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C16 Strange Dreams

Lan'er called in a doctor, and when the doctor saw the unconscious Ju'er, he immediately opened the medicine box and calmly took out the white gauze. He also took out a bottle of medicine from the medicine box, and casually and methodically bandaged Ju'er's wrist, first wiping off all the blood except the wound with gauze, then pulling out the stopper of the black medicine bottle, and slowly sprinkling the medicine on Ju'er's wrist.

"Doctor, how is Ju'er …" "How is it, is there any problem?" Lan'er, who was standing beside the doctor, asked anxiously.

The doctor caressed the side of his pulse and said, "The injured person has lost too much blood and is currently unconscious. Fortunately, the wound is very deep and has stopped bleeding. If it had been just half an incense stick of time, this lady would have passed away." The doctor sighed as he stroked his beard.

"What medicine would that doctor need to wake her up?" Yi Ruhan said, unable to hold back her temper.

"Madam does not need to worry about what you prescribe, I will prepare a prescription for you, but I did not prepare any pen and paper in a hurry. I will personally deliver it to you in a few days, first feed her some nutritional supplements, and then have a good rest." The doctor said calmly.

"Alright, thank you, Doctor." Yi Ruhan said gratefully.

"No need for thanks. This is what I should do. If you have nothing else, then I'll be taking my leave." The doctor said with a smile.

Ironhan rose to escort the doctor out, and Meryl followed.

"Miss, since there's nothing wrong with Ju'er, you should leave this place as soon as possible, so as to not be seen later." Mei Er looked at the weakened Yi Ruhan and asked worriedly.

"That's fine too. The two of you can follow me back. I'll come see her tomorrow. I'll leave a little girl here to take care of her." Yi Ruhan covered her chest and said blandly.

After entering her own house, she went straight to her bedroom with Mei'er's arm. Lan'er, who was at the front, had long since opened the door.

With Mei'er's support, she laid down on the soft bed.

"Lord Third is coming from the study." Lan'er whispered.

The corners of his eyes drooped, and he walked towards his bedroom as if he had something on his mind. Lan'er, who was just about to prepare some soup for Ironheart, saw Feng Yiyang, then turned and whispered to Mei'er.

"Lord Third." Lan'er bowed to Feng Yi Yang, then walked towards the kitchen.

Secretly walking into the bedroom with his head lowered, Feng Yiyang saw Yi Ruhan lying on the bed, so he quickly walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Han'er, are you alright?" Feng Yiyang asked Yi Ruhan who was lying on the bed with a pale face in concern. Feng Yi's brows were locked tightly together and his face was filled with concern.

Without waiting for her to reply, Feng Yi Yang said again: "A'Fu already told me about Ju'er, so you don't need to worry about it. I'll handle this matter." Feng Yi Yang said as he took Yi Ruhan's hand from beside the embroidered blanket.

"I originally planned to give her a little punishment before sending her out. Who knew that she would have such a fierce temper …" Irkhan said in a choked voice.

"Now that things have come to this, there's nothing left to do. I can only wait for Ju'er to recover before sending her out." Feng Yiyang said solemnly, his brows furrowed as he looked at Yi Ruhan lying on the bed.

"Then that's the only way." Yi Ruhan said sadly, her eyelashes drooping.

"Han'er, I'm sorry for scaring you." Feng Yi Yang's eyes moistened a lot as he held Yi Ruhan's hand and said.

Feng Yiyang looked at Yi Ruhan lying on the bed, extremely weak. He bent down and gently kissed her forehead.

Yi Ruhan felt her heart heat up under Feng Yiyang's gentle yet warm kiss. Her face actually turned red, and her palms began to sweat as well.

On the second day, Feng Shenglan rose up to pay his respects to his mother, Gong Shi. However, he saw the corners of her mouth drooping, her eyes lifeless, her head lowered as if she was thinking about something.

"Mother, what's wrong with you today? "Why does he look so bad? Is he sick, or is he not well?" Feng Shenglan asked.

Although he was an unlearned and unrighteous person, he was a true filial son. Looking at the haggard face of the Gong family, he knitted his brows and asked the Gong family in a considerate manner.

"It's nothing. It's probably because I caught a cold last night. I feel unwell today, so I don't need to worry about you, Lan`er." Gong Shi looked at Cui Er who was standing beside him, sighed and said.

Feng Shenglan was not a good host. When he heard his mother's absent-minded words, he asked Cui Er who was by his side.

"Cui Er, tell me, what exactly happened?!" Feng Shenglan shouted to Cui'er beside him.

"Eldest Young Master, it, it's because Madam had a strange dream last night." Cui'er said with grievance, pretending to be nervous.

"What did you dream of?" Feng Shenglan continued to ask.

"Madam, you've dreamt. You've dreamt that something happened in the mansion …" Cui Er bit her lips, pretending to be afraid as she looked at Gong Shi.

She hurriedly stopped Cui Er's mouth, "Girl, you're speaking nonsense, how could I …"

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Feng Shenglan requested of Cui'er, "Continue speaking, you do not need to look at Madam!"

"Yes, Eldest Young Master." "The personal servant girl, Ju'er, beside Yi Ruhan was almost killed by her master a few days ago …" Cui'er lowered her head and said in a weak voice, from time to time she would peek at Feng Shenglan.

"To think that such a thing would happen in the mansion!" Feng Shenglan stared blankly at first, but then he glared at Cui'er.

"Go on." Feng Shenglan said impatiently to Cui'er.

Cui Er was about to say something, but was stopped on purpose by the Gong Family. Feng Shenglan sternly stared at Cui'er, so she could only say something else.

The little girl feigned a pitiful look and carefully sobbed, "The mistress' complexion is not good today, so she found out about this. The mistress took pity on Ju'er and didn't sleep well last night. The mistress told me that she hopes the prince can help save Cui Er."

"Mother, is it really like what Cui'er said? Did Yi Ruhan really kill her own daughter, Ju'er, with her own hands? " Feng Shenglan asked the palace doubtfully.

"It's true! Lan`er, ever since mother heard about this, she didn't fall asleep last night. I pity that child so much. You have to save her for me!" Gong Shi pretended to cry and said.

When Feng Shenglan heard Cui'er talk about this, he only had half a doubt in his heart. In his eyes, although Yi Ruoran had abandoned him and hooked up with his Third Uncle, becoming the Third Madam of the family, the Yi Ruohan that he knew was not such a cruel and merciless person. He thought in his heart that he must go and see what was going on tomorrow.

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