An Chenhao immediately started the engine and rushed towards the direction of the villa's iron gate at the fastest speed possible.

This series of actions happened in less than five seconds. However, the young lord did not panic, he did not even take half a step, his voice was calm as he said towards the direction of the door, "Close the door."

Following which, a man who seemed to be on security duty suddenly appeared at the entrance and neatly shut the two iron doors.

An Chenhao was forced to stop, and his face turned ugly.

Yin Chengyue wasn't too surprised to see this. It was impossible that he hadn't been discovered by the viscount when he had been following behind the carriage.

"Come down."

While Yin Chengyue was still in a daze, a hand had already grabbed her wrist and forcefully pulled her down from the car.

He raised his eyes to look, and was met with the slightly angry eyes of Gong Shaoge.

He was truly out of luck this time. It would have been good if he had escaped, but he hadn't managed to escape and had been caught red-handed.

"Although you are the uncle of Yaoyue, can't you tell that Xiyue doesn't want to be with you at all?" An Chenhao stopped the car and got off, looking like he was about to argue with the young noble, "If you continue to restrict the moon's movements like this, I'll warn you to imprison him!"

Last night, after he was taken away from the bar by the viscount, he had been worried. Luckily, his phone had a GPS system installed, allowing him to find a hospital. However, he also found that he had been taken out of the hospital.

The young lord of the palace didn't react at all to his chain of words, he only turned his head to look at him, "She is my fianc?e."

"Not... "Fiancee?!"

An Chenhao's face was full of shock. He turned his head to look at Yin Xiaoyue, then turned his head to look at the young noble, unable to accept this.

Didn't they say that he was Ran Yue's uncle?

How did he suddenly become the fiance of Yaoyue?

Yin Yanyue helplessly took a deep breath, then softly pushed him and said, "You go first, I'll explain this to you later."

An Chenhao took a step back, but did not show any signs of leaving.

"See the guests out." The young noble did not pay any more attention to him, and turned around to walk in, dragging Yin Yanyue by his side.

At this moment, Hu Wen, who was behind him, took a few steps forward and made a gesture to invite An Hao Chen. He said with a tone that was neither cold nor indifferent, "Mister, you are welcome to leave."

An Haochen was still unable to accept it. He could only watch Yin Yanyue being dragged into the room by the young lord of the palace, and then disappearing from his sight.

This was the second time he was powerless to resist as he watched the dyed moon being carried away by the young lord of the palace.

As soon as Yin Yanyue entered the room, she took back her hand. With a serious tone, she said, "Uncle Gu, about our marriage, I think it's better for you to think about it carefully."

A strange look flashed in the young noble's eyes, the sofa sitting in the hall suddenly asked, "Why aren't you willing to marry me?"

The current him was no longer the him of fifteen years ago. Now that he had secured his footing in the palace, he could definitely give Yin Yanyue a better life.

Yin Yanyue was silent for a moment, then asked, "Then why do you want to marry me?"

The young noble looked away from her, not replying for a moment.

"If Uncle Gu wanted to marry me because of the fire fifteen years ago."

As Yin Chengyue spoke, the corner of his mouth widened into a mocking smile, "Then Uncle Gu should just give up on this idea. I'm now very much regretting saving you back then."

"What did you say?"

The young noble took a deep breath, his expression immediately changing, and it was not hard to see the anger on his face.

Yin Yanyue frowned slightly and couldn't help but take a step back. He didn't even manage to figure out why he was suddenly angry.

"What do you regret?" With a cold look in his eyes, the young noble stood up from the sofa, stepping step by step towards her.

Yin Yanyue was a little frightened by his power. She took a few steps back and was about to run away when he grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the sofa.

"What are you doing?"

Yin Yanyue was pushed to the sofa by him and was a little flustered for a moment. She secretly reached out her hand to the vase on the side and thought that if the viscount dared to punch her, she would smack the vase on his head without a trace of politeness.

Recalling what the viscount had done to her that night, she was so angry that her scalp went numb.

However, he did not raise his fist as she had imagined. Instead, he suddenly pressed his body down and stuck his cold lips to the corner of her mouth.

Time seemed to come to a standstill. Yin Yanyue was holding a vase with her left hand. She was frozen on the sofa like a zombie. Her eyes were wide open and unable to move.

Until the moment when the young noble half stood up and brushed the hair on her forehead with a smile that was not a smile, she had yet to react.

"Marry me, regardless if you really regret it or not. Fake ?"


A clashing sound was instantly heard, interrupting the Duke's gentle words.

"Hiss ?"

He quickly took a step back, covering his forehead, gritting his teeth in pain, "Yin Xiaoyue!"

Yin Chengyue bit his lower lip and stood up fiercely, aggressively waving the vase in his hand, shouting loudly: "Uncle Gu! I respect you as my senior, so I usually treat you with utmost respect. But now, when you kiss me on the lips of some unknown woman, you simply do not respect me! "

Although she was hooting, her cheeks were burning red. It was unknown if it was anger or shyness, or both.

Who knew what kind of woman he had kissed on the mouth?

The young noble was speechless for a moment, he knew in his heart that Yin Yanyue was using the matter of him having a room with another woman to mock him.

"CEO ?"

At this time, Hu Wen's voice suddenly came from behind, "Master is here."

The expression on the face of the young lord immediately turned cold, he immediately straightened up and adjusted the suit on his body, returning to his cold and detached face as he turned to greet the lord that Hu Wen spoke of.

After he released his hand from his forehead, Yin Yanyue discovered that his forehead was very red and swollen. Tomorrow, it would probably swell quite badly. She instantly regretted how heavy her attack was.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from the living room.

Immediately, an elderly man in a suit appeared in their line of sight.

This man was the father of the Crown Prince, Gong Ao.

Yin Yanyue's expression suddenly changed slightly. She immediately lowered her head and quietly stood to the side, trying her best to lower the feeling of her own existence.

The viscount bowed respectfully, "Father."

"Pa ~ ~"

Before he could finish his sentence, he was slapped hard by Gong Ao. "What's wrong with the woman in this video!"

Yin Yanyue instantly raised his head and looked at Gong Ao with an unbelievable look on his face as he struck Young Noble Gong with his hand.

Even though she hadn't seen him in fifteen years, he had been extremely rebellious fifteen years ago. It was impossible for him to respectfully greet his father, and it was also impossible for her to silently receive this slap.

It was really hard for her to imagine what had happened to him in the past fifteen years in order to slowly grind down the water caltrops on his body.

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