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C8 Blood Wolf Bandits

Right now, Li Yun's group was following a merchant group on their way to the Sky Dragon Empire's capital city.

Because Lei Meng and the others had already completed their mission and their vacation was almost over, they had to rush to the Sky Dragon Devil Martial School, one of the five best academies on the continent. It just so happened that there was a caravan that was leaving from Loke Town to Dragon City, allowing Li Yun and the others to catch a ride.

The Rainbow Cloud Trading Company was a medium-sized trading company in the Sky Dragon Empire, and their goods were only transported from Loke Town to Dragon Capital. Their main goods were magical beasts and some light goods like silk and cloth that were transported from the Roaring Thunder Empire.

A medium-sized trading company would normally bring a few small trading companies with it in order to form a large scale. This way, it would be able to scare off some small troubles on the road, but not all trading companies could ship goods with a large sized trading company. Generally, only those small trading companies that were attached to a medium-sized trading company would have this kind of opportunity, so these small trading companies were all affiliated with the Rainbow Cloud Trading Company.

The team from Loke Town, after passing through Sack County and passing through the Grand Canyon, they would be able to arrive at Dragon Capital. However, unless there was an urgent matter, most people wouldn't choose this route, because crossing the Grand Canyon was too dangerous, because the Grand Canyon was filled with bandit groups.

This time, the one in charge of the Rainbow Cloud Trading Company was an A ranked Mercenary Group called the Broken Heaven Mercenary Group, which had more than three thousand people. The leader was a bearded middle-aged man, and his name was Huck, who was at the late stage of the Sword God and the vice-captain was Huck's younger brother, Harvey, who was at the middle stage of the Sword God. This time, Hak had brought one thousand five hundred men with him. They were the elites of the Broken Heaven Mercenaries. Every mercenary had the strength of a senior swordsman, so it could be said that Hak had brought the main forces of the Broken Heaven Mercenaries with him.

The two brothers were very friendly! It had taken the two of them twenty years to develop the Broken Heaven Mercenary Group from an F-class mercenary group to an A-class mercenary group.

This Rainbow Cloud Trading Company was the fixed guardian of the Broken Sky Mercenary Group. Although the Rainbow Cloud Trading Company was only a medium-sized trading company, compared to the several large trading companies in the Heavenly Dragon Empire, a medium-sized trading company was a very good employer for an A ranked mercenary group. Those large companies with fixed mercenary groups were generally S-ranked or above.

However, at this moment, Huck and the others were not as relaxed as they used to be, because they heard that the canyon was not peaceful recently. One of the four big bandit groups, the Blood Wolf Gang, had come to the canyon. Hak, he had a feeling that this group of blood wolves was after them.

The unknown dangers were the most dangerous, so he had brought all of the Heaven Breaking Mercenaries along with him just in case something happened.

"Huck! "Come have a drink," Li Yun said to Huck as he saw him deep in thought. He poured a glass of wine, which was even given to him by Daina, the owner of Phoenix Bar, when they left Loke Town, in order to make Li Yun forgive her rudeness, "That's right, big brother Huck, you also want to come have a drink with us. This is one of the top wines in the continent, it's usually very hard to get a drink here, but now is a rare opportunity." Lei Meng said. When Li Yun and the others said they would take his car, he didn't complain at all and just accepted it. He even told Li Yun that this shipment was not safe and advised them to be careful on the way.

"There's still some time before we'll arrive at the Great Canyon Margaret. The bandits there have been quite a few lately. I still have to go prepare my defenses, so I won't be drinking with you guys." Huck said as he walked away.

"Bandits!" What robber? "Is it powerful?" Although Li Yun and the others knew that there were bandits on the canyon, nothing would happen to an A rank mercenary group after so many years.

The Great Canyon is a special existence, his right neighbour is the Takla Desert and his left neighbour is the Green Sand Grassland, they are located on either side of him, the Great Canyon Mountain Range is not only steep, but also snaked like a dragon, there are no numbers of trees on the mountain, it is convenient for thieves to hide and flee, the moment the Imperial Army arrives they would flee to the desert or grassland, they are simply unable to completely exterminate them! Huck replied.

