CEO's Little Cute Wife/C8 Who dares to call me that
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C8 Who dares to call me that
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C8 Who dares to call me that

Although it was the weekend, Huo Shengzhi still went to the company.

It had been more than half a year since he had retired from the army and joined the HampS Group. All aspects of him were on the right track. However, a competitive man hoped that he could do better.

Even on weekends, he didn't want to waste any time.

He busied himself until eight in the evening before returning to the villa.

When Si Han walked into the dining hall, his footsteps paused for a moment: "CEO."

Huo Shengzhi did not look at him, and continued to walk up the stairs.

"CEO, could it be that Nanny Qiu is back?"

Huo Shengzhi's footsteps paused, and followed his gaze towards the dining hall. His brows slightly moved, and he slowly walked over.

On the luxurious table, there were four dishes and a soup. There was a piece of paper pressed down on the table. He stretched his hand out and picked it up.

Little Uncle, hello. From today onwards, I will be in charge of your dinner. If you have any food that you don't like or hate, you can write it down on a piece of paper and tell me. I put the porridge in the pot. When you come back, heat up the food. I wish the Little Uncle a pleasant meal.

The last signature was a cute little girl with a smiling face beside it.

The words on the paper were elegant and beautiful, but they were very pretty. But when he looked at the content above, Huo Shengzhi's gloomy face completely turned cold.

Little Uncle?

Who wasn't afraid of death and dared to call him that?

"Si Han, go take a look at the surveillance at the entrance and see who has the guts to do so."


Looking at the dishes on the table, Huo Shengzhi was silent for a moment, but in the end, he went back to his own room.

Two days ago, the servant, Nanny Qiu, had something to do at home, so before she returned tonight, he had already eaten dinner.

After Huo Shengzhi finished changing, he knocked on the door.

"CEO, this is weird."

Huo Shengzhi put his hand in his pocket and walked towards the study: "What do you mean?"

"I've checked all the surveillance cameras today. Not a single outsider has come into my home."

"Is there any picture of it being erased?"

"No, I haven't seen a single stranger since the morning. This was really strange. If no one had come, then who had cooked this dinner? Could it be that a ghost is causing trouble at home? "

Huo Shengzhi looked at him coldly: "You're also a former soldier, and you're the one who said that?"

Si Han snapped to attention, "Captain, I was wrong."

Huo Shengzhi looked at him in silence. Si Han scratched the back of his head in embarrassment: "I'm used to shouting ?"

"You should go to my study's computer and take care of dinner. This girl will be back tomorrow night. Don't let her see any flaws."


Knowing that the neighbor next door had a bad temper, after breakfast, Tang Yue ran to a room on the third floor and watched as the car next door drove away. Only then did she run into Little Uncle's house.

Afraid that something might happen, she carefully looked around.

There was nothing she could do about it. Her scalp couldn't help but tingle whenever she thought of the words intermittent mental illness and irritable temper.

Was this cooking? If he were to risk his life to sneak into the enemy's camp, he could be beaten to a pulp if he wasn't careful.

However, that three thousand yuan was too much of a temptation. The fat meat in her mouth couldn't be easily given up.

More than half of the dishes on the table had been moved. It could be seen that Little Uncle's appetite was not bad. There was a note pressed against the table. She picked it up and read it.

The food was good.

The handwriting was vigorous and handsome. Tang Yue laughed, it seems that this lowly uncle was still easy to deal with.

He put the note in his pocket and then packed all the dishes. He then began to clean up the villa.

After cleaning everything up, they quietly went back to Huo Shengxuan's villa through the secret door.

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