"Hiss ?"

Just as Yin Xiaoyue regained her senses, she felt a sudden pain on her neck, jolting her back to reality, "Kiss it! Kiss it!" "Why are you biting me!"

She turned her head to the side and tore out her own flesh from the two rows of teeth.

"Don't move!"

The viscount held her shoulders tightly, his voice filled with patience.

He was like a wild beast on the verge of going berserk. Even if he only lightly touched his bottom line, he would lose all sense of reason.

Yin Yanyue had obviously noticed his discomfort and immediately stopped struggling. Perhaps it was more advantageous for her to be quiet.

While she was comforting herself, a hand of the viscount had already grabbed her skirt, forcefully pulling her leather skirt from her waist to her legs.

And then, with a "clank" sound, the dagger tied to her leg smashed into the ground.

Yin Yanyue secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and quickly stepped on the dagger, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Although the palace guard heard the sound of metal hitting the ground, his energy did not allow him to lower his head to look at what was on the ground, he just wanted to end it quickly.

He pressed his hand on Yin Yanyue's waist and spoke in a low and urgent voice, "Bend over!"

Bent over?

Dream on!

Not only did Yin Yeyue not bend over, she stood as stiff as steel and did not cooperate with him.

Without a single word, he began to use his brute force. One of his hands grabbed both of her hands, while the other pressed down on her shoulders. He was determined to have her in a cooperative position.

Yin Yanyue clenched her teeth tightly. She would rather die than submit. If she really bent down, then she was really finished.


A faint signal came from the right earpiece, and then it was answered, "A? "What is it?"

As she struggled, she pressed the earphone switch in her ear.

An Luochen's voice in her earphones made Yin Yanyue instantly flustered. With such inattentiveness, the viscount behind her quickly pressed down on her shoulders, bending her waist and forcing her to open her legs.


The next second, the feeling of being ripped apart under her body caused her to feel pain. She couldn't help but pull back her hand to cover her mouth, preventing herself from making any more sounds.

"A!" What happened!? " On the other side, it was clear that Allocer felt her strangeness and immediately tensed up. "Where are you?" Report the location! "

"Mm ?" "Mhmm ?"

An Luochen didn't receive any response. All he could hear was the sound of someone groaning nonstop, and the sound of a man gasping for breath.

This kind of situation made him flustered. The mission was not over yet, but something had happened to Yin Yanyue.

"..." Stop... "Stop!"

Yin Chengyue tried to pull away from the young noble behind him, wanting to roll over and knock him out with a palm.

But no matter which one, she couldn't do it.

This situation continued for an unknown period of time. She didn't even have the strength to press the switch on her earphones. Just like that, she kept on talking to Allocer.

And so, An Luochen listened to the entire process. He even gave up on the current task, and started to pinpoint Yin Xianyue's position.

Yin Yanyue was panicking. She wanted to ask An Luochen to come and save her, but she was also afraid that An Luochen would see her like this.

It was only when a low groan came from behind that the viscount finally stopped his movements.


Yin Xianyue's eyes turned red. He used his elbow to push away the viscount behind him, then his legs went weak and he fell onto the ground.

It was hard to touch the rough ground, but she didn't have the strength to stand up. The two lines of blood between her legs were still wet.

The young noble took a deep breath, taking off his suit to cover her body, a trace of guilt flashed in his eyes, "I will compensate you."

Yin Yanyue's eyes turned red, she raised her eyes to look at his face, looking like she wanted to kill him.

An Luo Chen's anxious voice once again came through his earphones, "Dye the moon?!" Keep holding it, I'll go find you right now! "

It seemed like An Luochen had already found her position.

Yin Yanyue immediately made up his mind and turned off his headphones. Resisting the discomfort with his body, he propped himself up from the ground and coldly looked at the young nobleman, "Scram! Get lost now! "Don't let laozi meet you again."

Seeing her miserable appearance, the young noble's sense of guilt grew even stronger, extending his hand to support her tottering body.

"Pa ~ ~"

Yin Yanyue opened his outstretched hand and quickly tidied up his clothes.

But the blood between her legs had trickled down her legs to her heels. It looked like she was giving birth to a baby.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz ~"

Just as she pulled up her skirt and was about to button it, the cell phone on the floor vibrated.

Yin Yanyue picked up her phone and looked at the words' An Luocheng 'on the screen. She then looked up at the young nobleman, "You're still not getting out of here?"

"This is thirty million yuan." He took out a black card and passed it to her, "I'll give you 100 million, the remaining 70 million will be sent over tomorrow."

Yin Yanyue ignored him and continued to pick up the phone, "You don't need to come over, it's already been solved."

An Luochen was still worried. "What happened?"

In that long time, he had heard the entire process. Although he did not actually see what was going on, he could guess what was going on.

"I was bitten by a dog!"

Yin Yanyue didn't want to explain anything, so she hung up the phone without even glancing at the young nobleman and prepared to leave.

She knew that it wouldn't be long before Allocer would appear here. If she saw her in such a sorry state, would she still have the face to stay in the team in the future?

"Take the money." The young noble was still unwilling to give up, once again grabbing her, stuffing the card in his hand into her skirt pocket.

"Take your stinky money ?" Yin Yanyue was about to take out the card from her pocket and throw it at his face, when she heard a burst of hurried footsteps.

Damn it, Allocer is here!

"Scram!" Yin Yanyue gave up on him, turned around and left after pushing him away, "Warning, don't follow laozi anymore!"

He had only taken a few steps when he met Allocer at the corner of a street.

An Luochen was still wearing the uniform of a waiter. He was panting heavily and sweating profusely. It seemed like he had rushed all the way here.

He saw Yin Yanyue running towards her in excitement, "Dye ?"

"Shut up!" Yin Yanyue quickly interrupted him and lowered her voice, "Don't reveal my identity."

Right now, young noble Gong had yet to go far, if he were to hear the three words "Yin Chengyue", she would be finished.

If it weren't for the fact that she had changed her appearance and painted a huge amount of makeup that even her mother couldn't recognize, she would have been dead in the hands of the young noble.

"How are you?"

An Luochen quickly checked her body condition, but it was much worse than he had expected.

Her originally neat black hair was now scattered all over in a mess. Her lips were slightly swollen, and her lipstick was everywhere. There was a big bite mark on her neck, and the blood between her legs was extremely glaring.

"As you see." Yin Yanyue gritted her teeth in anger, and couldn't help but clench her fists. "I don't know what kind of luck I had, first meeting the police, and then falling into the hands of someone who doesn't know the way."

She did indeed know who that young noble was, but she really didn't know what kind of person he was to have such good skills.

An Luochen's eyes turned red instantly, and her anger intensified.

He gently put his arm around Yin Yanyue's shoulder, and said with a hint of tears in his voice, "I'm sorry, I came late."

If he had been faster, he might not have had to suffer such humiliation, and it might have reduced the pain in her body.

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