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C17 Fury

After Feng Shenglan paid his respects to the Gong family, he then chatted with them for a while before giving them a pat on the shoulder.

"Mother, your son will definitely fulfill your wish." Feng Shenglan said as he gave Gong's massage.

With the help of her son, she was not worried that she wouldn't be able to get rid of a little Yi Ruhan. Thinking of this, the corner of her lips curled up as she smiled sinisterly.

Feng Shenglan's heart was filled with the thought of Yi Ruhan getting on good terms with him first, and then with his third uncle colluding together. Feng Yiyang, who was neither too late nor too late, rushed in front of him and snatched Yi Han away. He wasn't happy in the first place, but in his heart he still harbored a trace of his past thoughts towards Yi Ruhan. However, that day when he met her in the garden and saw how much she trusted and relied on his Third Uncle, Feng Yiyang, and saw how the two of them were singing in front of Feng Shenglan, a raging fire had already been ignited in Feng Shenglan's heart. When he heard about this matter, he gritted his teeth and hardened his heart, thinking in his heart, "Yi Ruhan, even if you're not with me, I'll still make things difficult for you."

"Mother, your son still has matters to attend to. I will leave first and come again tomorrow to pay my respects to you. I will definitely take good care of that pitiful girl Ju'er for you." Feng Shenglan said confidently as he stared at the door.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Feng Shenglan clenched his fists and could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. He hurriedly headed in the direction of the woodshed.

At this moment, Yiran was accompanied by Ju'er and Mei'er to the woodshed. When she pushed open the door, she saw that Ju'er's face was no longer as pale as it was the day before, with a tinge of red on it.

Ironhan hurried over, crouched down, and went to look at Ju'er, who was still lying on the woodpile.

She looked at Ju'er with concern. Ju'er sensed that someone was coming and opened her eyes.

"Miss …" Ju'er felt wronged as she spoke, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Ju'er, are you feeling better? You silly girl, I know you didn't mean to harm me. Why are you being so cruel to yourself? What am I supposed to do if you do this to me?" Yi Ruhan said as she looked at Ju'er with sorrow and pity.

The eyes of Yi Ruhan, Ju'er, and the two servants locked in a deep gaze, looking at each other with tears in their eyes.

At this moment, Ju'er's eyes shifted to Feng Shenglan, who was standing outside the door. Feng Shenglan glared fiercely at him, startling him. Feng Shenglan made a threatening gesture towards her, causing her to hold back her tears.

Mei Lilan and her son were too preoccupied with their heartache for Ju'er, but Yi Ruhan forgot to lock the firewood door. At this moment, she had no idea Feng Shenglan was standing behind her.

"The doctor said that you need to replenish your blood. Mei'er made some medicine early in the morning and brought it all the way here. It's still warm now, so drink it while it's still warm." As she spoke, she took the bowl from Lan'er.

The soup in the bowl was made using supplements that the madame had bestowed upon him. It could be seen how much Yi Ruhan loved him for marrying her daughter.

Yi Ruhan carefully scooped a spoonful of the soup with her spoon and brought it to Ju'er's mouth.

"Miss, I really can't enjoy this. Because I was bribed by Miss Ironwood, I was distracted for a moment, and helped Miss Ironwood lie to you, and put cold medicine in your soup, I'm really sorry, I'm really sorry, Miss, you grew up with me, and ate with me, and didn't use any clothes for your girl, you usually treat me like your best sister, but I, but I was blinded by my own interests, and actually did such a heinous thing, I'm really ungrateful to Miss Ju'er, I deserve your kindness, damn it …" Ju'er pushed away the tonic in Yiru's hand, tears dripping down her face as she wailed in pain.

Hearing Ju'er's words, Mei Er and Lan'er started to sob softly. It was needless to say that Yi Ruhan was already heartbroken. Tears flowed unceasingly from her heart, and the past replayed itself one after another.

Waves of crying were interrupted by a loud sound. Feng Shenglan looked at Yi Ruhan who was crying, thinking that she was acting out her emotions. He then kicked open the wooden door of the woodshed.

Yi Ruohan and Mei Zhilan were startled by the loud noise. They turned around to take a look, and their hearts were thumping even harder.

Feng Shenglan strode in front of Yi Ruhan and Ju'er, and knocked away the bowl in her hands.

He said angrily, "Good, to think that you normally look like a kind-hearted young lady from a good family. No one would have thought that you would do such a cruel thing!"

Yi Ruhan's heart skipped a beat. Her anger was aroused by Feng Shenglan's words, and she remembered how he had humiliated her so many times back in the day. She stood up immediately.

Staring at Feng Shenglan with her dark eyes, she asked, "What did I do?" "You know what you're talking about!"

Feng Shenglan suddenly laughed, "Don't you know what you've done yourself? You killed your own little girl, Ju'er, with your own hands. Feng Shenglan pointed at Ju'er who was lying on the grass, and sternly said to the people around him. Then, he pointed to the broken bowl on the ground.

The fire in his heart immediately exploded out, and his eyes still revealed a savage light.

"Men, tie them up!" At Feng Shenglan's command, two servants rushed in from outside and tied up Yi Ruhan.

"What are you doing? Let go of our Young Miss! " Mei Er and Lan'er hastily pulled the two servants and said in unison.

Lan'er and Mei'er were desperately trying to save the little miss. Ju'er was lying on the ground, watching everything that was happening unfold before her. She felt wronged for Yi Ruhan, but she still kept her mouth shut and didn't say a single word.

"Let me go! I am the third grandma of Ji Yi's house! Do any of you even have a royal law?! "When you meet the old mistress, you two can wait for her order!" Yi Ruhan twisted her body and shook off the two servants who were tying her.

"I have legs and I have feet, I can walk! Isn't it just to see the old mistress? " After saying that, she swung her arms and angrily left the woodshed in the direction of the old mistress' courtyard.

Yi Ruhan left angrily. Mei Er and Lan'er looked at Lan'er, then at the two servants and chased after her.

Feng Shenglan saw that Yi Ruhan was no longer the woman he was in love with. Especially when she said she was his third wife, his heart was broken. Not only did it shatter, the anger in his heart burned hotter.

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