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He had knocked the other party onto the ground while he was still alive. Are you so fat, Mu Hai? Or was the other side too thin? As he lowered his head to take a look, it was indeed a girl's house. It was a charming smile! Wait, how did this girl come out of her room? This look didn't matter. Seeing that the lady had stood up by herself, she fell into her arms and said, "Young Master, follow me in!"

What the hell was this? Only then did he realize that she had accidentally come to the "House of Good Dawn"! What the hell, isn't the name of this brothel too ostentatious? So this girl came out to stand in the street? The girls standing at the door in the TV movies? Why are you out so early? What a sin!

When Mu Dahai thought of this, he nearly clasped his hands together and said, "Amitabha!" What should he do? You don't want to enter, but you don't want to?

The girl was still pulling her inside with one hand. At this time, Mu Hai's heart wavered. It was just out of curiosity! Why don't we just go in? It's also good to have long eyes. In ancient times, even if there was a broken sleeve, there should still be a pull! At most, he could just recognize her and chase her out!

After considering the worst outcome, he laughed out loud and revealed a perverted look as he pulled on the girl's hand and said, "Good, good, good! "Miss, please lead the way. This one will follow you!" He had learned some of these forms of etiquette in the Kaji and was acting them out on television!

The plot had changed too quickly, causing the girl to regret it. Why did she pull a pervert over to her doorstep! He truly had no luck. He had to put in more effort than others to get the same amount of money! Seeing that this girl didn't have her previous gallantry, Mu Hai felt funny and wanted to tease her a bit. He held her hand and kept touching her, causing the young girl to quickly withdraw her hand. He was looking at her pervertedly again. How could someone who came out to stand on the street be shy? This was a routine!

Perhaps it was still early in the morning, and there were not many people in the House of Good Dawn. They were not as intoxicated as they had imagined. He immediately lost interest and decided to wait until he had enough money to see what it was like in the evening! Thus, he stopped halfway down the road, clasped his hands, and said to the girl: "Sir, please have some self-respect! I am a cultivator and cannot be broken! "

Seeing him act so cultured and refined, she thought he was a weak scholar, but she didn't expect him to be such a pervert. Hearing him say so, she quickly went down the stairs and pretended to tease him so that the old procuress could see that it wasn't that she wasn't working hard, but rather that she wasn't moved by him ?

The two of them walked down the stairs in a blissful manner. The moment they stepped out of the door, they saw the panting Jia Zhi.

Jia Zhi looked suspiciously at Mu Hai and said, "I didn't see you in the club earlier. I heard you came here, so I came looking for you!"

Seeing him leave the brothel! Is there any way to explain it? Before he could come up with an explanation, he heard Excellent Era saying angrily: "Why did you come out from inside?"

This, that! After all, he couldn't possibly tell him that he wanted to go and have a look, especially since he was a girl!

"Let's go back first!" I don't know how to explain it, but I can guarantee that I didn't do anything! " Mu Dahai truly didn't know how to explain. He could only raise his hand and swear that he hadn't done anything, that he hadn't disgraced their prince's family!

Seeing her so serious, Jia Ruidao knew that she knew her limits, so he didn't say anything more. Carrying a few books that had been flipped over by Mu Dahai, he walked towards the Li Palace!

Within the Li Palace, Xuan Zhi was sitting on the throne, listening to this person's report about where they had gone and what they had done. Finally, the voice of the mysterious man rose to a higher pitch, "What? You went to a brothel? " He obviously didn't believe that someone as refined as his brother would go to a brothel, so his veins immediately popped out. It must be that woman who did this, as expected, it wasn't some good stuff.

Then he heard the man say: "My lord! It wasn't that Lord Fifth had gone to a brothel, but rather, that woman had gone to a brothel! "

"Say that again!" This was the first time he had heard of a woman going to a brothel. He had thought that her little brother had gone to a brothel, and upon his return, he would definitely spank her until her butt bloomed!

After that person told Xuan Zhi everything that had happened, he calmed down and waved his hand to indicate that he could leave.

Moments later, he saw two people walking in through the door with a mischievous smile on their faces! When Mu Hai Hai happened to hide behind Jia Zhi's cold gaze, he quietly said: "I'll go back to my room first!"

"Don't you need any more food?" Jia Zhi even said in a voice that she could hear as he watched her back as she left.

What kind of meal is this? You don't even have the slightest bit of discernment, and you didn't even see your brother's face turn green. It's more important to protect your life! Protect your life! Sorry, I have to leave first. Mu Hai was really worried for Ye Zichen, so he immediately ran away!

"Just now you said you were hungry, why did you go back to your room without eating?" "Women are really strange." Jia Zhi Zhe mumbled to himself.

He walked up to the mysterious man and bowed! Xuan Zhi said, "Jia Zhi, stay away from that girl!" Xuan Zhi was worried that his foolish brother wouldn't be fooled by the other party. That girl's origin was not just right, and taking her in was already the best favor he could do for her.

"Brother, Hai Yang is not some bad person. She lives in a different world from ours!" He tried to explain to her that he was afraid his brother was going to kick her out of the house.

"Don't know courtesy, honor, and shame, speak with no end in mind, flaunt yourself through the city, and enter and leave the land of fireworks ?" Do you want me to continue? " Xuan Zhi listed out a series of events regarding Mu Hai, and was extremely dissatisfied with this woman's actions. He had always been the father and brother of Jia Zhi, so his words had never been disobeyed. This time, he actually spoke up for a girl he hadn't known for a day, causing his affability level with Mu Hai to drop to a negative level!

Jia Zhi didn't dare to say anything else. He secretly planned to give Mu Hai Hai some food to take over. The two of them silently ate their meal, and Xuan Zhi saw that he had taken some pastries. He, a scholar, actually dared to do such a thing. At this moment, he had a plan in his heart! He couldn't let this girl stay in the mansion any longer.

After Jia Zhi left, he sent out two or three martial skills. From the looks of it, his martial arts skills were not weak! After instructing a few words, the other party understood the situation!

They all knew that in the Li Palace, one of them was diligently studying poetry, while the other one was an expert in martial arts and possessed quite a bit of literary talent. This meant that a person who only knew martial arts knew how to read and a person who knew martial arts also knew how to read! Mu Hai had heard all of this from the maid. He couldn't help but sigh with emotion. With these skills, he was simply too inhumane and could turn hostile at any moment!

Kajah came to her door and knocked. The master inside was lying on the bed, playing a game with his legs crossed. Luckily, he had grabbed a phone to divert the day away, or else he would really have lost his life.

"Come in, come in!" She was chewing on something, unable to move her hands away from the game. Her eyes followed the screen, but she didn't even know who it was.

The way I look at my phone is really like "I don't listen to anything outside the window, I just want to look at my phone". If it was that mysterious guy, he would have to take the stick.

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