"What? The blood wolf is here?" Lei Meng said in shock. It's just a gang, what's there to be surprised about. " Ai Lisi said in dissatisfaction.

Miss Ai Lisi, you don't know how powerful the Blood Wolf Thieves are. You need to know that the Blood Wolf Thieves Guild Leader, Blood Wolf Thieves, is already a God, and vice-captain Watson has also stepped into the God Realm. Huck said.

"Don't worry, my subordinates still have some strength. If you need it at that time, I will get them to help you. Moreover, isn't there still Lei Meng and the rest? They are the elites of the Sky Dragon Magic Academy. Li Yun pointed to Lei Meng and a few others in the carriage behind them.

"Brother Huck, one of Brother Li's men is making a move. Who cares if he turns the blood wolf into a dead wolf." Ai Lisi said. Hearing Ai Lisi's words, Lei Meng and the other two all nodded their heads vigorously. After all, their opponent was the infamous Blood Wolf Gang. Li Yun and the others knew this was human nature, so they didn't blame Hak.

"At this time, a mercenary ran over." Big brother, we'll arrive at the Great Canyon Margaret within two kilometers. Should we send someone to investigate? " The mercenary who came running over was the younger brother of the vice captain of the Broken Sky Mercenary Group, Huck.

"Alright, send out the mercenaries who are investigating us. Tell them to be careful, if they discover us, report back immediately." Huck ordered.

After Harvey left, Hak informed the mercenaries to rest and to pass through the canyon at noon!

"Brother Li, do you think the Blood Wolf Gang will come?" An Ni asked. An Ni had been very close to Li Yun recently. Li Yun believed that if he added more oil, he would be able to successfully take An Ni down. The Blood Wolf Bandit Group will definitely come. Just like what Huck said, the Blood Wolf Bandit Group is here for the Caiyun Trading Company. Now that the main boss is here, won't they show up? " Li Yun replied cordially.

The mercenaries that came back to report said that they didn't sense any danger. There weren't any ambushes on both sides of the mountain road or on the cliffs. The caravan continued on its way.

"Suddenly, the carriage stopped." "All of you, stop!" A voice came from the front of the team. It was Huck's voice. The carriages of Li Yun's group weren't in the front, they were in the middle, but they could hear the sound of voices. The few of them looked at each other and saw that the Blood Wolf Gang had arrived.

At the front of the caravan, five people were sitting on a high horse. One of them was a guy covered in a black magic robe while the other four were warriors. There were even scars on their faces. Li Yun looked at the five of them and discovered that the most powerful of the five was a peak God, the next was an early God. The most powerful of the five was a peak God, the next was an early God, and the next was probably the true leader of the Blood Wolf Bandit Group. These five men had five thousand men behind them. Each of them had the strength of a Great Swordsman. As expected of one of the three or four bandit groups in the continent, they were indeed powerful.

Huck walked up to them and said, "I am Huck, the leader of this caravan. May I know who you are?" A scene that Huck did not want to see now appeared. " "We're from the Blood Wolf Bandit Group. Leave the carriages and women for me. Men can scram for me. Otherwise, I won't leave a single one of you alive!" A rough voice rang in everyone's ears! One of the five men said. A group of youngsters behind him also started to shout and jeer.

"Is there no other choice?" He did not want to see his mercenaries fight with these thieves, because there was too much of a disparity between the strengths of the two. If they were to fight, it would only be a one-sided massacre.

"Lei Meng, why hasn't the person in charge of this caravan appeared yet? He should be the one to negotiate with the thieves after such a thing happened," Li Yun asked if he had seen the person in charge of the caravan. Brother Li, look at that guy hiding in the carriage and sticking his head out, isn't that right? " Lei Meng looked around and said. Harvey, why didn't the leader of the caravan come out to negotiate with the thieves? " Lei Meng asked Ha Wei who was beside him.

