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The young noble palace agreed without hesitation, reaching his hand out to Yin Xianyue who was sitting on the sofa, preparing to pull her up.

Zhao Minghui was surprised. She did not expect the usually rigid and well-behaved young noble to agree to Yin Yanyue's unreasonable request without hesitation.

Yin Yanyue was also slightly surprised. She paused for a second when she saw his hand reach out, but still held his hand in the end.

He was truly different from the Uncle Gu in her eight year old memories. He wasn't as cold and harsh, nor was he that difficult to communicate with. Instead, he unexpectedly treated her with gentleness and gentleness.

Young Master Gong held her and pulled her up from the sofa. Then, he held her by her arm and walked out of the room. He did not even glance at Zhao Minghui, who was standing behind him.

Walking out of the villa, the viscount opened the back door for her. Just as Yin Xiyue was about to get on the car, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from the side.

"Dye the moon!"

Yin Yanyue suddenly frowned and turned his head in the direction of the sound. He immediately saw An Luochen, who was standing on the side of the iron gate.

He had stood outside the door of the villa all night long.

Gong Shaotong's expression immediately darkened, he raised his head and looked at Hu Wen who was at the side with a questioning look.

Hu Wen immediately felt guilty, "CEO, no matter what, he couldn't get rid of us last night. I thought he would leave after standing for a few hours, I didn't think that ?"

He didn't expect to stand there all night.

Yin Xiaoyue left the side of the young noble and walked quickly in the direction of Allocer. "Why are you still here?"

An Luocheng pursed his dry lips, the stubble on his face making him look somewhat bedraggled. "Come with me."

Yin Yanyue turned around to look at the ugly face of the young noble, lowering her voice, "I can't get out of here right now, Brother Scar needs your help to prepare for me, I won't be accepting any more missions in the near future."

"I will save you, wait ?"

"Dye the moon."

The young noble's voice interrupted An Luochen's words. Right after he finished speaking, he had already appeared behind Yin Chengyue, his face full of impatience.

"Let's go." Yin Yanyue took one last look at Allocer, then turned around and walked in the direction of the car door.

An Luochen just stared at Yin Yanyue's figure as she got on the car. The car gradually disappeared from her sight.

The car stopped in front of the main entrance of the palace compound half an hour later.

On the whole road, there was no communication between the young lord and Yin Chengyue. The young lord was silently looking at his documents while Yin Chengyue was looking out the window without saying a word.

It was not until the viscount got out of the car and opened the door for her.

She looked at the slowly opening door of the car and was slightly surprised. She didn't think that he would actually brazenly bring her to the entrance of the company building and even pull the door for her. Was he not worried that she would use her CEO's power to intimidate the company?

The viscount remained expressionless. Although he helped her open the car door, he did not lend her a hand nor carry her into the company. Instead, he walked ahead of the others and entered the company.

Yin Yanyue could clearly feel that everyone was looking at her. Those gazes did not have any kind intentions, but she did not take them to heart. She just ignored them all and stepped into the company with her head held high.

"Miss Yin, please come with me."

The moment she walked in, a young lady at the front desk walked in front of her with a professional smirk on her face and gestured for her to enter.

Yin Yanyue remained silent. She slightly nodded and followed her to the HR Department.

The front desk clerk pointed at a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties, "That person is the personnel manager. He'll be responsible for informing you about the work flow, etc."

"Okay, thank you."

With an expressionless face, Yin Chengyue walked toward the personnel department's director, revealing a friendly smile, "Hello, I'm a new person, Yin Hongyue."

The manager raised his eyes and pushed the frame on the bridge of his nose, "Ah, Yin Xiaoyue, you're here." Your position is as a salesperson, and here's your work clothes. "

He passed her a grey salesperson's uniform, and then said, "This is your work card, I arranged all of them for you yesterday. "Today, I will first go to the marketplace to familiarize myself with my work environment. Your sales manager will bring you there."


Yin Yanyue took the work clothes and work plate from his hands at a leisurely pace, "If there's nothing else, I'll go to work first."

The steward nodded carelessly. "Yes, go ahead."

Originally, Yin Yeyue had planned to follow the Chief Executive Officer's instructions and go to the market first to familiarize herself with the environment and workflow.

After all, although she was an agent and had played a lot of roles, she had never played a role like a salesperson.

But in truth, there should not be much difference between a salesperson and a bartender.

However, she didn't expect that the moment she found a bathroom to change into her work clothes, she heard a familiar voice coming from behind her.

"Dye the moon?"

She wasn't too familiar with this voice before, but she had heard it at the banquet yesterday, so she was very familiar with it now.

"Uncle White, what a coincidence."

She turned around and faced Gong Yufeng's handsome face with a fake smile.

Gong Yufeng was still the same as before, he spoke to her in a pampering tone, "I came specifically to find you."

Yin Yanyue was stunned, the smile on her face couldn't help but freeze.

She had known Gong Yufeng longer than she had met Gong Shaotao, but Gong Yufeng and Gong Shaotong were actually the same age, 33 years old.

The reason why she called Gong Yufeng Uncle Bai was because Gong Yufeng was not surnamed Gong, but was surnamed Bai.

His biological mother was Fang Man. She had married her grandfather at the age of five, which was why Gong Yufeng had become her uncle.

"Uncle Bai, why are you looking for me?"

Yin Yanyue took a step back, intentionally keeping a distance from him.

"Nothing much, I just heard that you came to work at the company, so I wanted to see you."

Uncle White was still gentle. No matter what he did or what he said, it was always for the sake of others. He looked exactly the same as the Uncle Bai in her memories.

"Then... If there's nothing else, Uncle Bai, I'll go to work. "

Yin Yanyue nodded to him politely, turned around and was about to leave.

"Dye the moon." Gong Yufeng quickly caught up to her with a gentle gaze, "Let me show you around the market. I'll tell you about the clothing type distribution in the market. As for what the salespeople are supposed to do, I actually know a little about these."

Yin Yanyue looked up and met his eyes. She was stunned for a second and then immediately shook her head. "No need, my manager will ?"

"We haven't seen each other in years, right?"

The gentle smile on the corner of his mouth was still warm.

"Mm ?"

It's been years.

She hadn't seen him since Fang Man forced him to go abroad.

Gong Yufeng lightly patted her head, "Let's go, I'll take you for a walk and have lunch with you at the same time. Today is your first day at work, so I probably won't ask too much of you. "

Yin Yanyue pursed her lips but did not say a word, only slowly walking to his side.

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