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C6 Provoke Trouble

Although Yi Ruhan couldn't remember clearly, but after Lan'er spoke, she could actually recall the scene at that time. It could be seen that it really happened. She knew that Feng Shenglan definitely didn't want to hear such an answer, but she didn't want to call him 'Ruyi'.

"Bam." Feng Shenglan was infuriated, and he threw a punch at the bamboo on the side of Yi Ruhan's head. The bamboo shook and a few leaves fell.

Yi Ruhan was shocked.

Feng Zhilan had always been a reckless person. If he wanted to make a move against her here, she wouldn't be able to resist at all. Plus, they were already close to the three houses, so no one else would come. If something were to happen to him, Feng Yiyang would probably have to search for her for a long time before he could find her.

Although Yi Ruhan was anxious, she did not show it on her face.

"Feng Shenglan, I'm your Third Aunt now, you should respect me." Yi Ruhan feigned calmness and spoke coldly.

"To you?" Feng Shenglan couldn't help but sneer, "On the one hand, you're intimate with me, Feng Shenglan, and on the other hand, you're deeply in love with Feng Yiyang. I've really underestimated you, Yi Ruhan!"

Yi Ruhan felt as if her heart was being pierced by needles, and the pain was unbearable. Her nose suddenly felt sour, and she was just about to find a way to hold back her tears when she heard a familiar voice call out to her.

"Han'er, what are you doing?" Feng Yi Yang walked closer and saw that Feng Shenglan was also there. He could not help but frown and his face darkened slightly. He saw that Yi Ruhan's face was also dark, so he held her in his arms and patted her back.

His words calmed her down a little.

"What are you doing?" Feng Yiyang asked lightly, but Yi Ruhan could clearly feel that his body was trembling.

He must be jealous … Afraid?

Knowing that Feng Yiyang knew about Feng Zhilan and her past, Yi Han felt even more guilty. She took the initiative to wrap her arms around Feng Yi Yang's waist, and softly said: "Your Highness, you're afraid that I'll get lost, you're just taking me for a walk."

Naturally, she could not say that Feng Shenglan had stopped her because he was unwilling. She was not that stupid and wanted to save herself the weight of her words.

"Mm, then I'll take you back myself." Feng Yiyang knew that Yi Ruhan was not speaking the truth, so he did not expose her, and he still had a doting smile on his face.

Feng Shenglan's expression had not been very good ever since Feng Yiyang came, and when he saw Yi Ruhan take the initiative to surround Feng Yiyang's waist, his face was so dark that it could have dripped ink.

As a result, when Feng Yiyang spoke to him, he still wore a straight face, and his eyes were filled with the unwillingness of his prey being stolen away.

"It's almost time for the Imperial Examinations. Go back to your room and take care of your books!" Your Third Aunt, I will take good care of her. " Feng Yiyang gave an indifferent order, and left with Yi Ruhan without looking back.

Feng Zhanlan stood alone on the spot, his fists clenched tightly.

Feng Yiyang carried Yi Ruhan all the way to the door of the room. Yi Ruhan hesitated for a moment, but she still didn't want to go in.

"What's wrong?" Seeing her cowardly look, Feng Yi Yang couldn't help but laugh in his heart. Thus, she hugged her tighter, causing her face to redden once more.

This girl.

In his previous life, Feng Yiyang had covered the entire imperial court with one hand, and his voice was like the wind and clouds. But now, with the little girl in his arms, he could do nothing to her.

"Lord Third is going to enter the bedroom to rest. I'm afraid that I'll disturb him and he'll want to go to the side room to rest." It was to the point that Feng Yiyang felt pity for her.

He pressed her lightly against his chest, smiling helplessly. "Between husband and wife, how can I not disturb you?"

Saying that, he pushed the door open and brought her into the bedroom without waiting for her reaction.

The bright red curtains in the bedroom had already been completely removed, and the curtains were replaced with light purple muslin. Even the bedding had been replaced by a light purple brocade embroidered with flowers and flowers. Yi Ruhan looked at Feng Yi Yang, sweetness surging in her heart.

She liked light purple, Feng Shenglan knew that. It was just that he felt that she wasn't magnanimous enough and was always unwilling to comply with her wishes. But Feng Yiyang was so considerate to his liking that it made her feel closer to him.

While he was lost in thought, Feng Yiyang actually carried her horizontally and slowly put her on the bed. Startled, she quickly flipped over in the bed and stared at him with wide eyes.

Seeing that she was like a frightened little deer, Feng Yiyang chuckled softly.

"Why are you so afraid of me? We, husband and wife, should be called Qin Se and Ming Ming. " Feng Yiyang looked at her with gentle eyes, the smile on his face not diminishing in the slightest.

He heard everything … Although Yi Ruhan was a little afraid that Feng Yiyang would start a feud with her, she knew that Feng Yiyang was not a petty person. She blinked and said softly, "I'm not afraid of you, San Ye, I'm just not used to it."

"I'll get used to it from now on." Feng Yiyang laughed as he took off his jacket and climbed onto the bed, making Yi Ruhan shrink back into the bed again in fear.

Feng Yiyang could see through her worry. He raised his hand and lightly touched her forehead, "What can I do with the light of day and the short amount of time?"

It seemed that it was impossible … Yi Ruhan's face immediately flushed red to the neck. Knowing that she had lost face in front of Feng Yiyang, she decided to hide under the blanket, ignoring him.

"Enough, don't be so bored." The corner of Feng Yiyang's mouth curved uncontrollably as he took the blanket from her face.

Feng Yiyang was stunned by the sight, and his body involuntarily leaned forward and kissed her lightly.

Yi Ruhan was also stunned and could not react in time to push him away.

After the kiss, both of them were out of breath. Seeing that Feng Yiyang's face was red, Yi Ruo Han smiled gently. She couldn't hold her face anymore and wanted to crawl back under the blanket, but Feng Yiyang held her by the arm and pulled her down onto the bed.

"I'll read to you." He took out yesterday's book from under his pillow and handed it to her, "Take a look yourself, where did you hear that last night?"

Yesterday, when she was listening, she fell asleep. Feng Yiyang was afraid that if he continued speaking, she would become confused, so she simply let her watch by herself.

Seeing that there was a book to read, she wasn't shy about it. She held the book for a long time before pointing it out cautiously.

Feng Yiyang leaned her head against his shoulder, and the voice he used to read to her was as gentle as coaxing a child. Yi Han's heart softened even further, and she involuntarily wrapped her arms around his. Feng Yiyang felt her small movements and did not point it out, but there was a bit of a smile in his voice.

"Did Han'er like it?" After about an hour of reading, Feng Yiyang asked softly.

"Mm …" A raving reply.

Sleeping again? Feng Yiyang helplessly held his forehead and put the book down, allowing her to lean on it like this and cover her with the blanket.

In his previous life, when he looked at her from afar, he couldn't forget about her for the rest of his life. For the sake of her, he would never marry, and he never had any feelings for anyone beside him. She was by his side all her life, how could he not cherish her?

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