"Young master Lei Meng, that guy became the person in charge of the caravan only because he was the younger brother of the president of the trading company. Actually, he doesn't have much ability. Harvey said.

"Humph!" "If you don't seize this opportunity, brothers, kill them all!" One of the five men said, leading the bandits towards the caravan. "That brawny man directly clashed with the two brothers, Huck and Harvey. Their combined strength was equal to the brawny man's strength, after all, that brawny man had just stepped into the Demigod realm, and the sound of weapons clashing could be heard constantly. The rest of the mercenaries were no match for those thieves, and they were being pushed back bit by bit." Lei Meng, you guys go down and help Huck's men. This way, you can increase your combat experience. "Here are four Energy Cultivation Pills. Take them first after you guys go down. This will not only replenish your energy, but will also help you achieve a breakthrough." Li Yun said. "Yes, Big Brother Li." With the addition of Lei Meng's few Saint Rulers, and with the help of the Pei-Yuan Dan, the strength that Lei Meng's group of four could unleash was comparable to the Divine level expert, the Sky Breaking Mercenary Group, which was able to withstand the Blood Wolf's attack.

After that, Li Yun waved his hand and called Silvermoon out of the primal chaos tower, ordering him, "Silvermoon, watch over those four people, if they dare join the battle then kill them all." "Yes, Young Master." Silvermoon said.

At this time, the black-robed mage that had not acted since the start noticed the strength of Lei Meng and the other three and was about to cast his spell to kill them. Just as he was about to finish casting his spell, a cold handsome man suddenly appeared in front of him. So he was captured by Silvermoon. Silvermoon originally wanted to kill him, but he received a message from Li Yun asking him to capture that mage alive. Why did Li Yun want to capture that mage? It was mainly because Li Yun saw that old man's looks were not bad and had the potential to be a butler. Therefore, Li Yun let Silvermoon capture him alive so that mage could be his butler.

When the Blood Wolf saw that his own side's mage was captured alive in front of him, he didn't give me any face, he just slapped me in front of my subordinates, and the result is that the Blood Wolf who lost his head due to anger immediately led his other two subordinates, but he also doesn't think that a mage who could capture a peak Demigod in one move wouldn't be powerful. How could a God like him be able to deal with it? "If he goes up like this, isn't he just looking to die?" Sigh, since you want to die that badly, I can't let you down. In just half a minute, Silvermoon thought, there would no longer be a human like the Blood Wolf. All that was left would be the tattered carcass on the ground. If it wasn't for Silvermoon not wanting to expose too much of his power, Blood Wolf and the other two would have gone to report to Pluto.

"Alright, it's about time. It's time for the battle to end. Silvermoon, you go help Hak and the others kill the Demigod who is fighting against the two brothers." Li Yun said.

"Yes, young master." Silvermoon said.

Just as the brothers Huck and Harvey were fighting with the strong man, a shadow flashed in front of their eyes, and the strong man's head moved. Huck and Harvey were fighting with the strong man, and a shadow flashed in front of their eyes, and the strong man's head moved. Li Yun's voice sounded. The two brothers immediately woke up from their stupor and rejoined the battle.

Three hours later, the battle was over. This time, less than a hundred members of the Broken Sky Mercenary Group had died. Although many of them were heavily injured, this was still a miracle. Aside from Li Yun's reserved butler, all of the Blood Wolf Thieves were dead. The ones who reaped the most rewards in this battle were Lei Meng and the other three. Through this battle, the four of them had not only gained a lot of battle experience, but with the help of the Pei-Yuan Dan, the four of them had also improved greatly in cultivation. Lei Meng had successfully broken through the peak of the Sword Saint and reached the middle stage of the Sword God Stage, An Ni had reached the early stage of the Sword God Stage, Ai Lisi had reached the early stage of the Sword God Stage, and John was so close, he had only reached the peak of the Sword Saint.

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