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Her cheeks flushed red, her cherry lips pursed tightly, as she shyly looked at Feng Yiyang. Her eyes flickered, but no matter what she did, she could not stay in Feng Yiyang's sight, and was firmly stared at by Feng Yiyang's bright eyes. She could only shyly nod her head.

"I originally thought that he was just lusting for a moment of happiness to marry me to Feng Shenglan, but I didn't think that he would pay so much attention to everything around me. He was always concerned about me and took so much care of my safety. A warm feeling flowed through her heart. She lowered her head and smiled. She felt extremely happy, but she also started to like the man in front of her slowly.

At this moment, a sweet smile surfaced on Yi Han and Feng Yiyang's faces.

"Seeing your bashful appearance, you are truly endearing. You can eat as much as you want with so many delicious pastries in front of me. There is no need to be restrained in front of me." Feng Yi Yang raised the corner of his eyes, and said with his gentle and sexy voice.

"What nonsense are you spouting? I am not restrained." As she spoke, she stuffed the pastries into her mouth, the blush still hanging on her cheeks.

Feng Yiyang looked at the person he had wanted to protect with his life in his previous life, and now that he was happily tasting the pastries, his heart was filled with joy, and his face was brimming with happiness.

"Stop eating. Come, have some tea." Feng Yi Yang lovingly placed it on a teacup and stuck the back of his hand on the cup.

"Come, the temperature is just right. I just happened to drink some water to moisturize my throat." Feng Yiyang said as he handed the teacup to Yi Ruhan with both hands.

Yi Ruhan took the teacup and gulped down two mouthfuls. The current Yi Ruhan slowly gained trust in the refined and gentle Feng Yiyang. She was no longer on guard like before like a frightened little deer. Replacing it was a firm sense of security.

Just as she was about to fill her mouth with a piece of rose cake, she raised her head and asked Feng Yi Yang with wide eyes, "When we went back to my family and relatives yesterday, did you already know that Yi Ruozhen wanted to harm me? That's why you didn't want me to study with her?"

Feng Yiyang smiled as he wiped off the crumbs at the corner of Yi Ruohan's mouth, and said slowly in a gentle voice, "Yesterday, when I went back to your family and saw Yi Ruozheng's mother speaking so arrogantly and unintentionally, when my eyes met with Yi Ruozhong's, I knew that there must be something wrong. However, I only suspected it, and didn't see any harm done to you from her actions."

"Men, change a pot of hot tea." He then asked the waiter in the pastry shop to change the pot of new tea.

"Alright, here's your tea, Master San." The waiter trotted over, changed the teapot, and bent down again.

Feng Yiyang smiled and said: "Later on, on the way back to my house, I smelled a fragrance that I had never smelled before, and slowly I carefully smelled that new book that Yi Ruozhen gave you. It was the smell of that book, and I don't understand why there was such a strange scent in that book, so when I returned to my house, I took the initiative to secretly hide that book. When I saw Li who had followed me for so many years, I secretly handed the book to the family's Doctor Li and told him to check if there was anything wrong with that book."

"Han'er, please let me know what idea I've come up with this time. However, it's all for your own good." Feng Yi Yang looked at Yi Ruhan with a deep and emotional gaze, and said slowly.

Saying so, he picked up a new teacup, picked up the teapot and personally poured hot tea for her.

"The cold air in your body is too strong, remember not to drink cold tea. In the future, ask Mei Er to make you a pot of ginseng black tea every day to dispel the cold air in your body." Feng Yiyang said as he passed the teacup to Yi Ruhan and looked at her gently.

Even though she had grown up under the love of her mother, father and the rest, and had never suffered any grievances since she was young, Feng Yiyang's special love for Yi Han was something that she had never experienced since she was young. Feng Yiyang's unique love for her almost melted her heart when she heard it to this point.

"I never thought that he would be so smart to be able to detect such a subtle matter. It seems that I was mistaken about him in the past. So, he must be the man I love so much in my life …" Yi Ruhan thought to herself, not feeling like she was actually smiling, she smiled shyly.

Feng Yiyang continued with a serious tone: "In the evening, Doctor Li secretly came to the house to report the situation of the book. He said that the book was indeed strange, it was made from a variety of flavors, first it was smeared with musk, then it was smoked day and night with lavender, daffodil and other flowers. The reason why it was made with so much fragrance was that it had to cover up the smell of musk.

For some reason, an indescribable sense of guilt arose in Feng Yiyang's heart. In his previous life, he had watched Yi Ruhan die on a bridal sedan, and in this life, no matter what he said, he would not allow anyone to hurt the woman he loved.

As Yi Ruhan listened to the gentle and refined man explain the cause and effect of her victimization, a sense of joy of being protected arose in her heart, and she did not feel the redness on her face again.

"Thank you for being so concerned about me." Ruohan said softly to Feng Yi Yang and winked at him with a smile.

Feng Yiyang felt very uncomfortable being looked at by this charming smile, and his face began to heat up from the gaze of his beloved woman.

"Han'er, why are you being polite with me again? I am your husband, and my duty to you is to protect you, to take care of you, to protect you for the rest of my life. "From now on, I won't let you suffer any more harm." After Feng Yiyang finished speaking, he once again held Yi Ruhan's ice-cold hands and tightly held them, while he looked at her deeply.

Lifting the corner of his mouth, Feng Yiyang stared at the bashful Yi Ruhan, and smiled evilly: "Wait until you take good care of your body and expel the cold energy from your body, then we will have a pair of fat and white children. By then, others will not be able to snatch them away even if they wanted to, what do you think?"

He then looked affectionately at Yi Ruhan, who was blushing from his words.

"Disgusting, saying something outside that would make people blush." After saying that, Yi Han pulled out her hand that was tightly held by Feng Yi Yang, turned her shy face to the side, turned her body, and sat sideways on the chair.

With a face like a cherry, she pouted her lips and played with the pale pink handkerchief in her hands.

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