The alarm clock rings every Monday through Friday at 7: 37. This meant that Mu Hai was going to get up. He would wait for the alarm to go off, turn it off, and then lie back down on the bed. After five minutes, the alarm would start ringing again. He jumped up from the bed in a flurry of bullets. It was too late, too late.

Mu Hai was an ordinary white-collar worker who had just graduated. He didn't have an outstanding appearance, a devilish body, or an illustrious family background. His hair was long and curly, and he wore black-rimmed glasses. His face had a little baby fat, and his eyebrows were growing quite well. His eyes weren't big, but his smile was on the same level as his eyes. The appearance she was most proud of was her mouth, which was small and tender ? His facial features were pretty good, but when he rubbed them together, they looked very ordinary.

He was about to miss the bus to the subway station. He ran all the way from the residential area to the train station. Every time he did so, he would remind himself to set the alarm clock five minutes before tomorrow. He had to do it. However, every time before going to bed, he would tell himself that he wouldn't need to sleep for the next five minutes, and that it would be fine to fight back and forth with his psychological warfare. This led to such an appearance day after day.

"Whew ~" The driver, who was considered lucky enough to bump into him, was a few minutes late and caught up.

After catching up to the crowded subway, fortunately to understand the law of the subway, work peak period there is an empty car. He didn't want to go to the company standing on his feet. His legs were about to break.

After getting a spot, he leaned his head against the partition and closed his eyes, ready to sleep at the company station.

Mu Dahai could always close his eyes and hear the disgusted voices of others, but he could not change the current situation. This was something that Mu Hai was already used to. Following the principle of not looking or listening, he continued to wander.

He couldn't stand it. There were too many people on Monday, so he didn't know why there were so many people on Monday. Mu Hai Yang sat on the seat and closed his eyes to rest. It was unknown who accidentally kicked her. One kick was enough, he didn't want to see who it was. Perhaps it was unintentional to have more people, but he couldn't kick them back, right?

After a while, he was kicked again. Mu Hai Yang was still feeling strange, what was going on today? Forget it, it doesn't matter if there were more people. Just as she was cursing that person in her heart and getting kicked again, Mu Hai Yang's anger was ignited. She was ready to make a fuss about it with that person.

Opening her eyes impatiently, she was immediately scared to the point of peeing her pants. She could not help but say: "Aiyo, what the hell, how come I can see myself?" What was going on?

Mu Hai Yang saw that she was leaning on the wall and no one was kicking her. But she did see herself.

"Am I going out of my mind? What would it be like to be absent from work today? Tell the boss that I am in the subway where the yang is so strong? Who the hell would believe that! "I won't stay here forever, right?" They had only driven two stops, and they were still seventeen from Muhai. Just floating there and looking at him? Look at the people in the car pushing and shoving. Do you despise me and I despise you?

"No, I have to go back!" "This soul exit is no joke, I, Ma Mi, said that my soul leave the body for forty-nine days, if I don't bring it back, I'll have to go back ?"

He tried to do what was shown on TV and hit himself with it. He should be able to go back. Even after running into a few stops, he was still afraid that he would run into something else. I'll just guard this body!

Sitting on the windowsill behind him, he placed his feet on his body. It was his, and now it's just a soul that isn't dirty. He propped his chin up with his hands and thought, "Am I watching too many novels on TV? What the hell was this? Wasn't there supposed to be a Daoist taking me in on the show? Or do you want to help me get my body back? Then, I will thank you a million times ? " Mu Hai Yang had already completed a movie in his head.

Even though the train was halfway through its journey, the situation had yet to change. What should they do? When I get to the Terminal Station, I have to be dragged away like this. Would others pull me to think I'm dead? Mu Hai Yang's brain opened up again, unable to contain what was going on in her mind.

I suddenly remembered, who kicked me just now? It was definitely a demonic moth that had appeared from that person. Only now did he look around to see if there were any suspicious people. He looked left and right, but didn't see anything. Unexpectedly, a voice sounded from behind his ears, "You're thinking of me now?"

It scared Mu Hai so much, did he even bring a one-on-one soul pet? Turning his head to the side, he saw a man who was about the age of a few years old. He had short hair, a handsome appearance, and had delicate facial features, just like a bright young man.

He was still thinking randomly, "Is this the male lead?" "Aiyah, I'm so embarrassed to be the female lead, aren't I?" Another voice said to him, "Mu Hai, are you crazy? Your soul is still floating outside, what are you thinking about? "

That's right, that's right. Mu Hai regained his senses and asked in a tone as if he had been reading martial arts novels for many years, "Who are you?" She believed that such a tone would be very imposing and would definitely intimidate the other party. To put it bluntly, it was her catchphrase, her idiom!

However, the other person slapped her on the head, laughing so hard that tears came out of her eyes. "Mu Hai, have you gone mad?"

"You're the one who's crazy! Your whole family is crazy!" The smile instantly caused Mu Hai to fly into a rage.

That man held back his laughter and said: "I won't laugh, I won't laugh! What are you doing here? "

"Can't you see that I'm guarding my body?" Mu Hai Yang even pointed at the body beneath his feet.

"Pfft." That person couldn't hold back his laughter.

Mu Hai Yang's face became darker and darker, and she was too lazy to care about him. Not long later, after he had laughed enough, he continued, "Then, what do you want to do?"

"What do we do?" Mu Hai Yang unhappily replied.

The man pointed at the flesh beneath her feet and understood what he meant.

"I don't know!" I can't be kicked off the subway with just a few kicks, can I? What's the use of keeping her alive so easily? " If she never believed that she could die from just a few kicks, then she would be too weak. If she died, then so be it. In her next life, even if she threw a good body that could not be kicked a few times, she would still die.

Only now did Mu Hai react. "Who are you?" How can you talk to me? "

"Do you want to know who I am? "Five days later when Jiangnan comes to find me, I'll tell you." The man said in a tricked tone.

"Are you crazy!? Jiangnan is so big, south of the Yangtze River is called Jiangnan. It's not just an address, you have to tell me the number I can only find by navigation, okay? Besides, only a ghost would come looking for you. Whether I can live is still a question. "Sigh ~ Let's think about the problem of how to survive first." As he spoke, he began to worry about whether he could survive. Who cares who he was? What about Jiang-Nan and Jiangbei?

"If you come to Jiangnan, I'll definitely find out ?." The man was ready to say more. But he was interrupted by Mu Hai Yang: "Stop! I'm not free! "Find whoever you want." The male lead, who had started to daydream, continued to communicate with Mu Hai, causing him to worry that his body was getting more and more agitated. He also didn't want to continue listening to him speak.

He mumbled to himself, "What should I do? We only have two stations left before we arrive at the company. What should I do?!" He felt really frustrated. He stomped on his shoulder again, but was still unable to enter. With a sad face, he raised his head to look at the top of the train. He stretched out his hands and shouted, "Can the Daoist Priest pay for me?"

"Yo-ho, I'll return the favor. Why don't you come and find me?" That person cajoled and lied in Mu Hai's ear.

"Are you for real?" You got a soul yourself, and even helped me return the favor. How embarrassing is that? " Mu Dahai's tone was first filled with disbelief, but when he heard that he would return the favor, he immediately rallied his spirits and said with an urgent tone, "Come, come, come. It's almost too late for me to go to work!" He did not hesitate to tell him to hurry up.

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