"Is there a problem?" After Jiang YunChen's glass was empty, he put it down and lit a cigarette from a nearby cigarette box. Suddenly, he remembered the slight frown on the woman's forehead when he was smoking here.

"There's a problem! "There's too much of a problem with Song Yu." Zhuo Zhuo listened to Jiang Yuncheng's casual words and smiled, "It's been a long time since you've been back in Southern City. You have no idea how famous Song Yu is in Southern City."

"Good or bad?" Jiang Yun Chen felt that he had miscalculated when he asked this question, so he shouldn't have asked this question.

That woman had almost written the words' chasing after reputation and profit 'on her face. How could she be that famous?

"It's not that I'm biting off more than I can chew, but everyone in the Southern City knows that Song Yu is now a suspect."

"Heard of it." The Song Family had been established in South City for nearly 60 years and had a deep background. As soon as he returned, he heard that Song An, the former CEO of the Song Family, had been in a car accident.

"This Song Yu, he was unmarried and pregnant before and did not give birth." I've heard that she has a bad temper as well, but she's very beautiful. What do you think about her today? " His decisive laughter made Jiang YunChen furrow his brows, "You're very free?"

"Don't be idle." You don't know how tired I am keeping an eye on the stock market. I'm under a lot of pressure. " He was a stock analyst, a classmate of Jiang Yunchen's at Harvard Business School six years ago.

"You don't look like a financier."

"What does that look like?"

"The long-tongued woman."

"Damn Jiang Yunchen!" Isn't this all for your own good? Do you think that Song Yu had a request for you and just happened to be famous for his beauty? Jiang Yun Chen felt a bit impatient when he heard the old man's ruthless laughter.

"Put those dirty thoughts away." She was famously beautiful and notorious for her bad looks. Jiang YunChen would never have come into contact with such a woman.

"Fine, I won't say anymore. I'll pick you up from the hotel at 11: 00 tomorrow morning."

Jiang Yun Chen hung up the phone and looked at his phone. In a short period of time, countless text messages and missed calls were all from Southern City's merchants who had come to ask for his help.

Compared to these people, the woman from before was much bolder.

The next day.

Song got up at six o'clock and drove to Song.

For the past half month, everyone in the Song Clan had been silent. Many headhunters had been targeting the employees of the Song Clan, hoping to take advantage of this turbulent time to poach talented people.

Song Yu couldn't sleep all night, and his hair was falling off. Last night, after thinking about it, he still felt that the only person who could save the Song clan was Jiang Chen.

Asking Jiang Yunchen to do a risk assessment and establish a set of scientific methods to adapt to Song Family's current investment theory was a prerequisite for her to start doing everything she wanted.

However, when she thought back to two years ago, she really did not want to have too much to do with Jiang YunChen. Contradictory trapped her, and her mind was in a mess.

She went to the office and briefly processed the documents before setting off with her assistant, Xiao Han, to the securities firm.

Song An had been preparing for the financing when he was still alive, and now that it was in her hands, she had to take over. So she had to go to the securities company to discuss the financing with the person in charge.

From Song An's death until now, she hadn't rested for even a minute. And every day she carried the title of "Murder Suspect" on her head.

Southern City Securities Company.

Zhuo Zhuo walked out of the office and dialed Jiang Yun Chen's number. "Hey, Yun Chen, I'm not going anywhere for now. Come to the security office and wait for me. We'll have dinner together later."

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