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The month that they had been ill was not a big deal. It was just another neighbouring country waging war and returning more and more forcefully, so there was nothing much to discuss about the morning assembly.

"Third brother, fifth brother, are you still alright?" The Emperor was dressed in dragon robes as he sat upright on the seat of the Nine Five Supremes' Sovereign. One could not make out his expression. It was said that the monarch was heartless. It seemed that he was just acting. If Mu Hai saw this, he would definitely think that the ancient talents would all be bestowed with a little gold person. He really can act.

After hearing his majesty's words, the Mysterious Jia De hurriedly stepped forward and said in an official tone, "Many thanks for your concern, royal brother. We are fine!"

Seeing that their faces were rosy, they should have recovered from their illness. Since there was nothing serious happening recently, they gave the two of them a few days of rest before retreating.

The two of them returned home without a word. Day after day, similar days passed. It wasn't until three days later that things started to change.

"Master, send her to Fringe City." One person came to report in the night, so the mission was finally completed.

"Alright, you can go now!" Xuan Zhi expressionlessly called for him to come out, but the people underground did not move. This confused Xuan Zhi. "What else do you want?"

The one on the ground was Xuan Zhi's trusted aide, so he naturally understood Xuan Zhi's temperament. However, what was going on today?

"Master, forgive Lian Feng for talking too much ?" Lian Feng was also afraid of being punished by Xuan Zhi so he first gave him a dose of medicine and continued to ask, "Why send her to the border between the two countries and start a war there? If you don't want her to be sent to a remote place, then ?"

The mysterious gaze shook and interrupted his words, "What? You were also drunk by her? Why must you speak up for her? "

This girl was really not an ordinary person. She managed to change the sexual nature of everyone in the family in one day and one night?

He quickly said, "Lian Feng doesn't dare." There was something fishy about this mystery. Normally, if someone were to ask him what they didn't understand, he would tell them. This was because the prince occasionally had to confide in someone, so why was it that he had been the target of this confession for so many years?

"Go down!" Arcanum realized he had overreacted and put on a calm voice.

Fringe City.

As a result of the war, people were displaced, abandoned, and starved. I don't know what this city is called, because it has always been abandoned. It could possibly be in the hands of neighbouring countries next month, and it could even be in the hands of An He next month ? People call it Fringe. Yue An and his country had taken the border city from their neighbors, and now there were people left in the city who were either dead or disabled. There were also some homeless people who didn't even have anything to eat, just a well to fill their stomach, and even if they had money they wouldn't be able to spend it on others. This Li Xuan wanted Mu Hai to die in despair, right? Truly heartless. The imperial capital was merciless!

Mu Hai Yang was thrown into a dilapidated house by Lian Feng. Fortunately, no one discovered her; otherwise, there would be a few men who would be interested in her during this broad daylight when she was in such a coma.

"Ouch, it hurts!" Before Mu Hai even opened his eyes, his body was propping itself up as he mumbled to himself. It wasn't her fault. After being unconscious for a few days, coupled with the bumpy road, he felt hungry and painful after waking up. She hadn't opened her eyes for a long time. When she opened her eyes and saw the scene in front of her, she felt as if there were countless horses galloping in her heart!

"Damn, what the hell is this? How did I become a beggar? Did I cross over again? Did he even wear it like that? Become an honored guest of the prince's mansion and a beggar every day? Then will you become a imperial concubine tomorrow? " Mu Hai kept on talking to himself, complaining to the heavens and the earth. When he found out that his school bag was still there, as well as his phone and clothes, he couldn't have worn it again, right? It was only then that he recalled the incident of that night when he bumped into the Profound Sky Continent: "Li Xuan, what grudge do you and I have with each other? Are you trying to kill me!? Hum, hmph ~ Feng Shui turned, just you wait! " First, he cursed for a while and resolved that he would definitely take revenge one day!

Moments later, the resolve he had made in the broken house vanished. He went outside and saw the entire African Refugee Street. Was he going to eat the dirt? You want to eat dirt again before the 21st? He felt around and found that the fifty silver from Jia Zhi was still there. He shouldn't starve to death, right?

Mu Hai's sympathy had already spread like wildfire. He asked an old man with a benevolent appearance about the situation here and whether there was anything to eat. She hadn't eaten anything for three days. When he found out that there was only one well, Mu Hai even had the urge to throw it in. What should he do?

Just as she was worrying, she heard the sound of a horse crying from the distance. The old man's expression changed when he heard it, and he kindly reminded her, "The people from the Abyss Moon Kingdom are here again. Miss, quickly hide!"

It was clear from the old man's words that since the Peace Faction had taken back the border city, the Moon Abyss Kingdom had sent out riders to harass them every day. The entire bandits crossed the border and waited for the right moment to take them back, causing chaos throughout the city.

Mu Hai was extremely unhappy, but he still helped the old man to hide in other broken houses. How could her bright clothes escape the eyes of a rider? After summoning a few men to stop in front of the broken house, one of them said with a silver spear in his hand, "Come out and I won't kill you!"

Is he calling me? Is it me? How could you be so unlucky, Mu Hai? You weren't captured by a hoodlum, but by a neighboring country? Hm? So what if you've captured me? I'm not from any side, who knows, maybe I'll be lucky enough to live a good life again?

Therefore, he didn't avoid it. He faced that person's gaze head-on, and in his heart, he was still thinking of living a good life? Aren't all the female protagonists of this world the same? All kinds of good things were piled on top of her. She must be feeling the same. Thinking of this, she felt extremely good! But the body of the mouth was still acting: "Good man ?" No, no, big brother, spare me! This little girl did not make a mistake? " He continued to kowtow, obviously pretending to kowtow. He really couldn't kowtow to her, and the old man inside was completely convinced. He hurriedly came out to plead, "General is just a little girl, please let her go!"

Unmoved, the man coldly ordered, "Take him away!"

The two men dragged her away. After struggling for a while, the old man also pulled for a while. He let go of his weakness and sighed, "Ah! When will the war end? We lost a good girl. She definitely won't live." He was still a bit resentful. In this era of war, she was dressed like a lady and had already become a target a few miles away.

Mu Hai was being held by the hands and dragged to a military camp not far away from the city. The school bag had long since been snatched away by others. Fortunately, the phone was hidden in the innermost layer of the school bag. If he didn't take out his clothes and touch the layer, he definitely wouldn't have discovered it.

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