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C5 Never Round Room

"He's coming." The madame was a gentle person and could not conceal the smile on her face when she saw Feng Yiyang bring Yi Ruhan in.

"Lord Third is truly blessed. The bride is truly a beauty." The one who spoke was a lady dressed in purple. She had aged a few years and looked to be in her early thirties. Even though she was standing there, there was still a certain charm to her.

Yi Ruhan was praised as soon as she entered the door, and her already bashful face turned even redder. She lowered her head slightly, and her palms that were in contact with Feng Yiyang began to sweat.

Seeing her act this way, the smile on the madame's face grew even wider. She seemed to look at the purple-dressed woman reproachfully and said, "If I had known earlier, my second wife would never forgive me. I didn't expect her to boast so highly."

These words caused everyone to chuckle.

The Second Branch's née Qin was not annoyed by the teasing. On the contrary, she smiled: "Mother actually teases me."

So, this is the second wife.

Old Marquis Ji Yi had left early, and the mansion had long since accepted his title. Seeing the Qin family, who had always been sharp-tongued, being so kind to Yi Ruhan, Madam Ji Yi was so angry that her teeth started to itch.

However, since the madame was sitting at the head of the table, she couldn't show it either. She could only suppress her anger as she said lightly, "Since you've come, please give me some tea!"

The old mistress was not surprised to see the two of them speaking so suddenly. She merely turned her head to glance at the two of them and nodded with a smile.

Feng Yi Yang replied softly, bringing Yi Ruhan along to pay his respects.

After a circle, everything went smoothly. Other than the fact that the Gong Family had secretly caused trouble and delayed for a while for Yi Ruohan to kneel down, the rest of the people were kind as well. After she finished serving the tea, she also received quite a bit of rewards.

Although IronHan didn't value these people, she still felt warm inside.

After the toast, he chatted with his relatives for a while. It wasn't until it was almost time for lunch that the crowd bade farewell and left. Feng Yiyang was just about to bring Yi Ruhan away, when the madame ordered the two of them to stay for dinner.

It wasn't easy for Feng Yi to refuse, so he could only secretly squeeze Yi Ruhan's hand to strengthen her courage.

"I heard from Ge Ma that you guys have yet to consummate your marriage?" After the meal, the madame coughed lightly and asked the two who were sitting upright.

Yi Ruhan blushed, feeling uneasy and didn't dare to say anything. Feng Yiyang, on the other hand, raised his hand and drank a cup of tea calmly.


The old mistress was not annoyed; she was still smiling. "Didn't you love it so much? Why are you still being shy at this juncture?"

"Han'er had a cold a few days ago, and her body is not in a good condition. Your son wishes to live for a few more days." Feng Yiyang still did not change his expression or his heart.

"What does it matter?" The old mistress was slightly perplexed.

Feng Yi Yang's face turned slightly red, he poured himself another cup of tea and replied: "Han'er has lost a lot of health now, if she were to get pregnant, it would not be good for the child. "Mother, you've always known me. You definitely won't let Han'er drink the Soup of Avoidance."

His words were so melodious that even Lan'er, who was serving beside him, couldn't help but want to clap her hands and cheer him on.

Yi Ruhan's face was so red that blood could drip. How come she didn't see that Feng Yiyang was such an unorthodox person?

She tightly gripped the hem of her clothes, wishing that she could pinch Feng Yiyang. However, he could only give the madame a light kick since he was in the way.

After finishing the kick, even he himself was stunned … She had only known Feng Yiyang for a little more than a day, but they had actually started flirting?

Being kicked like this, Feng Yiyang was first shocked, and then he was happy. He pursed his lips into a smile that was as warm as the spring wind in March.

With his cat-like personality, he liked it even more.

The madame did not expect Feng Yiyang to respond in such a manner and did not know whether to laugh or cry. She smiled even more brilliantly as she looked at Yi Ruhan who was about to crawl down to the ground out of embarrassment.

"Alright, alright." The madame nodded and smiled, "I won't interfere much in the matters of you youngsters." Take care of yourself as soon as possible and wait for Third Bro's good news. "

"Yes." Feng Yiyang held Yi Ruhan's hand, a doting smile on his face.

The sun was rising as he walked out from the madame's room. As the weather grew colder, the sun would not get tired of the heat. Feng Yi Yang suggested to take Yi Ruhan for a walk around the mansion, so she nodded in agreement.

"This is the Purple Bamboo Forest. It's best to enjoy the cool air during summer. If you're interested in doing so in the future, I'll get someone to set up a swing here."

The bamboo forest in summer was the most tranquil. Carrying a pot of tea and a few plates of pastries, he prepared a few cushions under the bamboo, which also had quite a bit of feeling to it.

Hearing his slightly smiling voice, Yi Ruhan felt a little embarrassed, "You are looking at me like a child."

"Not a child." Feng Yiyang tidied up the hair that had been blown away in front of her forehead and said very seriously, "It's a rare treasure."

Yi Ruhan subconsciously gripped the handkerchief in her hands tightly, not daring to look Feng Yiyang in the eye.

This fellow was used to making her shy, but words could not refute her, so she could only allow him to tease her like this.

Feng Yiyang was just about to lead her to the bamboo forest for a walk when they saw a servant running over from afar. The attendant whispered something into his ear, and Yi Ruhan saw Feng Yiyang's beautiful eyebrows frown.

"Han'er." He smiled helplessly, "I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany you on your stroll today."

"Nothing." Yi Ruhan smiled at him to reassure him, "I'll just take a look for myself."

"Mm, then you should be careful. After we leave the bamboo forest, we will have to turn left and head straight for our home. "

Our Home... Yi Ruhan's heart skipped a beat, her ears turning slightly red.

Although the entire Ji Yi Marquis Mansion could be considered as their home, the place where they rested was still different. There was even a sense of belonging there.

After bidding farewell to Feng Yiyang, Yi Ruhan began to slowly walk in the bamboo forest. In the Violet Bamboo Forest, the bamboo poles were dark purple in color. Although they were not as verdant as the ordinary pearls, they had a unique scent and seemed to be more fragrant.

In his mind, he suddenly recalled the words Feng Yiyang had just said to set her up on the swing.

She herself didn't seem to dislike him that much …

"Ruohan …" Irkhan could faintly hear someone calling to her, but there was no one there.

"Ruo Han!" Just as she was wondering, the person called out his name again, afraid that she would escape, he even grabbed her wrist.

"Someone come …" "You …" Yi Ruhan was about to open her mouth to call for help, but when she saw who it was, she immediately shut her mouth, angrily shaking off his hand and stood to the side.

Feng Shenglan looked at Yi Ruhan with a complicated expression. After frowning for a long while, he said, "Ruo Han, I didn't expect you to be so intimate with my third uncle."

He clenched his fists to keep his voice from sounding angry, and looked steadily at Ironwood, waiting for her answer.

"Yi Yang and I are husband and wife, so it is only right for us to be together." When he saw Feng Shenglan, the harsh words he had said to him surfaced in his mind.

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