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Hu Wen parked the car very punctually in front of the mansion's entrance. Yin Xiyue followed the instructions of the viscount and got into Hu Wen's car to go to the company.

When she was gone, the viscount himself drove to the office in another car.

It was obvious that the two of them were on the same path, but this was exactly what the young noble wanted to do.

The viscount was purposely trying to embarrass her.

"Miss Yin, here we are."

Hu Wen's voice suddenly sounded, interrupting her train of thoughts.

He turned his head and looked out the window, and before he knew it, he was in front of the company's main entrance.

Hu Wen got off the car and respectfully opened the door for her.

Yin Yanyue came back to his senses, stepped out of the car, and absent-mindedly walked into the company's main entrance.

Before she could take a few steps forward, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

Yin Yanyue frowned slightly. He raised his eyes and bumped into a familiar face. "Why are you here?"

It was An Luochen.

She was indeed surprised to see Allocer in the palace group, as well as the security uniform that he was currently wearing.

An Luochen, on the other hand, remained calm and composed. "I've applied for a job here."

"Security?" Yin Chengyue glanced at his work clothes and suddenly became serious, "Compared to security, you earn more money working as a bartender in a bar."

In the bar, An Luochen was quite well-known. With his superior appearance, many generous women would give him tips. Those tips alone were double the salary of the security guards.

But now that An Luochen gave up the job as a bartender, it was clear that it was because of her.

"I'm tired of working in bars. It's good to change jobs."

An Luochen smiled, turned her head to look at the company's market, and said, "You seem to be late."

Ye Zichen looked down at the time on his phone. It really was going to be late.

Yin Chengyue glanced at him, then said, "You'd better quit this job immediately."

He had suddenly come to be a security guard, who knew what kind of trouble he would stir up then.

An Luochen pursed her lips, but didn't reply. She only watched her back as she walked into the distance.

Yin Xianyue quickly changed into the salesperson's uniform and went to his job. He forced a professional smile on his face to deal with the customers coming and going.

She had been a secret service agent for so many years, and had done so many service industries. It wasn't difficult for her to do business as a salesperson, so everything was going well for her.

It was not until Zhao Minghui appeared in front of her.

She was dressed in professional female attire, her black hair tied up in a bun, giving her an extraordinary temperament. There was a faint smile on her face, making her look very amiable.

"Dye the moon?" It was as if she had coincidentally seen Yin Chengyue, her face was filled with surprise, "Has the work been smooth these few days?"

Yin Hongyue smiled with her skin but not her flesh. "It went smoothly."

She had just started working and didn't want to get involved with her in a place with so many people in the market.

However, Zhao Minghui did not want to end the conversation like this. She kept her affability level on her face and said, "I just happened to want to buy some new clothes today. Can you recommend them to me?"

Yin Chengyue frowned, but his tone was still normal, "That row is for this month's new models, take a look and see if there is anything you like."

Zhao Minghui shook her head in disappointment and said slowly, "Your attitude is neither too cold nor too hot, how can you bring the company's success to fruition?"

A trace of impatience flashed through her eyes, and in the blink of an eye, she put on a warm smile. "I don't know what kind of style you like, but judging from your clothes today, you probably prefer the style of a workplace woman."

As she spoke, she walked to a counter nearby and picked out a dark female suit. "This suit was created by a famous designer from Palace Group. The fabric is made of pure wool and I think it's very suitable for you."

Zhao Minghui glanced at the suit in her hand and smiled, "Do you know who is the designer of this suit?"

Yin Yanyue frowned again.

There were thousands and thousands of designers in the Palace Group. Even if this suit was designed by a famous designer, how could she, as a sales representative, know about it?

"You have good eyes. I am the designer of this suit."

Zhao Hui Min smiled and took the suit in her hand, then looked up at her. "I won't try on this suit, please help me wrap it up."

"Sure, please wait a moment."

The smile on Yin Chengyue's face didn't change. He took the suit from her hands, neatly wrapped it up, and passed it to her again, "Hello, a total of 26,000 yuan. "How would you like to pay?"

Zhao Huimin took the suit and paused for a moment, then suddenly asked, "What was the number you took just now?"

"L code."

Yin Yanyue swept a glance over her face, feeling that she was going to do something special.

Zhao Huimin seemed to have thought of something, then suddenly changed his words, "I remember that the size of this suit is a little too big, it's better if I try it on."

After saying that, she took out the clothes that she had just packed and prepared to try them on in the fitting room.

How troublesome!

Yin Yanyue took in a small breath. He had endured it.

However, just as Zhao Huimin entered the changing room, she suddenly shouted, "Dye the moon!"

Before Yin Yanyue could step forward, Zhao Huimin pushed open the door and walked out, holding the suit in his hand and questioned her, "You didn't help me check the package just now? "Look at the lines under the arms of the suit."

He lowered his eyes and saw a small hole under his arm. It wasn't very obvious, but if he were to wear it on his body, it would look very eye-catching.

How could there be a problem with the high-end goods that were hung on the counter, so Yin Hongyue ignored the inspection when she was packing just now.

Zhao Huimin walked out of the fitting room, opened up the suit and reprimanded, "Think about it, if I didn't intend to try it on, I would have brought it home. Think about what it would have done to the whole Palace Group if it hadn't been me who bought the clothes today, but someone else. "

Her voice was purposefully raised, so everyone's attention was attracted to her and they all came to watch.

Yin Yanyue kept silent and sighed deeply.

Thinking about the conversation just now, Zhao Huimin had intentionally taken over the suit once. Maybe it was at that time that he made a move on the suit, and then acted on his own initiative.

It was also her fault for relaxing her guard just now, and she didn't expect that Zhao Huimin would suddenly use this move to frame her.

"This is your dereliction of duty as a salesperson." Zhao Huimin still refused to budge, and put on a fair and impartial attitude, "If you get your supervisor here, the sales staff will be equivalent to the face of Gong Conglomerate. If you are not responsible, then who will be responsible? Do you really have to rely on the head of the Palace to commit heinous acts!? "

This was saying Zhao Huimin's heartfelt words.

She was merely spreading a rumor today.

She wanted to tell everyone in the Palace Group, including the customers here, that she was acting recklessly and willfully in the Palace Group's market because of Young Viscount Miyake.

At that time, Yin Yanyue's reputation would be ruined, and she would have achieved her goal.

Noticing the commotion, the marketing manager rushed over, "Designer Zhao, what happened?"

When she saw that it was Zhao Huimin, her attitude immediately became respectful.

Zhao Huimin's expression was still serious, but her tone was deliberately gentle, "This suit is obviously broken, but it was not checked by the sales representative when wrapping it. If other customers take it home, what would be the result?"

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