CEO's Little Cute Wife/C9 Will that shameless fellow
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CEO's Little Cute Wife/C9 Will that shameless fellow
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C9 Will that shameless fellow

Opposite the bedroom on the second floor was a study with a laptop inside. In the past two days, other than checking the information of the HampS Group on the internet, he had also been chatting with Mi Duoduo online.

As soon as he logged on, Mi Duoduo's profile picture flashed non-stop.

Mi Duoduo: Urgent call! Emergency call! Stinky Girl, something big has happened, come out quickly!

Tang Yue sent a smiley face: What happened?

Mi Duoduo: Stupid girl, tell me honestly. Did you go to the Hilton Hotel last night?

Tang Yue frowned: Why are you suddenly asking this?

Mi Duoduo: You still don't know? An hour ago, Huo Yingying posted a picture of you in the group of our class saying that you went to Hilton to be a support girl. Tang Yue, tell me the truth, is this true?

Tang Yue angrily sent over a few angry emojis: How can she speak such nonsense? Just seeing me in front of the hotel?

Mi Duoduo: Then you really went to the Hilton Hotel?

Tang Yue sighed: I did indeed stay there for the night, I will tell you the details later. But, Duo Duo, what kind of person am I? Even if others don't know, how can you not know?

Mi Duoduo: This damned bitch, is too f * cking terrible. Send pictures of you at the Hilton to our class one by one. She also said that the day after tomorrow, Hao Chen is going to hold a reunion with a student and send everyone an invitation, she didn't give it to you right?

Tang Yue: Yes.

Mi Duoduo: Then are you going?

Tang Yue: Go! She had to go.

Mi Duoduo: Alright, sister will accompany you. She stole someone else's boyfriend and even framed you.

Tang Yue: I'll come see you tomorrow.

Mi Duoduo: Alright.

After talking with Mi Duoduo, it was almost 5 o'clock, so Tang Yue went to Little Uncle's house right on time.

In the more than ten years of Tang Family, cooking was naturally an easy task. Four dishes and a soup were quickly placed on the table. Hearing the sound of cars coming from the courtyard, she quietly ran up to the second floor and returned to Huo Shengxuan's villa through the secret door.

The first thing Si Han did after entering the door was to check on the surveillance cameras, but even after seeing the end of it from the beginning, to the end, he still could not find any trace of anyone.

"CEO, this is really too weird. We haven't even seen each other for two days. Was it the business opponent who intentionally sent someone to harm the CEO? "

Huo Shengzhi looked at the four dishes and one soup on the table, his straight body moved, he pulled out the dining chair and sat down.

"CEO, you can't eat this food."

Seeing Huo Shengzhi pick up the chopsticks, Si Han immediately stopped him.

"If someone really wanted to harm me, it wouldn't be so clumsy." Huo Shengzhi said as he leisurely took a bite of the dish.

Today, he had the secretary check out the owner of the house next door, and the result surprised him.

"CEO" Si Han's heart suddenly reached his throat.

"Hmm, this little girl's cooking skills are quite good."

"You really dare to eat it. My heart is already in my throat." Si Han was nervous.

Huo Shengzhi looked at his subordinate indifferently: "No one has been staying in the villa next door, right?"

"Yes." "CEO, you can't be doubting ?"

"Do you know the name of the owner?"

Si Han shook his head, he had not investigated on this matter.

"Che Zhan."

"Che Zhan? He's the assistant to the Vice President, how can he afford a villa? " Si Han was a little confused.

"Just because he can't afford it doesn't mean that his boss can't."

Si Han exclaimed, and then realised: "It can't be? "You mean the villa is the vice president ?"

Huo Shengzhi's eyes narrowed, and silently picked up his chopsticks to continue eating.

"CEO, then the person who cooks for us ?"



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