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"Clap clap clap clap ?"

The tiger-headed man clapped as if he was watching a show, and said in an exaggerated tone, "That's incredible! This is incredible! "It's rare to meet two acquaintances today."

An Luochen's face turned cold as she remained silent.

This tiger head belonged to the Ghost Hell Sect, and he had been there when he was young, working under the sect.

After that, Soaring Moon had been separated from the gang and joined the secret service. But how could Tiger Head let Soo Soo go so easily? He had pestered her for two whole years, and during these two years, he had gotten familiar with Tiger Head.

"Sis ?" Gong Nian Shan's eyes were half open. When she heard Yin Yanyue's voice, she came close with a dazed expression. "You ?" "Why are you here?"

She smelled of alcohol, but from her state of excitement and insanity, she was not simply drunk.

Yin Yanyue looked at her coldly. He really wanted to just leave her here without a care.

However, if he really did not intervene in this matter today, then Hu Diechang would definitely bring her away. As for what would happen after they were taken away, that would be easy to imagine.

Yin Chengyue pulled over Gong Shengshan and pushed her behind him. An Luochen looked at her, then looked at Tiger Head again, "I didn't come here to exchange greetings with you, just to say how much she owes you?"

"Mm ?" Tiger took out an account book from his chest and said, "I paid 10 million last time. Including interest and capital, there's still around 30 million left."

Thirty million?

Thinking about last month, she said she owed 30 million. It had only been a month, but the interest had increased by 10 million.

Yin Yanyue's face became serious again. She took out a card and passed it to him, "Here's 20 million, I will give you the remaining 10 million as soon as possible."

She had originally planned to pay off the twenty million to her daughter, but the previous marriage incident had been exposed, so this matter had been delayed.

"10 million."

Following which, a cheque worth ten million was passed to her.

Yin Yanyue didn't even turn her head, her tone was cold. "You don't need your money."

She did not insist on bickering with him, but found his money dirty.

Ah!" She pointed at him like a madman, "Uncle Gu is here too!

Her current appearance was very different from her usually gentle and generous appearance. Even the palace noble couldn't help but frown.

Even Hu Diao wasn't surprised that Yin Yanyue was able to take out 30 million, but he was actually a bit proud.

At the same time, he took the money from Yin Yanyue and the young noble at the same time, "With a rich man like you supporting her behind her back, I'm afraid she won't have to worry about the future anymore."

There was something in his words that no one else could understand, but Yin Yanyue understood immediately.

Yin Yanyue's expression changed as she looked at the unconscious Ye Zichen, who was standing behind her, with a serious look on his face.

"Let's go." Tiger held the card and the check in his hand and waved them at her. "See you next time, but I think it will be quick."

It will be soon.

There was always an ambiguous relationship between her and the people of the Ghost Hell Sect.

"This is my sister." Yin Chengyue sighed and took over her hand, "She's like you, she owes you money everywhere."

Although she said this, she didn't have any intention of blaming Allocer.

An Luochen was indeed in the same debt as Gong Nian Shan, earning money from the secret service while also working in a bar. However, all the money he had was given to his sick grandfather.

However, he had spent a bit too much recently, so he didn't spend all of it on medical fees.

When Allocer heard her words, he remained silent and didn't explain in any way.

"Sis!" "I just happened to meet you today. Come! Let's have a drink together! "

Yin Chengyue knocked on her head, "What are you crazy about?"

This knock seemed to have woken her up, causing her to quiver. She widened her eyes and stared at Yin Yeyue, unable to speak for a long time.

"Why?" Yin Yanyue looked at the shocked expression on her face and sneered, "You think I don't know about your drug use?"

Her body froze as she quickly covered her mouth, "Sis!"

Hearing this, the face of the young noble, who was standing by the side, changed.

He had never paid much attention to her, but he had never imagined that a woman of such a small family would be in a bar with drugs and a large loan interest.

Yin Yanyue opened her hand and looked at her coldly, "Are you afraid of being found out?"

She owed a large sum of money to Yin Yeyue for her drug use. When she had borrowed money from Yin Yeyue a month ago, she had sensed that something was wrong.

Yin Yanyue used the secret forces of the special forces to investigate and immediately found out that she and the Ghost Hell sect colluded with the drug addicts.

At that time, she was also surprised, as she didn't expect that she would become addicted to drugs.

Although Nian Shan usually didn't get along with her, her heart wasn't that bad. If she was addicted to drugs, it would definitely be related to the Ghost Hell Sect.

Right now, Gong Nian Shan's mind was not clear, but after Yin Yanyue's action, she immediately became alert, and quickly turned her gaze to the young noble, "Uncle Gu, please don't tell this to my mother! "My mom will beat me to death!"

The young noble glanced at her coldly, "I have no business meddling in your affairs."

She opened her mouth to speak again, but the viscount pulled her aside and prepared to leave.

This time, Yin Chengyue didn't resist, and silently followed behind him.

From the moment he got on the car to the moment it started, Yin Yanyue didn't even glance at him, let alone say a word to him.

That night, the atmosphere in the villa was depressing, even the housekeeper chose to keep quiet.

The next day, Yin Hongyue woke up very early. Before the nanny came up to call her, she had already gone downstairs.

However, he didn't expect that the viscount would wake up earlier than her and was sitting at the dining table, reading a newspaper.

Although he heard the footsteps of Yin Yanyue coming down the stairs, he didn't raise his head to look at her.

"Good morning, Uncle Gu."

Yin Yanyue put on a fake smile, pulled out a chair, and sat beside him.

The young noble stared at the newspaper in his hand, letting out a faint sound from his nose, "En."

Yin Yanyue didn't seem to care about his indifference. She picked up the chopsticks in her hand and began to eat her breakfast.

However, just as she ate a few mouthfuls, the voice of Gong Shaowen sounded again, "Today, let Hu Wen send you to work."

Yin Yeyue turned her head and looked at him.

The viscount's eyes remained fixed on the newspaper in his hand, as if he were not speaking to her.

Yin Yanyue paused for a moment and then immediately agreed, "Ok."

His current attitude was clearly cold, and he purposely let Hu Wen drive her to work.

However, he had personally seen her to the main entrance of the company yesterday, and that was what he had done. It didn't matter whether he sent her off or not today.

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