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Seeing her in such a state, he held onto the table for a long time! Only then did Jia Zhi realize that the girl had been holding on from eating too much. She quickly ordered someone to bring her some tea. She originally wanted to moisten her throat so that she wouldn't choke on it! Who knew that her stomach would hold so much? After forcing it away for a while, Excellent Era could only digest it with her. "Hai Yang, you can't eat that much! Don't want to eat it! It's not like there won't be any tomorrow after eating today! "

This sentence was meant to appease her, but it was misinterpreted by her as: Tomorrow, I still have so much. I can't even eat dinner anymore!

"Also, when I'm hungry in the future, the kitchen will prepare snacks later on!" She kindly told her that she didn't need to eat so much in the afternoon, and that she would usually prepare snacks for them in the afternoon, which was also known as afternoon tea!

If those words had been misinterpreted, then Mu Dahai's words sounded like thunder from a clear sky! What the hell? You still need to eat? Thinking about it, it seems to eat early in the ancient times, then I'll just hide it as a midnight snack, I'm really quick-witted! In ancient times, people like him could only sleep without the internet and television, but where could he sleep so early in the morning? He was already used to staying up late at night. He would definitely be so hungry that he wouldn't be able to sleep at night, just in case he had to eat!

After an hour, he finally recovered. He had been quite lucky to have come to this world. What he had encountered were all good things. Mu Hai Yang had always believed that living in the present moment, who knew what would happen tomorrow? I can't just go out and take a look. It would be great if I went back!

Mu Hai Hai was an activist. Thinking of this, he said, "Excellent Era, why don't you come with me to see the world?" Knowing that he was a soft-hearted person, she begged him to let her take him out for a stroll. Most importantly, she had no money!

His calculations were very loud. He couldn't wring her hand, so he had to promise her, but he didn't want her to bring a cell phone. It was better not to carry this sort of thing on his body! He had wanted to take a few pictures, but if he didn't want to take them, then so be it!

After returning to her room to clean up, Jia Zhi gave her a set of men's clothing. This way, it would be more convenient to enter and exit.

"It really is like a television novel. You want to dress up with me? Hehe, I like that! " Mu Dahai's mind was in a mess again. He felt that it was just convenient!

After she was done changing, she turned to the door and asked Jia Zhi, "Jia Zhi, am I handsome?"

Even Excellent Era didn't want to talk to her anymore. They didn't understand what she meant. She signaled the two maidservants by her side to help her pass through once more.

The ancients were really troublesome, layer after layer. The thought of undressing was even more troublesome. It wasn't easy to get her dressed, so she went out. He was dressed like a young master and even pretended to ask for a scholar's fan. At this moment, Mu Hai thought to himself that he would definitely learn the scene of Zhou Xingchi's Tang Bohu and take liberties with that good woman! Thinking of this, he was dumbfounded and burst out laughing. This world was truly amazing!

"Let's go, Jia Zhi!" She stopped laughing and pulled him away, but how could she know where the exit was? He could only wait for the conversation between Jia Zhi and Xuan Zhi before taking her out.

Xuan Zhi saw Mu Hai who was dressed in men's clothes and was slightly surprised. This girl had truly made people look at her in a new light!

Seeing that Jia Zhi still hadn't moved, Mu Hai pulled him away with her impatient personality. She left behind regrets for thinking about her Mysterious God!

He then waved his hand and a person came out from behind the door, "Your Highness!"

"Follow them!" Xuan Zi did not reply him with any orders.

"Yes!" That person flew up to the roof and quietly left!

Along the way, Mu Hai was really curious, looking left and right. If they wanted to buy something to eat, they really needed to do a lot of things. After strolling around for nearly two hours, he felt extremely tired. There are so many more things on this street than there are in Suzhou.

"Yoho, is Young Master going to buy it for the young lady?" He walked to a stall and saw that the jewelry was quite unique. He casually picked one up and started scrutinizing it. Only then did the stall owner open his mouth.

"I'll buy it for myself!" Immersed in this object, Mu Dahai casually spoke out. This was enough to scare the booth owner. Could this young master have some sort of special habit?

Jia Zhi hurried forward to explain, "My younger sister's name is' Subset ', don't blame her!"

Mu Hai Yang finally reacted and gave him tens of thousands of Likes. Truly smarter than me! As expected, the reaction of those who read the book was fast. Looking at him as though a fool, to think that he would have such a reaction. He was truly impressed! His good impression of her had greatly increased, and he had completely forgotten about the matter of her leaving the hotel.

"Eh, is there really a martial arts manual for sale in this era?" It's good to learn to protect your life! " Mu Dahai was still dreaming about her martial arts dream, talking to himself. He thought that this girl wanted to read some sort of book or a ring, but he didn't expect her to know how to read, so he said to her, "Come, I'll take you to a place!" He pulled her into the hall. At this moment, Jia Zhi forgot that men and women shouldn't be intimate with each other as he pulled her away in public. Two men! What would people think? He must have a hobby of breaking his sleeves!

"The Temple of Peace!" "What is this place?" Mu Hai Yang stood in front of the door and looked at the plaque before asking Jia Zhi who was beside him.

It's really scary to be able to read so little, yet you don't even know about the academy? Of course! After entering, he realized that this was equivalent to the Library of Heaven's Path! Then I'm sure I don't have the book I want. After looking at the words for a long time, it was really difficult for him to understand them. What the hell was going on? Are there any traditional characters? There was no hope for the simple characters, or was it just a little book for drawing? The people inside were all refined scholars, and as they were familiar with Jia Zhi City, most of them greeted him and said something similar. Mu Hai was not in the mood to listen as he kept on looking for martial arts manuals! However, he was unable to find a single book which he was capable of deciphering. It was a book which he was either unable to decipher or was filled with words. It was a book which he had yet to draw and he was unable to decipher.

Seeing that Jia Zhi was still happily chatting with them, Mu Hai was also not interested. Go out for a walk.

He then went out to get some fresh air! She wanted to read a book, so she brought her here. She wanted to see which corner she hid in to pick up a favorite book to read, so she didn't care that she disappeared.

Mu Hai Yang looked up at the sky and thought: It's only 4 o'clock! Why was there someone cooking? As expected, the ancients ate early. He had to hide some snacks tomorrow. It would be a wonder if he couldn't starve to death!

While walking, I remember walking along the river. Where is this place now? Speaking of which, he wasn't an idiot, so why didn't he know anything? Maybe it was because he was too busy shopping just now and didn't pay attention to where he was going. Yes, that's right!

Mu Hai Yang really knew how to defend himself. As he was walking, his attention was not focused on the street as he bumped into someone. Rubbing his forehead, he cried out in pain, "Aiya, my mom!"

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