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"Here!" Kajah brought the hidden pastries to her.

Mu Hai Yang quickly paused, and then his eyes lit up as he grabbed the pastries and said to him: "Jia Zhi you are so good! This is really my lucky star! I'm already regretting not going to eat. " He couldn't stop her mouth from eating. Jia Zhi watched as she wolfed down the food, telling her to eat slower!

He really could eat. After eating so much at noon, he was hungry again at this time. This was definitely the reason why he had spent the entire afternoon strolling around. Yes, definitely! In his heart, he despised himself for a long time.

"You eat first, I'll put the book on the table." Kaji thought it would be disrespectful to stay in a woman's room like this, so he prepared to leave.

"Don't!" Do you have any entertainment programs tonight? My phone is out of battery, so I can't charge it? " She had to find a way to trick him to get out of the house as soon as she got up. She still wanted to go to a brothel!

She didn't understand much of what she was saying, but she said, "You have nothing to read." Ignoring her, he went out. He kept thinking about his brother's words, telling him to stay away from Mu Hai Yang. He more or less remembered it in his heart. On one side, it was impossible for him to be further away from the ocean, and on the other side, he couldn't go against the rules. Right now, he was very conflicted.

After Mu Hai finished eating, he lay back down on the bed. Indeed, the aftermath of his transmigration was too boring. After visiting this place for a few more days, he would not know how to spend his time. In just one day, Mu Hai Yang actually wanted to live for the 21st century. How was he going to live in the future? He didn't have any skills or kung fu, and he didn't know many large characters, much less know how to draw zither, chess, painting, or even basic red. Fortunately, he had fallen in this mansion, otherwise he would probably have died long ago! If he didn't even have a survival skill, how would he survive? What would he eat if he lost the fight in the Prince's Mansion?

Mu Hai Yang suddenly had a flash of inspiration and jumped up from the bed. He asked the servants on the way over, and finally found Jia Zhi's room. He knocked on the door and pushed it open. This push scared the people inside!

"Wood Sea!" Get out! " When she saw who it was, she shouted in embarrassment and annoyance.

Because he was taking a bath, when he first stepped into the water, he thought that the person knocking on the door was a servant serving him, so he didn't care. At this moment, he was standing naked in the cask. Luckily, the screen had blocked most of it for him. He thought that it shouldn't be important for her to see it, right? He quickly squatted into the big wooden bucket.

Indeed, he didn't see anything. This girl had myopia and night blindness. Moreover, what was lit in the ancient times wasn't any spotlight. What could a few candles see? Besides, even if a modern man were to see you, you don't have to care, do you? It's not like I'm missing a piece of meat.

The servants who heard the commotion outside were all preparing to enter the room, but they were all frightened by Excellent Era, so it was better for them to maintain their current state.

"Aiya, my brother Jia Qi, it's nothing much to take a bath for, I didn't see anything." The ancients just wouldn't open their doors. They were already so old, yet they were still acting like this. In the modern era, there were many exhibitionists who were eager for others to look at him. Mu Hai Yang was blaming him.

"Sit on the bed and don't move!" If she was told to stay away, it would sound like she was a peeping Tom.

How could my Wood Sea be so weak? If you want to see naked, just look at the chest muscles of a foreign man. What is an ancient man like you doing? Besides, it wasn't mine after all. I really didn't understand.

He quickly stopped showering and put on his clothes. His hair was still wet on his face and shoulders. A picture of a beautiful man coming out of the bath appeared.

Mu Hai saw this and was shocked. He really regretted not seeing this! To be so handsome, it would be good to nurture the eyes as well! He really wanted to slap himself a few times. He felt so regretful that his intestines turned green. Eh, what's going on in my head? It was more important to be serious!

Looking at this scene, he felt a little embarrassed. He lowered his head and said with a blush, "Um ? Can you lend me some silver? "

"What do you want the silver for?" The palace doesn't lack anything? If you lack anything, just tell it to the servant girl. " At this point of time, Jia Zhi calmed down and asked in confusion.

"Lend me some!" I'll pay you back later. Brother Jia Zhi, let's borrow some money! " Seeing that he didn't want to borrow it, Mu Hai became cute and cute. This move could be used anywhere, right?

But in his heart, he was thinking that if she wanted money, she wasn't going to the fireworks again, right? Did he come out today because he didn't have any money?

Seeing that he still did not budge, Mu Dahai made another strange admission, "Today, I saw those beggars on the road. I wanted to buy something for them to eat tomorrow. I'll definitely return it to you in the future ? "

Jia Zhi sighed helplessly. He knew that she was spouting nonsense, but he still couldn't bear her begging her for fifty taels of silver.

Mu Hai Yang took the silver, thanked him and guaranteed that he would return it, then happily left the house. He still did not know what 'fifty taels' was. In any case, it would only take a few months for someone to spend a few taels of silver on television. He knew that this fifty taels was definitely not a small amount.

He hummed a small tune as he walked towards his room. After turning the corner, she bumped into another person. This time, she was knocked to the ground. Just as she was about to curse out in anger, she saw that person's face and forcefully held it in.

The two people behind her quickly walked to her side and covered her mouth with the square handkerchief in their hands. Mu Hai Yang's eyes widened. She didn't even have time to react before she fainted. The two of them lifted her up and left through the side door of the mansion.

The palace finally became quiet! His mood unexpectedly became jubilant and his face was full of smiles, as if he was afraid that others would not know that he was very happy. This was too different from his usual self. This girl was indeed a disaster. As he thought about it, his face darkened and he returned to his normal dignified appearance.

Just after midnight, the two came to the study room to inform him that everything was going well and to send this scourge away. Xuan Zhi nodded with satisfaction and the two of them left the room.

She was looking forward to see this woman, how could she continue to live? The more he thought about it, the happier he became. What would happen when she woke up? At this moment, Mysterious Black Hell felt especially good. It felt so good that it made him laugh out loud in the middle of the night. Finally, he could take revenge. Today, the Duke's Mansion had been turned upside down by her. He thought about how he would explain it to Excellent Era tomorrow.

Prince Li, you're really unlucky. After thinking about Mu Hai's expression when he woke up after a long time, it must have been really funny. It was really a pity that he couldn't see such a great thing with his own eyes.

The next morning, Xuan Zhi was sitting in the main hall, waiting for Jia Zhi to arrive. If there was a newspaper in the ancient times, he would definitely be drinking tea while flipping through the newspaper like an antique.

Jia Zhi bowed to him and asked, "How come Hai Yang is missing? Her burden is also gone. "

"She is! "Yesterday, he borrowed some silver from me and said that it would not be good to bother you any longer. Thus, he left in the middle of the night." Xuan Zhi calmly replied, not letting Jia Zhi know what was going on.

"So the reason why you asked me for the silver was for this as well?" Jia Zhi Zhi muttered to himself. Suddenly, he asked again, "Did she say where she was going?"

"This... "I didn't ask. She left after giving me the silver!" If Mu Dahai was here, he would definitely say that he was truly an Oscar actor. His acting was truly too good!

Without another word, they both went to eat breakfast. Yesterday was the day the two of them got sick and took the day off!

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