Prime Minister Pampers his Wife/C2 Heaven Makes a Fool of Man
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Prime Minister Pampers his Wife/C2 Heaven Makes a Fool of Man
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C2 Heaven Makes a Fool of Man

Yi Ruhan's heart shook once more. Just thinking that she was marrying the third master of the Feng family, Feng Yiyang … Instead of Feng Zhanlan's thoughts, he felt his chest getting more and more stuffy and his head aching.

But, what in the world was going on?

Feng Yiyang looked at the slightly helpless Yi Ruhan in front of him, and his heart skipped a beat.

In the end, he had married her as he wished. She would not pass away in her most beautiful years. She had finally become his wife, even if she was unwilling.

Feng Yiyang raised his hand, wanting to touch her cheek. Unexpectedly, Yi Ruhan's pupils froze, she quickly avoided him and curled up on the bed like a frightened little deer.

Yi Ruhan's body trembled as she thought about her current situation. She tried to hold it in for a long time, but she couldn't hold back her tears.

Feng Yiyang's hand froze for a moment before he retracted it abruptly. He lowered his hand and clenched it into a fist inside his wide sleeves. "I was too tired just now. You should rest first!"

Saying that, he stood up and turned to leave, but out of the corner of his eye, he kept watching Yi Ruhan's reaction, until his back was completely turned towards her, and he could see nothing at all.

Heaven's will messed with people. Feng Yiyang sighed in his heart!

The heavens had given him a chance to live again, but Feng Shenglan had snatched her heart away from him.

Feng Yiyang walked out and turned his head to take a deep look behind him, his eyes filled with helplessness. The noise from afar did not stop. He thought for a moment and then walked towards the front hall.

Seeing that Feng Yiyang had left, Yi Ruhan relaxed a little. She still tightly curled up her body as she recalled the details of what just happened.

She clearly wanted to marry Feng Zhilan, so why did she become Feng Yiyang's new wife? It wouldn't be right to say that she had entered the wrong room. Just now, Feng Zhilan's mother was with a group of female servants. If there really was a mistake, it shouldn't have been her appearance.

Could it be that there was some secret she didn't know about that caused everyone to have no objections towards this marriage?

"Lan, Lan!" Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She staggered to the outer room, only to see the person she called running towards her with the hem of her skirt raised, almost colliding with her.

Seeing her so panicked, Lan'er panicked as well. She hastily dragged Yi Ruhan's tottering body and asked, "Miss, why are you in such a panic? Did something happen inside the room?"

"Lan, did you notice anything wrong? I only want to marry Feng Zhilan, how did I become Third Master Feng Yiyang? " Just as she finished speaking, she raised her head and saw a mother Ge standing not far away, staring at her with a cold expression.

Her heart trembled, and Lan'er was even more frightened and kept quiet. She hurriedly covered her mouth and dragged her back to the bridal chamber.

"Miss, what's going on?" Lan'er pushed Yi Ruhan onto the bed, her eyes filled with anxiety, "Before you got married, you promised to live a good life with Master San. Why are you thinking of Prince in front of Mama Ge?"

"When will I agree to marry Feng Yiyang? "What I want to marry has always been a great storm …" Yi Ruhan was stunned by Lan'er's words, her voice trembling.

"The Crown Prince said that he would humiliate the young lady like that. It caused the young lady to be sick from the cold wind for almost two months. Only then did her body recover. Why is she still so muddle-headed?"

A cold wind? Sick for more than a month? Yi Ruhan frowned, at a loss.

She looked at Lan'er in a daze. Seeing that she couldn't understand Lan'er, she stomped her feet in anger. Just as she was about to say something, she saw Ge'er, who had been standing guard outside, come in with two maidservants. In her hands were two boxes of food.

Aunt Ge's face was very unsightly, but she still saluted to Ironwood respectfully and ordered the two little girls to place the food boxes on the table. She then glanced at Ironhan and said, "Lord Third, you sent a servant girl to serve your wife's meal because you are afraid that she is hungry."

"No need." On the surface, Yi Ruhan looked terrifyingly calm, "I don't like strangers serving me in close quarters."

Mother Ge was stunned. Previously, when she looked at Yi Ruhan with a hint of madness in her eyes, she thought she was a fool. Now it seemed that she had just lost control of herself for a moment and had a bit of temper in her bones.

However, while Yi Ruhan had married her grandfather, she was still thinking about her son, which made her rather dissatisfied. Luckily, there weren't many people in the room. If this matter were to spread, would her father's face be taken away?

Mama Ge was also very puzzled. How could her master fall for such a girl? With his thin arms and thin legs, it was obvious that he was not a good person to raise. If it wasn't for her father's status in the court, how could he be the direct wife of her master? The more Mama Ge looked at Yi Ruhan, the more she looked down on her. She couldn't help but snort coldly in her heart.

At this moment, Yi Ruhan didn't have the heart to care about Ge Ma, she had just cried all over her face, and was very uncomfortable. She only ordered Lan'er to ask Mei'er to go to the room to clean up and prepare some hot water for her to wash up.

Mel's eyes were red when she saw her, and she almost shed tears. Yi Ruhan's heart skipped a beat, and she quickly went over and pulled her hand.

Currently, in the Feng family, the husband that she was getting married to was unfamiliar. Only those who came from the family could calm her down.

"What's going on?" Ironhan looked at May's reddening eyes, then picked up the handkerchief and tucked the corners of her eyes.

"Lord Third's wet nurse, Mother Ge is amazing, this servant suffered a lot in her hands. "Your servant …" Mel was a straightforward person, she would say whatever she wanted.

Lan knew that Ira was in a bad mood, so she quickly gave Mei a look. Merle quickly kept quiet, glanced at Irkhan, and lowered his head.

"Since you've just arrived, you'll be bullied sooner or later. Endure it for now, let me think of a way." Without revealing their thoughts, she took off her clothes and soaked them in the wooden bucket. Hot water suddenly surrounded her, soothing her tired body. It was rare for her to close her eyes and enjoy a short moment of peace and quiet.

Seeing this, Mei Er and Lan'er thought that she was too tired to open her eyes. They looked at each other and saw deep heartache in each other's eyes. They didn't stay idle either. One on the left and one on the right, they picked up Yi Ruhan's shoulders.

Yi Ruhan could feel a comfortable feeling coming from her shoulder, she slightly loosened her frown and slowly opened her eyes.

"Let me ask you," her voice suddenly became serious, "Did you already know that I am going to marry Feng Yiyang today?"

Finally, it was Ran'er who bolstered her courage. She leaned forward and answered, "Miss, the betrothal gift was given by Master San, and the hall was also given by you to pay respects to Master San. Why are you asking this? Are you still thinking about that bastard, Master?"

Lan'er had always paid attention to propriety. If it wasn't for the extreme disgust in her heart, she would never dare to describe the son of Ji Yi Hou in such a manner.

"What do you mean?" Yi Ruhan was confused, even more confused than before. She tilted her head and frowned at him, indicating that she should speak more in detail.

Seeing that Yi Ruhan's face didn't look good, Lan'er intentionally avoided the topic, hurriedly consoling her, "Luckily Miss is now marrying San Ye. San Ye personally came to propose marriage that day, so he probably values Miss very much. Miss shall avoid that crown prince when you see him in the future! "

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