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The moment her left foot stepped into the room, she saw the mother of Feng Shenglan, who had once had feelings for her. The mother sat beside the madame with a serious expression, smiling as she chatted with the madame. The moment the palace saw Yi Ruhan, they were stunned. Their eyes slanted to look at the beautiful and intelligent Yi Ruhan. Being stared at by the Gong Family, Yi Ruhan couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air, her actions and actions also became more cautious, not as relaxed and at ease as when she first entered.

Even though she had been glared at by the palace lady, she did not lose her composure. Instead, she said in a low voice with a smile, "The madame is good, eldest sister-in-law is good."

"Madame, this is the pastry that Yi Yang and I bought for you today. I've brought it here for you to taste, to see if it suits your taste." As she spoke, she passed the pastries she was holding to the maidservant in the madame's room.

"It's rare for you to be so filial, you only learned so many etiquettes after entering the door a few days ago. Third Bro really didn't misjudge this person, look at how beautiful and generous this child is, I really like him. If I could give birth to a big fat grandson soon, I wouldn't have any regrets in this world," the madame said with a kind smile as she got up and called Yi Ruhan to sit in front of her.

"Oh, this old family's daughter-in-law is really filial. I wonder what kind of delicious pastries she brought for my mother." Gong said impatiently in a sharp tone.

Yi Ruhan still sat obediently beside the old lady, and the old lady held her hand and scrutinized it carefully.

"Someone, bring the pastries that Third Young Madam brought just now over and let everyone have a taste." The madame instructed the servants standing by the door.

"Yes, madame." The two servants answered in unison.

Han'er not only has a pretty face and a good figure, but even her hands are truly beautiful. Her fingernails are like spring onions, but I'll get a few girls to send you a few pairs of armor. The old lady was full of smiles

Ye Zichen caressed Yi Ruhan's hand and said pitifully.

The old mistress' repeated praises infuriated the already fuming Miaomiao to the point that the roots of her teeth were itching.

"Thank you for your praise, madame." Yi Ruhan was embarrassed by the old mistress' praise, and looked at her hands with a downcast expression.

After a while, the two maidservants came in with a plate of pastries in their hands. They were received by the court lady and brought to the table by the madame's chair.

"Mother, quickly try the dessert that the three clans have brought you. It seems that it suits your taste and looks quite good. As for the taste, I wonder how it is." The Gong family spoke in a soft, harsh and frivolous tone, occasionally glaring at Yi Ruhan.

"She really is my good daughter-in-law. These are all things I love to eat from the pastries!" The old mistress beamed again as she said this, putting a piece of plum blossom cake into her mouth.

"Mother likes to eat, Han'er will often come to deliver it to you." Yi Ruhan said carefully while sticking close to the old lady's arm.

"Mhmm, good. Not bad at all. It tastes the same as before. I haven't eaten for a long time." "Old master, you should try this pastry. This pastry was bought and delivered here by Yang'er before. I didn't expect it to be so delicious. In the future, we'll just eat pastry from this house." The old mistress' eyes were once again brimming with love and joy for Feng Yiyang and Yi Ruhan.

Miaomiao also picked up a piece of plum blossom cake and slowly ate it, then said: "These pastries are really not bad, I thought the three families were the ones to pick it out, but it turns out to be the third brother, who remembers what taste pastries his mother likes."

While she was feigning laughter, Yi Ruhan, who was sitting beside the madame, remained impassive. She still sat beside the madame, smiling.

"Eldest Sis is right. Today, Yi Yang will be the one to choose the pastries with me. This Plum Blossom Meet was something that I loved to eat since I was young. In that case, Mother and I really like each other." Yi Ruhan answered calmly.

Originally, the provocative words were said back to her again, but now, she clenched her teeth in anger and clenched her hand tightly on her leg.

"En, seeing you and Yang'er being so harmonious and loving, I feel at ease." The old mistress sighed in relief.

"Mom, it's getting late. I need to go back and take care of Yi Yang." She then stood up to say goodbye to the madame, turned around and walked out slowly.

Yi Ruhan heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she stepped out of the door, but her heart was filled with happiness. She didn't expect the madame to love her so much. She didn't think that her face would brighten up again.

Just as he turned around and walked towards his home, he saw Lan'er hurrying over. He said, "Miss, it's not good."

As soon as Lan'er spoke, she was silenced by Yi Ruhan. Lan'er understood what she meant, and hurriedly whispered a few words into her ear. They then left the old mistress' residence together, walking quickly in the direction of their home.

It didn't take long for the master and his servant to arrive at their own courtyard. As soon as Yi Ruhan entered, she ordered a few servants to close the door and ran with Lan'er to the woodshed in the southeast corner.

Yi Ruhan pushed open the door to the woodshed and was stunned by the scene before her. She did not feel any pain in her heart and almost fainted, just in time to be supported by Lan'er beside her.

"Ju'er, Ju'er, what happened to you? Hurry up and open your eyes!" Ironhan saw Ju'er lying in the firewood, crying loudly, shaking her body as she cried.

"Miss, Little Ju'er can't do it anymore. Please don't cry like that, your body is ruined from crying, Lan'er and I can't explain ourselves to Master …" May, who was kneeling beside Ju'er, wiped her tears as she sobbed.

Looking at Ju'er, her mouth was frighteningly white, her hair was messy, and her face was sallow, as if she had been starved for days. There was a deep red scar on one hand, blood on the side, and a short knife on the other. Looking at this scene, Yi Ruhan felt even less pain in her heart. Her heart was filled with guilt and self-blame, "If I had personally dealt with Ju'er, she probably wouldn't have committed suicide because of this. It's all my fault, it's all my fault …"

The already kind Yi Ruhan felt her heart tearing up when she saw Ju'er's death, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Miss, don't cry anymore. Ju'er originally sympathized with our sister, but who would've thought she would betray Miss. Doing so could be considered a form of self-punishment for Ju'er's betrayal of loyalty to Miss." Lan'er, who was standing at the side, also knelt on the ground.

On the other side of the Ji Yi Hou, Cui Er, the servant girl of the palace, was speaking to the palace.

"Madam, your servant just saw something with the madame." Lan'er pinched Gong Shi's shoulder as she spoke.

"Hmm? What is it? "Tell me about it." Miyagi said with her eyes closed.

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