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Yin Yanyue sneered and said disapprovingly, "If someone wants to frame me, I don't think it's necessary to protect her privacy."

The meaning behind her words were obvious to Zhao Huimin as to be implying that she was the one who framed her.

Zhao Huimin's expression couldn't help but stiffen. At this moment, An Luochen appeared in their line of sight, holding a tablet computer.

Once the surveillance video was released, her reputation in the company would be ruined.

She really didn't think that under such circumstances, Yin Xianyue would actually boldly ask to view the surveillance video.

Even the supervisor beside her did not dare to utter a sound. She was just a mere sales representative, yet she was asking for justice in such a crude manner.

An Luochen walked up to them, handed over the laptop to Yin Yanyue, and said in a low voice, "I magnified the scene where she did it."

Yin Chengyue looked at him with praise, after being a secret service agent for so many years, it could be said that he did not become one for nothing.

"What happened?"

A deep voice came from the periphery of the crowd.

Everyone turned their heads. Not far away was a young nobleman wearing a grey suit. His face was cold and indifferent, as if he was carved with a knife.

Zhao Hui Min immediately acted like she saw her savior, hurriedly walking in front of him and explaining, "I plan to buy this suit, but this suit is already broken. When it's being packed as a salesperson, there isn't even a basic check.

Young Master Gong expressionlessly glanced at Yin Yanyue, then shifted his gaze back to Zhao Huimin, "So we have to gather all the customers here?"

Zhao Huimin froze for a moment, then immediately reacted, saying repeatedly, "It's true that it shouldn't affect the shopping of other customers. Everyone, let's disperse. Buy whatever you see. "

This actually had great benefits for her because Yin Yeyue had already received the surveillance video. If it was released and someone saw it, it would be hard for her to turn things around.

But now that he had dispersed the crowd, even if he showed the video, it would only be seen by the few of them.

The crowd gradually dispersed, leaving only Yin Yanyue, Zhao Huimin, Young Viscount Gong, An Luocheng, and the Market Supervisor behind.

The first person to speak again to break the silence was Alloch.

He turned his head to look at the young noble, his expression serious, "I've seen the surveillance. This suit was cut by her. There's evidence to prove it now."

The viscount glanced at him, but did not give him any reaction.

When he first saw An Luochen in a security uniform, he was slightly surprised.

But now that he thought about it, Yin Xianyue was working for the Royal Group, and it was expected that An Luochen would follow him to be a security guard.

When Yin Yanyue saw that the young noble didn't say anything for a long time, her expression immediately darkened, "Head of the Palace, if you don't want to find out about this matter, then I can only investigate it myself."

As she spoke, she was about to turn on the tablet in her hands and watch the surveillance video.

Although she knew from a long time ago that the suit was done by Zhao Hui Min, this matter required physical evidence in order for her to have the power to believe.

At this moment, Zhao Hui Min immediately felt guilty, and continuously retreated a few steps, lowering her head and not daring to make a sound.

At this point, she had no way to argue.

But just when she thought that she really wouldn't be able to get away with it, the viscount suddenly opened his mouth, "There's no need to look."

He was still expressionless as he snatched the surveillance video from Yin Yanyue.

"What do you mean?"

Yin Chengyue looked up at him, his voice was cold, "Now you want to cover for her?"

She did not believe that with Young Noble Gong's brain, he would not know that Zhao Huimin was behind this, but he clearly knew in his heart that he still had to protect Zhao Huimin.

This was simply too much!

The young noble handed the laptop in his hand to Hu Wen behind him, without giving Yin Yanyue another glance, he calmly said, "I will take care of this matter."

He can deal with it?

How was he going to deal with it? Calm down? Or was it just a trivial matter?

Zhao Huimin was also surprised by the palace lord's biased attitude towards her. She really didn't expect him to not even pursue the matter any further.

"You're the one who left her in this mall as a salesperson, but now that she's been wronged, you don't care about it, and you still want to protect others?"

An Luochen was so angry that her face began to turn pale. Her fists were clenched so tightly that crackling sounds could be heard. If it wasn't for that slight bit of rationality, he probably would have charged over to give him a punch.

Hearing his words, the viscount's face darkened, but he did not reply.

In such a stalemate, a gentle voice suddenly sounded, "Dye the moon? What happened? "

He raised his eyes and saw that it was Gong Yufeng.

He was still calm and composed, slowly walking to Yin Chengyue's side, smiling as he looked at the young noble, "Why is the atmosphere so stiff again?"

In his mind, the young noble Palace was always like this. He was cold in nature and did not give any face by speaking the truth. In most situations, the atmosphere would be stiff to the extreme.

The young noble palace ignored him, sweeping a glance at Zhao Hui Min beside him, then turned and left, "Follow me."

Zhao Hui Min was stunned. She paused for a moment as she looked at his back with lingering fear. In the end, she still followed closely behind him and disappeared from Yin Yanyue's line of sight.

"What happened?"

Gong Yufeng slightly frowned and asked this question once more.

Yin Yanyue looked away in disappointment and took a deep breath, "That woman framed me and was saved by Uncle Gu."

If the young noble didn't appear today, she would make Zhao Huimin lose all face in front of so many people in the mall.

"Let's resign." An Luochen felt that Yin Chengyue wasn't worthy of her, her face was filled with displeasure. "If he forces you to come to work again, even if I have to go to jail, I'll break his leg."

Yin Yanyue turned to look at him with a calm expression, "Go back to work. If you can resign, then resign."

She didn't want to involve Allocer in the grudge between her and the viscount. He was clearly an outsider.

An Luochen opened and closed her mouth, but nothing came out of her mouth as she returned to her job.

He knew that he definitely couldn't persuade Yin Yanyue to be like this, it was useless to say anything more.

The manager of the shopping mall let out a sigh of relief and quickly decided to leave, "You guys busy yourselves, I'm leaving too."

As she spoke, she anxiously passed by Gong Yufeng and accidentally knocked the folder in his hand to the ground.

She immediately squatted down to pick it up, apologizing repeatedly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry ?"

Gong Yufeng was not angry at all. He bent over to pick up the documents while softly saying, "It's alright, you can go back to your work."

The supervisor nodded gratefully, handed over the documents, got up and left.

"Why are you here?" Yin Hongyue bent down and helped him pick up some documents.

Gong Yufeng smiled, "Actually, I came to look for you."

Yin Yanyue frowned slightly. Why was Uncle Bai looking for her?

"What is it?" She subconsciously looked down at the document in her hand and saw the numbers written in red letters.

This is... A financial statement.

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