Prince Lost His Memory Again/C446 Leaving the Palace Before the New Year
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Prince Lost His Memory Again/C446 Leaving the Palace Before the New Year
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C446 Leaving the Palace Before the New Year

No one had expected that person to be Lingsu, including Yici. She didn't even look at that person. Obviously, Lingsu didn't show himself either.

Even at the banquet hall just now, when the emissary spoke in such a manner, Yici did not even look at the guards beside him. It could be seen how deeply he hid himself.

Everything had happened without anyone knowing. Even Yue Niansheng didn't know what kind of situation the Anhe was in right now.

Generally speaking, the internal stability of the Anhe was a little stronger than his, Yue Yuan. Due to the frequent change of owners, the external stability seemed to have become somewhat pale.

The Moon Abyss Imperial Palace did not calm down after Laba. Instead, it became busier. After the Laba Festival, it would be the new year. After the new year, it would be New Year's Eve.

This was also the reason why they had been busy during this month. Furthermore, this was the first and most important year of Yue Niansheng's ascension.

In short, they were all busy, and those who were free didn't do anything. Ho Yun'er and Yici happened to be like this. One was very busy inside and outside, while the other was hugging the little princess all day long without doing anything.

Those who did not know would think that Yue Xintong was Yici's flesh and blood.

Ho Yun'er's dissatisfied voice sounded again, "Older sister, you are the person in charge, but you carry Xintong all day like nothing happened..." With helplessness and complaints.

"Why don't you let Yue Niansheng let me out? It is better not to see..." She retorted and also asked Xintong, "Little Xintong, do you think so? The godmother will take you out to play, okay?"

Actually, Yue Xintong was very cooperative and started to dance happily.

Yici laughed and replied even more proudly, "Look, your daughter has rebelled against you!"

Ho Yun'er said with a lovable voice, "Elder sister..."

Before she could finish, a voice sounded from outside the door, "The Emperor has arrived!"

As soon as the voice was heard, other than Yici, everyone stopped what they were doing and greeted her.

Yici heard this and became even happier as she softly muttered, "Just in time."

Facing Yue Niansheng who was wearing a dragon robe, Yici did not have the slightest fear. She hugged Xintong and looked at him and said, "We agreed to let me out of the Palace... I am going out of the Palace today!"

Yue Niansheng had not seen her in the past few days because he was afraid that she would request for this matter. When he found out that the messenger from Anhe had left, he came to Jiaofang Hall without revealing his emotions. It could be considered that he had agreed to her request to leave the Palace.

Yici saw that he was smiling without saying anything and then looked at the sky. It was already noon and she immediately went back on her words, "No... No, I will not leave today, I will leave tomorrow."

"I agree!" Yue Niansheng said with a playful smile. Her little thoughts could not escape Yue Niansheng.

Yici was still in a state of disbelief.

This... It was confirmed just like that? If outsiders don't know, don't tell me I don't know? Didn't you not see me because you are afraid that I will leave the Palace?

Before she could react, Ho Yun'er went up to remind her. It was not until Yue Niansheng took the little princess from her hand that she recovered her thoughts.

Hmph hmph, wait till I go out of the Palace, let's see which one of you can find me...

"Oh, Zhen reminds you, the Imperial City is full of Zhen's spies. Zhen knows when and where you have gone, so don't be petty... Otherwise, Zhen can get people to catch you anytime and anywhere. In the future, it will be impossible for you to leave the Palace... "Although he was talking to Yici, he was teasing Xintong. As he spoke.

Yici coldly snorted and thought in her heart, This Yue Niansheng is too cunning. Wait till I escape, I want to see how you catch me!

However, she said something else, "How is that possible? Don't worry. Since you said so, I will leave the Palace today... "

"Accurate!" Yue Niansheng did not look at her and only said one word. When Yici heard this word, it was a different meaning. It was like a life and death choice, one life and one death!

Yici was afraid that he would go back on his word and did not prepare anything. She directly walked towards the door and the moment her figure disappeared, "Then I will leave first!"

All of this happened too suddenly. Even Ho Yun'er did not recover from her shock when Yici had already disappeared from Jiaofang Hall.

If she escaped because of this, this scene would be the last time Ho Yun'er saw her. She did not even say goodbye. Even Yuan, Little Ni, and Feng did not have time to say anything before they saw her disappear from the door.

Yue Niansheng laughed lightly and said to the void, "Return in three days! Go..."

Ho Yun'er heard it and knew that it was definitely not to them. It was to Yici or someone else.

How could he let her leave the Palace alone?

In less than two hours, Yici had already rushed to the entrance of the Palace. Helplessly, she was stopped by the Imperial Guards. She did not have a waist tag. She did not have any silver taels and did not bring anything with her. Only Yue Niansheng gave an order. What the hell was that? She still could not get out.

She stood at the palace entrance and cursed, "Are you kidding me? !!"

Just as she was cursing, Yan Er stepped forward and showed his waist tag. Those people immediately flattered him. Even if he didn't show his waist tag, they knew who he was.

" Let them in! " One of them waved his hand and said.

The others instantly made way for them to pass.

Yici only knew what Yue Niansheng meant when she saw Yan Er following her. At first, she didn't think too much about it, but when Yan Er came, she understood everything.

Wasn't this just finding a fart for her? Furthermore, she had no way of getting rid of this follower, so she could only blame him for being ruthless.

But when she thought about getting out, Yici wanted to let the bird fly away. She was free now. No matter who it was that followed her, she could ignore it!

After another two hours, Yici realized that she could not get rid of the person behind her no matter how hard she tried. She started to go crazy. Initially, she wanted to have a good time with him. She did not say whether she could escape or not, but at least for the next three days, she felt at ease.

However, the person behind her followed her all the way. She was fast and he was also fast. She was slow, but he was also slow. She took a step back, and he also took a step back. Moreover, he belonged to the category of people who didn't say a word. This made Yici incomparably unhappy. She turned around and glared at him and said, "Why are you following me? Go do what you need to do!"

Although she knew that these words were useless, she still wanted to vent and educate him. When Yan Er heard this, he only cupped his fists and bowed, not saying a word. This made Yici even more unhappy. Did he bring a block of wood out?

As she walked, Yici suddenly had a flash of inspiration. She turned her head and asked with a malicious smile, "Do you have any silver on you?"

Yan Er did not say a word and took out the silver notes from his body to give to her. She took the silver note very straightforwardly, turned around and hid in the crowd. Luckily, Yan Er was very skilled in martial arts. He found her while a few figures were wandering around. At this moment, he was still following behind her.

It was almost the end of the year. Just like every year, it was very lively. Naturally, there were more people.

Yici quickly shuttled through the streets. In a flash, she arrived in front of the bustling crowd. In a flash, she entered a shop and went back and forth. Even Yan Er did not know what she was going to do.

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