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The marketing manager glanced at the suit at the side and was obviously shocked. This suit was a new product, worth over 20,000 yuan. It had always been hanging in the counter, so how could there be a mark on it? There must be a problem.

However, she did not pursue the matter further. Instead, she chose to apologize, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. She's new and is a little unfamiliar with the business. I'll definitely teach her again."

With so many customers at the moment, coupled with Zhao Huimin's special identity and the fact that she was a famous designer in the Palace Group, it was impossible for her to get to the bottom of this as the marketing manager.

"Teaching him again?" Zhao Hui Min's face immediately sunk, "Could it be that a new salesperson can make such a mistake? As a supervisor, you should have taught her what to do from the start. "

The supervisor lowered his head, not daring to reply for a moment.

Zhao Huimin took this opportunity to fan the flames, looked around at the customers, and said, "If you spent 26,000 yuan and bought a business suit on a special counter, intending to take it out and put it on when you were working, but found that this suit already had a hole in it, what are your thoughts?"

It really would have made anyone angry.

This move of Zhao Hui Min's immediately caused many of the customers present to have the same feeling, causing them to discuss animatedly, expressing their dissatisfaction with Yin Xianyue's dereliction of duty.

But just when everyone thought that it was all Yin Yanyue's fault, Zhao Huimin suddenly changed the topic, "I can also understand that Yanyue just came to the mall to work and isn't familiar with anything. "Then I'll have to ask if you, as the supervisor, have told her to check the packaging?"

The supervisor bit his lips and immediately felt guilty.

The place where they worked was the Palace Group, so any clothing they produced was of high quality. Furthermore, since they were transported over, they had always been placed on a special counter.

Therefore, she had neglected to check the packaging work, and naturally didn't mention it to Yin Yanyue.

"Seems like he hasn't." Looking at her guilty face, Zhao Huimin instantly confirmed that it was her responsibility, "It seems like the Gong Group Market Department will need a new supervisor."

Hearing this, the manager was so scared that he immediately bowed and apologized, "Designer Zhao, please forgive me this time. I just trust in the quality of the palace's clothing, so I've always neglected the inspection. In the future, I will definitely enhance my awareness and nurture a group of better salespeople."

"What second chance is there in this workplace?"

Zhao Huimin coldly swept his eyes over them, "If it were any other outfit, I wouldn't care so much, but I personally designed the clothing that went wrong this time, so I had no choice."

The way she said it, it actually made sense. After all, this matter was related to her reputation, so it was not too nosy.

In a short moment, the surrounding people all began to fall towards Zhao Huimin, and the gaze they used to look at Yin Yanyue and the supervisor became unfriendly as well.

Yin Yanyue was really shocked by this result. Looking at the current situation, it seemed like Zhao Huimin was protecting her, pushing all the responsibility onto the supervisor, and protecting her.

But after careful analysis, Zhao Hui Min only did so to make an example out of him.

Firstly, even if she was punished because of this matter, with Zhao Huimin's ability, it was impossible for her to be kicked out of the palace group. After all, she was still the fianc?e of the young noble.

Secondly, now that Zhao Minghui had taken the marketing executive away, and a new one had arrived, her days would not be good.

The marketing executive still had a pleading look on his face, "designer Zhao, this time I really know my wrongs!"

Zhao Hui Min's eyes narrowed and her lips moved, but before she could make a sound, Yin Yanyue's voice interrupted her.

"Miss Zhao, please stop acting on your own."

Zhao Hui Min was stunned, she turned her head and looked at her with an expression of disbelief, "Why did I act on my own?" You were in the wrong, but I saw that you were a newbie and wanted to protect you out of good intentions, yet you had such an attitude? "

The way she said it was as if she was moved by his sentiments and instantly portrayed herself as a superior who understood his subordinates.

The audience immediately recognized Zhao Huimin's character, and instead felt that Yin Xianyue was an unreasonable salesperson.

Causing trouble for no reason?

She was making trouble for nothing today!

"Security!" Yin Chengyue took a step forward and shouted towards the direction of the market's gate, "Could the security please come in for a moment!"

The next person to appear was the new security guard for today, Allocer.

As soon as he heard Yin Chengyue's voice, he hurriedly rushed in. What he saw was the scene of a group of people surrounding Yin Chengyue.

He quickly walked to Yin Chengyue's side and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

Yin Yanyue didn't look at him and just said politely, "Please bring out the surveillance footage from 15 minutes ago. I want to verify how this suit is broken."

Just now, when Zhao Huimin was taking out the package, he hadn't checked this matter as a topic, but he had made people overlook one thing, and that was this suit that was worth 26,000 yuan, how did it mysteriously break?

An Luochen paused for a moment, but did not ask any further questions. He turned around and headed to the control room to tune up the video.

This caused Zhao Huimin to panic a little, but she still pretended to be calm. "No matter who broke this suit, not confirming it when it was being packed is a dereliction of duty on your part of the job."

"Yes, I admit this is my fault."

Yin Yanyue nodded nonchalantly with a dull expression, "But you also said just now that I'm using my identity as the Head of the Palace to do whatever I want in this market."

"So." She looked at Zhao Huimin with a faint smile, "Right now, I just don't have any reason to want to watch the surveillance video. I just want to push the blame onto the person that ruined this suit, what do you want to do with me?"

Since he wanted to marry her and even threw her into the palace to be a salesperson, then she would feel sorry for herself if she didn't make use of her identity as a palace lord to cause trouble.

Zhao Huimin's face immediately froze. She didn't expect Yin Yanyue to be so broken.

If she called out the surveillance footage at this time, she would definitely find out that it was her who cut her suit, and then accused Yin Xianyue of being a bad person. Although this matter couldn't directly cause her to lose her position as a designer, once this matter spread throughout the company, it would be very difficult for her to raise her head up and be a proper person.

So now she had to think of a way to prevent the appearance of the surveillance video!

"From what you said, the person who cut this suit does indeed have to pay a portion of the responsibility. Who knows which customer ?"

"However, even if this customer did something wrong, the guest will always be the guest. Our palace group shouldn't divulge any information about the guest. "So the surveillance videos can't be made public. They have to be resolved internally."

"And the two of you will have to pay the appropriate amount of responsibility."

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