The young noble did not have any reaction to this slap, his tone was still normal, "I will settle this matter immediately."

Gong Ao's expression was still extremely unsatisfied, "I said before, you don't need to marry the people from the Gong family. Right now, the remaining people from the Gong family do not have anything good to offer! Immediately cancel the engagement! "

The remaining people of the Gong Family didn't have anything good?

The corner of Yin Yanyue's mouth twitched as his mocking expression disappeared.

Right now, only Gong Ao and her could be considered as having the bloodline of the Gong Family left.

The young nobleman lowered his gaze, concealing all the emotions in his eyes, not replying.

At this time, Gong Ao finally noticed Yin Yeyue, who was standing at the side. He looked at her for a long time and did not recognize her, "You are that woman in the video?"

Yin Yanyue waved her hand and explained, "Grandfather, I'm Yanyue."

"Dye the moon?" Gong Ao seemed to have suddenly recalled something, as his complexion also turned slightly better, "I've already grown so big, I can't recognize you anymore."

The corner of Yin Yeyue's mouth twitched awkwardly but politely. She didn't say anything more.

This was her grandfather. When she was young, her memories of Gong Ao were cold, strict, and violent. The entire Gong family was afraid of him.

However, there was only one person who was not afraid of him and could even resist him. That person was the young noble from fifteen years ago.

But now, he no longer had the same appearance as before.

"So you're the one the viscount wants to get engaged to?"

Yin Yanyue was still reminiscing about the past, when Gong Ao's question turned to her once again.

"Yes ?"

She was so scared that she didn't even dare to raise her head to look at him. All she could do was slightly nod her head.

However, if she cancelled the engagement, it would be considered to be to her liking.

Gong Ao glared, his eyes swept across the young noble Palace in front of him, his face filled with dissatisfaction, "Why are we getting married at such a young age?"

Yin Xianyue was twenty-three this year, and the palace lord was thirty-three. However, he was only ten years younger than her, so it wasn't really that much ?

The viscount remained silent.

Gong Ao frowned and waved his hand. Finally, he decisively said, "Cancel the engagement immediately. Resolve the matter regarding the video quickly!"

He turned to leave, as menacingly as he had come.

"I can't do it."

The voice of the young lord of the palace, which was neither too loud nor too loud, suddenly entered his ears, causing him to stop in his tracks.

Gong Ao turned around and looked him straight in the eye, his voice was terrifyingly low. "Say that again!"

The young noble looked straight at him, repeating each word, "I can't do it."

He could immediately resolve the matter of the photos, but he could not cancel the engagement.

He had been waiting for 15 years for the power and money in his hands to never come back. He just wanted to marry Yin Yanyue, that's all.

Gong Ao's expression turned completely black. Even his tightly clenched fists started to tremble.

The atmosphere in the surroundings was extremely low and oppressive to the extreme.

"Grandfather, calm down." Yin Yanyue stepped forward quickly and put on a stiff smile. "Uncle Gu just can't figure it out right now. Let him think carefully and calm down. A smart and rational person like him will soon figure it out."

She turned her head to look into the eyes of the young noble, hinting, "Uncle Gu, what do you think?"

The young noble also lowered his head to look into her eyes, telling her one word at a time, "No."

Yin Yanyue's smile froze, and he was unable to finish what he was doing.

She finally mustered the courage to try and persuade him, but this young noble didn't give her any face at all.

The young noble retracted his gaze, and looked at Gong Ao once again, with a serious expression, "I can give in to anything, it is impossible for me to cancel the engagement."

Yin Yanyue gave up on persuading him. She looked at him helplessly and stepped back again with a sigh. She treated him as a bystander.

After pondering for a long time, he suddenly changed his mind for some reason, and said, "Since Raging Moon is the young lord's fiancee, then we will stay here for the time being, until the matter regarding this photo is over, then we will have the engagement banquet."


Yin Yanyue was completely stupefied, unable to grasp the direction of the situation.

Just a second ago, he had aggressively ordered the young noble to cancel the engagement, and in that second, he had made her stay here as his fiancee. Wasn't this grandpa's brain a little crazy?

"I'll do it." Gong Ao decisively glanced at her, then looked at Young Noble Gong, and finally instructed, "Point on your forehead a little."

With that, he turned around and left without looking back.

At this time, the young noble suddenly realized the pain from the wound on his forehead. He frowned and touched his forehead, using his peripheral vision to look at Yin Yanyue, "It seems like you've recovered, the strength of your hands is really great."

She really scared him last night when she fainted at the bar. Luckily, she only had a common cold after being sent to the hospital.

Yin Chengyue tilted his head and saw that his forehead was swollen. He immediately felt somewhat guilty, but he opened his mouth but was unable to say a word of apology.

Seeing the wound on his head, Hu Wen started to nervously ask, "CEO, do you want to go to the hospital?"

After saying that, he turned around to leave for his car, but was stopped by the viscount.

"No need, you can get off work now."

Hu Wen still had a worried expression on his face, but in the end, he didn't have any objections and left the villa.

Yin Yanyue pursed her lips as the guilt in her heart deepened. Just as she was hesitating and wanted to apply some medicine for him, she was interrupted by a sentence from him.

"Your room is on the left side of the second floor. If you lack anything, just tell me."

The young noble looked in the direction of the second floor, then turned to an aunt standing by the kitchen and ordered, "Ask her what she wants to eat, and prepare some food for her."

The aunt looked to be around forty years old and had a very amiable face. She nodded repeatedly in agreement.

After giving out the orders, the viscount walked towards the second floor. That night, he did not go downstairs again and did not pay any attention to Yin Chengyue.

She was still worried about the wound on his forehead, but once her grandfather left, the young lord's expression changed. She didn't know who it was that insisted on marrying her.

This alternating between cold and hot attitude really hadn't changed in the past fifteen years.

After a simple dinner on the first floor, Yin Yanyue went up to the second floor and pushed open the door to the room on the left that the viscount had mentioned.

The room was spacious, all in simple, clean tones. It looked very comfortable. There were all sorts of daily necessities and various kinds of clothing. It was obvious that he had really put his heart into arranging this room.

Before going to bed, she had been thinking about how to cancel the engagement, but now that Young Master Gong had the support of her grandfather, it would be even more difficult for her to cancel the engagement.

The result was that the next morning, something unexpected happened.

"The buckle."

Early in the morning, there was a knock on the door. Yin Yanyue got up from the bed with her eyes half open and asked, "What is it?"

He turned around and looked at the clock. It was only seven in the morning.

Auntie's voice came from outside the door, "Miss, Mister Gong wants you to come downstairs for breakfast."

Yin Yanyue sighed deeply and helplessly got off the bed, "I will go now."

Now that she was living under someone else's roof, she still had to stay with other people according to their schedule. It truly was not free.

He had to think of a way to get out of this damn place as soon as possible.

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