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"Cough, cough, cough …"

Yin Ranyue half-straightened herself and coughed as she spat out a mouthful of dirt. Her voice was hoarse as she shouted, "You came too late. I almost died!"

Gong Shaojue pursed his lips. He felt so guilty that he couldn't say anything, so he just hugged her tightly.

Half an hour later —

Gong Shaojue took Yin Ranyue back to the secret station in his car. The moment he entered the door, the people inside were completely shocked. Looking at Yin Ranyue's ghastly appearance, it was hard to tell that she had fallen into a pit of mud.

Yue Yue walked up to her worriedly and extended her hand to support her. "A, how did you get out?" We're talking about how to get you out. "

Her wrists and palms were covered in blood, and her skin and flesh were torn, sticking to the soil, making her look somewhat sinister.

Gong Shaojue, who was by her side, wasn't much better either. His dark blue suit was covered in black soil, and the fingernail on his hand was broken due to digging, while blood was continuously oozing out. However, he didn't seem to feel anything at all.

Gong Shaojue carried her to her room and said to Yue, "Let her take a bath first."

Yue nodded and didn't say much.

Yin Ranyue's mouth was full of dirt, she first drank a cup of water to rinse her mouth, then took two sets of clothes to enter the bathroom, then suddenly stopped at the door and said to Gong Shaojue, "Li Yi is still in that group's hands, if you want to find Captain Hen, explain the situation to him, we can redeploy them and go again."

Gong Shaojue frowned slightly as he disagreed with what she said.

Li Yi being kidnapped by an enemy of the Li family had nothing to do with them. This was something they didn't need to care about. Yin Ranyue's mission was just to bring Li Yi back to this world. The Lee family did not protect Li Yi well, so there was not much of a relationship between them.

But then he thought, with Yin Ranyue's personality, she definitely wouldn't give up on Li Yi so easily, so he could only shut his mouth and nod.

After receiving his reply, Yin Ranyue turned around and went into the bathroom.

Later on, Gong Shaojue followed her request and went to find Captain Hen, explaining the general situation of the situation to him. However, at the moment, there was nothing that Captain Hen could do, because there were only a few of them in the secret base.

"Snap, snap, snap!"

Just as Captain Hen was deep in thought, there was a knock on the door. Yin Ranyue pushed the door open and entered, carrying a set of men's clothing. "Uncle Gu, you go take a quick shower first. I'll have a chat with Captain Hen.

The man's clothes that she was holding were left behind by Fang Mo. Gong Shaojue and Fang Mo were similar in size, so they should fit perfectly.

Gong Shaojue paused for a moment and didn't say anything else. He took the clothes from her and left the room.

"What are your plans?"

Captain Hen gazed at Yin Ranyue's body, and then changed the topic, "Do we have to save Li Yi?"

Yin Ranyue had expected him to ask this question, so she skipped the question and got straight to the point. "I know that we don't have enough people in the base right now, so I decided to contact some of my friends to help. Just tell me, how many people can you give me?"

Captain Hen's face slightly stiffened. He glanced at the mission sheet on the table, then looked at Yin Ranyue, and said, "Yue and Qi, these two. Aside from these two, everyone else has missions. Tonight, there are still Jiu'er who will be returning after the mission ends. I just don't know when she will return. "

Jiu'er was acting alone in the team. She was in her thirties this year, and her methods were not bad, but her timing when coming back from a mission was unstable. Sometimes, she would turn around and enter the bar after finishing her mission.

It all depended on luck.

Yin Ranyue sighed and turned to leave. "Then let's leave for now. Notify Yue and Qi. They want to go with me again. As for Qi Qi's temper, I need you and Yue to mediate it for me."

As she spoke, she opened the door and walked out without waiting for a response from Captain Hen.

After that, she called Bai Jinfeng and explained the situation to him. She told him that Li Yi was tied up and asked him to come over to help her, but Bai Jinfeng didn't refuse.

As people who weren't from the base couldn't casually enter or leave the secret base, she gave Bai Jinfeng a position on an empty space near the base.

"How is it?"

The moment she hung up, she heard Gong Shaojue's voice from behind her.

He had already washed up and changed into casual clothes. His expression was calm and he did not seem too worried. After all, the one kidnapped wasn't Yin Ranyue, but Li Yi.

"I notified Bai Jinfeng."

Yin Ranyue sighed, looking a little tired. "I think he will be here very soon. Adding Yue and the seven of us, there's a total of five of us."

"You still want to go?"

Gong Shaojue frowned slightly and pulled her to sit on the side. He put the medical kit on the side and opened it, "You have a lot of wounds on your body, but you won't be in a good condition if you go. You just wait here, the four of us will be fine."

He took out the disinfectant and first sterilized the wound on her hand, then bandaged it with gauze.

"No, I've been there once, so I know more about the terrain there."

Yin Ranyue stretched her muscles a bit. "My injuries aren't serious. They're all superficial and without any fractures or internal bleeding. They're not a big problem."

Gong Shaojue pursed his lips but didn't continue persuading him. He focused on helping him deal with the injuries on his body.


Yue suddenly appeared, her face filled with pleasant surprise. "Yin has come. He said he wants to see you."

Luo Chen?

Yin Ranyue was also startled. She did not expect An Luochen to suddenly come to the base, as he had not come to the base since returning to the An clan. Captain Hen must be very surprised to see him.

Not long after she finished speaking, An Luochen appeared in the corridor, wearing a set of black exercise clothes.

Everyone knew what An Luochen was thinking about Yin Ranyue. Even though he was already married, he came to the base to find Yin Ranyue. He already came up just from hearing about this, and he saw An Luochen walk up to Yin Ranyue with his own eyes.

However, An Luochen ignored everyone and went straight to Yin Ranyue. He spoke very quickly, "A, I want to talk to you about Li Yi and Bai Jinfeng …"

"You came at the perfect time!"

Yin Ranyue suddenly stood up and interrupted him, "Something happened to Li Yi, he was kidnapped by the Li Family's enemy. We don't have enough manpower now, so you should come with us."

An Luochen was stunned by her words. All the words she wanted to say were stuck in his throat.

Yin Ranyue felt that he might need some time to react, so she shifted her gaze back to Yue, "Yue, right now we have six people, so we should be able to deal with them."

Yue nodded her head and looked at the time on her watch. "I've already told Qi Qi that she is ready."

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