The loud music was deafening. The bar's flickering light swept across the people's drunk faces, making them seem extremely blurred.

"A, he's gone."

A man in waiter's work clothes was holding a plate in his hand, stopping beside a woman without leaving a trace.

Yin Yanyue was wearing a revealing black leather skirt. With her enchanting figure and heavy makeup, it was impossible to see her original appearance after she had taken off her makeup.

She looked in the direction of the bar's entrance and froze in place. She turned her head to look at Allocer, who was beside her. "You go and chase him. I'll take care of the rest."

Then she gripped the dagger between her legs and swept her cold eyes over the swaying men and women around her.

An Luochen didn't hesitate at all. With a natural demeanor, she walked to the bar, put down the plate in her hands and ran in the direction of the door.

"Sssii ~ ~"

The tumult of the music suddenly died down, and the sharp end of the song came to the ears.

The neon light flashed for a moment. Yin Xianyue drew his dagger with his fastest speed and took a step forward, intending to grab the woman's neck in front of him.

But at that moment, a powerful hand grabbed her shoulder, and a deep voice sounded out behind her. "How much for one night?"

When the flashing lights returned, her heart trembled and beads of cold sweat formed on her forehead. It was as if millions of ants had crawled across her heart and quickly withdrew her blade. She held her breath as she turned around to look at the person behind her.

The dim light reflected off his face. His face was like a knife, his cheeks were slightly red, and his eyes were blurry.

The audio system returned to normal without any ear-piercing noises. Under the silence of the surroundings, his words "more or less one night" seemed particularly prominent.

Uncle Gu ?

Yin Yanyue frowned and muttered to herself. She immediately put on a charming smile, "Mr. Gong, what kind of joke is this?"

The gazes of everyone present were gathered on them. The name "Mister Gong" was indeed dazzling.

The young lord of the palace, who held the power of the royal family, never made a single scandal. He worked for all 365 days of the year, and his power was not to be underestimated in the business world.

But now he had caught a woman in a bar and asked her how long it had been.

"Name your price."

There was no trace of warmth in the young lord's eyes, but his expression was one of impatience.

He was drugged!

This was the only reason Yin Chengyue could think of right now.

Yin Yanyue swept a glance at the woman beside him. This was her target for the quest tonight. But now that she was so eye-catching, she had definitely failed the quest.

But even if he failed the quest, he couldn't let the entire bar notice him, otherwise his identity would be exposed.


Yin Chengyue did not refuse and instead welcomed her. His charming red lips moved closer to the viscount, and hot air scattered by his ear, causing his body to involuntarily stiffen.

The deafening music filled the bar once more, drowning her out.

A trace of disgust instantly appeared in his eyes, but he still allowed Yin Yanyue to pull him to a corner.

"You've been drugged?" Once Yin Yanyue had escaped from the crowd, she immediately let go of his hand and coldly said, "Go to the hospital, otherwise we will find the lady in front of us to settle this."

Looking up, he saw a bunch of beautiful women of all kinds standing in the dark opposite him.

The young nobleman didn't react, but a strange look appeared in his eyes. He didn't think that this woman would be able to tell that he had been drugged so easily.

Just as he was deep in thought, a strange voice suddenly came from behind him.

"Hello, we are the police. Please show your ID cards."

Two plainclothes policemen stood in front of them and showed their identification cards.

They really stepped on dog shit, they actually bumped into a police investigation case.

Yin Yanyue's heart tightened, her expression did not change, but her whole body was still on guard, her body suddenly perched on the chest of the young noble, tenderly calling out, "Young Master Gong, I came out to play, how could I bring my ID card with me?"

It was clear that she wanted him to use his identity to support her. Anyway, it was impossible for her to take out her identity card.

But with her leaning on him, the viscount was already starting to lose his mind, and was completely unable to hear what she had said.

The two policemen obviously didn't want to deal with her, so they once again spoke sternly, "Please cooperate."

F * ck, how unreliable!

Yin Yanyue cursed in his heart. He left the young lord of the palace by his side and turned around to run, shuttling back and forth among the crowd of people in the bar.

Just as she was about to charge out of the door nimbly, thinking that she had lost the police officer behind her, a pair of large hands suddenly grabbed her shoulders.

Surprised, he turned around and saw that it was unexpectedly Young Noble Gong!

This lingering ghost!

"What are you doing!?" "Don't follow me!"

She quickly withdrew her hand and started to leave.

The young noble took a deep breath, a deep voice sounded from behind him, "You raise the price."

Yin Yanyue turned her head and glared at him, her steps never stopping. "Stupid! "To tell you the truth, I'm not a delinquent. I'm looking for someone else!"

Now that he was out of the bar's door, it was impossible for him to find anyone else. Plus, with the fact that the woman in front of him looked reliable, he probably wouldn't pester her afterwards.

"Both of you, stand still!"

Before they could regain their composure, the two policemen appeared behind them.

Yin Yanyue helplessly took a deep breath, grabbing the young noble palace from behind, her face was full of annoyance, "Follow me closely!"

By now, those policemen must have thought that they were in the same group. If they let the young lord of the palace into the police station, then this matter would be blown up.

Therefore, she had no choice but to pull the unsteady viscount along the streets near the bar. Just when she decided to escape from this location and away from the police, a powerful force stopped her in her tracks and threw her against a wall.

The impact of her back hitting the wall made her mouth split open in pain. Before she could even close her mouth, a soft tongue had penetrated her lips. The strong smell of alcohol filled her mouth.


Yin Yanyue's eyes widened. The next second, he felt a foreign object pressing against his waist.

She stretched out her leg and kicked him in the stomach, then took a step back and wiped her lips. It's not like I won't find a lady for you! "Endure it!"

With that, she took out her phone, planning to call Miss and solve this man's problem.

But the young noble did not give her any chance, he took a step forward and used his backhand to hold her hands, his lips once again pressed down, his phone also smashed into the ground.

"Ugh!" "Scram!"

Yin Yanyue was really angry this time. With red eyes, she mercilessly pointed her knee at his protruding spot.

However, before she could do anything, she was flipped over and pressed against the wall by the young noble.

Her movements were too fast and smooth. She didn't even understand how she had been reversed.

F * ck, what the hell? This man couldn't have learned Taiji, right?

It seemed like he wasn't a simple character. He must be a practitioner.

Just as she was lost in thought, she suddenly felt a chill behind her back. Her underwear had already been taken off, and half of it was hanging off her shoulders.

"You madman! It's actually here! "

She lifted her eyes to scan her surroundings. Even though it was dark and the streets were very winding, she was brazenly outside in the open ?

However, the current young noble Gong did not care about this at all, it had already been an hour since he was drugged, his patience had already reached its limit.

"Don't touch me!" Yin Yanyue tried to use all of her strength to pull away from her body, but no matter what, He Nai could not break free.

She couldn't help but be shocked at how strong this man was. He locked her up so tightly that she didn't even have the ability to turn around. She had known this man for 15 years but hadn't known that he had this kind of ability.

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