As soon as she turned around, she rushed over and tugged at her skirt, "You can't leave! If you leave, Uncle Gu will definitely blame it on me! I'll give up on that thirty million, and I'll definitely think of a way to return the ten million. You should just get engaged to Uncle Gu! "

Now that the engagement banquet had already begun, all the famous people had already entered. If the bride suddenly disappeared, at that time, Uncle Gu would definitely be embarrassed.

At that time, the one who would be in trouble would still be her!

"Hurry up and let me go!"

Yin Yanyue withdrew her leg, took a big step forward, forcefully pulled out her skirt, and looked down at her condescendingly, "I don't care what happens in the end with this engagement banquet, if you lose face, I will let this young noble suffer! For me to be engaged to him, dream on! "

"Sis!" You can't go! What should I do if you leave, Sis! "

Yin Yanyue abandoned the shout behind her, opened the dressing room's door, and started to rush towards the banquet's main entrance. "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu"

However, before she could even run a few steps, four to five men in black suits who looked like security guards were already chasing her.

She ran around the side of the restaurant and rushed to the front of the hotel. Just as she was about to open the door, two security guards appeared in front of her and blocked her way.

At the same time, a low voice rose from the high platform.

"Since tonight's banquet is clearly an engagement banquet, I will not say any more. The engagement will begin now. "

Yin Yanyue turned around stiffly, just in time to see the expressionless face of the viscount standing on the stage.

Everyone present quietened down, turning their heads to look in the direction of Yin Yanyue. It was as if they were waiting to be the female lead of today's engagement banquet to ascend the stage.

With the current situation, it was impossible for her to escape. Just as she took a deep breath and started to walk in the direction of the platform, a video suddenly appeared on the big screen behind the young noble.

The video showed a man and a woman conversing, and that woman was actually her!

To be more accurate, the woman was the one who had taken on a job at the bar a few days ago.

The whole video was filled with only the blurry "How much for one night?" by the viscount.

Although there weren't any exposed images, just this short video was enough to make one's mind rethink the entire situation.

The people at the scene suddenly started discussing, even the way they looked at Yin Yanyue turned into sympathy. They thought it was the young lord of the palace looking for the young miss in the bar before the engagement banquet.

The expression on the face of the young noble immediately became cold, unhurriedly taking step by step down the platform, walking towards Yin Yanyue.

Yin Chengyue frowned, he couldn't help but take a step back. He turned around and noticed a middle-aged woman in a black dress standing in front of the stage.

This woman was the mother of the viscount, Fang Man.

Her expression was indifferent, as if she was watching a good show.

This play must have been orchestrated by her personally, she clearly didn't want the palace lord and the palace to have a marriage alliance.

"Dye the moon."

An unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded from his side. It was a gentle male voice.

Angele turned around. He was wearing a white suit and had brown hair. The lines of his face were soft, but there was a smile on his face.

"Uncle Bai!"

Yin Yanyue's face was filled with disbelief, she actually saw him here, "You've returned home?"

He was the brother of the viscount, her Uncle White, Gong Yufeng.

"As an elder brother, of course I have to return to attend my brother's wedding, but now ?"

He suddenly stopped and patted Yin Yanyue's shoulder with a face full of comfort. But before he retracted his hand, Yin Yanyue was pulled over by a pair of big hands.

The person who had just arrived was the young lord of the palace.

He didn't even bother to give a glance to Gong Yufeng and only announced to the guests behind him in a loud voice, "Today's engagement ceremony is canceled."

After that, he pulled Yin Yanyue along with him and pushed open the hotel door. Ignoring Yin Yanyue's resistance, they walked to the parking lot.

Yin Yanyue was really impatient. She flung him off with one hand. "Uncle Gu!"


The viscount opened the car door for her, but his face was still expressionless, "Get in."

Yin Yanyue took a cautious step back, "Go where?"

"Going home."

"I don't have a home."

Since her father's death, she had become a veritable orphan.

"I'll give it to you."

The tone of the young lord was still indifferent, but it didn't seem like he was joking.

Yin Yanyue frowned and looked at him, "What can you give me?"


The viscount supported her by her waist without leaving a trace, forcefully pushing her into the car.

Then, the car door slammed shut. The secretary, Hu Wen, sat in the driver's seat and started the car without a word.

"Uncle Gu should first settle the woman in the photo, then talk about marriage with me."

Yin Yanyue turned her head to look at his eyes, looking like she was talking about the matter, "Besides, you just want to get married to the Gong Family, it might not be me. My surname is Yin and I don't have the surname 'Gong'. In a short while, I will break away from the Gong family. You'd better be wise and choose to get married. "

Yin was her mother's surname, she had changed it long ago, and she had never considered herself as a member of the Gong family.

"I'll take care of the woman in the picture."

The expression in the young lord's eyes changed, he paused for a few seconds before continuing, "I can guarantee that this will not happen a second time."

The person who had drugged him in the bar must have been Fang Man. At that time, he only had two choices: he had to find a woman to solve his problem, and he had to go to the hospital immediately.

If he had chosen the second option, the photos that would appear at the engagement party would not have been as simple as raping. Once the photos of him appearing in the hospital were leaked, there would be someone to investigate his physical condition. At that time, his position in the group would be shaken, and Yin Yinyue would also be threatened.

He had been in the palace for so many years, but he just wanted to have enough power and influence to protect Yin Xiaoyue.

"You don't have to promise me that."

Yin Yanyue glanced at him with a face full of indifference, "Anyway, I don't intend to marry you."

As soon as she said that, she caught sight of a familiar locomotive in the rearview mirror.

It was An Chenhao.

He had a bit of conscience about coming to find her.

"You must marry me." The voice of the young noble brought her back to her senses, with a tone full of seriousness that could not be refused, "Right now, you and I are the only ones in the palace who have a different surname, and the only ones who want to get rid of us are the entire palace."

There was no doubt that the words of the young noble were correct.

Even the people in the outside world called him Young Master Gong, Head of the Palace, and Mister Gong. But in fact, in the ID card, the Palace Lord's surname was Gu, and it was not in the Gong family's account book, he was just raised in the Gong family.

But the difference between them was that the viscount had already stopped at the palace, and she was about to be chased out of the palace.

Yin Yanyue didn't answer him anymore and just stayed silent all the way until the car slowly stopped in front of a villa.

Hu Wen got off the car and first opened the door for the viscount. But before he could open the door for Yin Yanyue, she had already opened the car door and quickly got off.

Following which, a locomotive rushed out like a gust of wind and stopped beside her with a "Chi" sound.

Yin Yanyue jumped into the car without hesitation and shouted, "Drive!"

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