, she remembered Huo Shengxuan's words. There was a secret door between this villa and the one next to it, which led directly to Little Uncle's home.

Following Huo Shengxuan's instructions, she found the hidden door at the end of the corridor on the second floor.

With a gentle turn of the door handle, the door actually opened.

What he saw was a long corridor. The decorating style was completely different from Huo Chenxuan's villa, but it was a kind of luxury that was kept a low profile.

The corridor was quiet, but Tang Yue tiptoed in. There was no one in the house, not even a servant.

It seemed that he was right. A person with intermittent mental illness and a short temper. There were probably not many people who would dare to serve him.

He turned around to look at the door and found that it was a wall. There was a spotlight on it, and in the middle was a large abstract painting. If one didn't pay careful attention, one wouldn't even know that there was a secret door here.

Great, with this door, it would be much more convenient for me to enter and exit Little Uncle's house in the future.

She looked around the walls and found a hidden switch on the backboard. With a light push of the button, the door would open.

He carefully looked around the villa. Originally, he wanted to see if there were any pictures of that Little Uncle, but after searching for a while, he was unable to find anything, so he returned to Huo Shengxuan's villa.

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